USA - 2002/2003
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December 1 The Association des Accordéonistes de Montréal (ADAM) will hold their annual Christmas Party. For reservations phone Jean-Pierre Attorre at: +1 514-721-1273 E-mail:
December 4 Joseph Petric will perform at the official launch of his new CD "The Orbiting Garden" (produced under the banner of the Canadian Music Centre) at the Rivoli Club in Toronto. For information, please e-mail:
December 15 December 15 - Gruene Hall, New Braunfels, 4pm (call 830-606-1281 for info)
Texas' Oldest Dance Hall will rock; again an early Sunday afternoon show. Phone: 512-443-7952
December 23 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, Austin Music Hall (8pm-11pm)
Always one of our favorites for the whole year; vendors are world-class. Phone: 512-443-7952
January 17-19 Mr. Galla-Rini's 99th Birthday Celebration. Sponsored by the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International , the celebrations will take place in San Diego from 17-19 January 2003