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U.S. National Accordion News - 01-Apr-2016
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Octoberfest Las Vegas International Accordion Festival Ready to Start - USA
Be a Part of World Accordion Day on May 6, 2016
Michigan Accordion Society Awards Youth Scholarships
Victor Prieto Releases New CD, "Three Voices"
Julien Labro In Princeton University Debut
2016 AAMS Festival April 1-3 in New Jersey
Mario Tacca Receives AAA Lifetime Achievement Award on April 17
Texas Folklife Presents Big Squeeze Tenth Anniversary Concert
Composers Are Invited to Enter AAA Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition
Accordionist/Musician Lorin Sklamberg Teaches Course in NYC on Yidishe Lider in Berlin
Stas Venglevski Leads Accordion Orchestra Cruise in November 2016
Accordionists Performing at AAMS in New Jersey
Guy Klucevsek's April Residency and Event Details
Maurice Jones Keen to Meet Accordion Antique Enthusiasts in Western USA
Accordionist Rob Curto with Matuto on April 10, 2016 in Ohio
New England Digital Accordion Orchestra Performs at NE Music Festival
Dan Newton, "Daddy Squeeze", in Spring Programs
Dallas Vietty Presents Jazz Accordion Workshops in Brooklyn and New Jersey

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Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Jacques Pellarin, Accordionist
Stas Venglevski to Perform for the San Francisco Accordion Club
Report on 2016 National Accordion Association (NAA) Convention - Texas
New England Music Festival April 8-10 in Massachusetts
Ukrainian Folk Ensemble Raven & Rose, New CD - USA

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Future events

"Accordions Rising" to be Shown at Leavenworth Accordion Festival
AAA 2016 Festival in Buffalo July 6-10
ATG 76th Anniversary Festival July 20-23, 2016
Brooklyn Accordion Club to Celebrate World Accordion Day
World Accordion Day Event in South Dakota
AAA Master Class and Concert Series July 29-31
New Hampshire Accordion Association/Massachusetts Accordion Association Hold Joint Event
Rayne Frog Festival Cajun Accordion Contest

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New and Updated Roland V-Accordion Information
Chapters 17 and 18 "Play Your Accordion Without Pain" Released
Updated Arrangement: The Battle, from the movie Gladiator Arranged Gary Dahl



Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Octoberfest Las Vegas International Accordion Festival Ready to Start - USA

by Heather Masefield, Secretary, New Zealand Accordion Association
Octoberfest Las Vegas International Accordion Festival
Paul PasqualiNewsletter cover, Octoberfest Las Vegas International Accordion FestivalI am writing this on the plane flying internationally to Las Vegas for the Octoberfest Las Vegas International from 15th to 18th October at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

Paul Betken & Jerry Cigler are newly added to a great line up of stars (list below) with lots of great seats still available! Want to hop a plane to come and enjoy this exciting festival?

Newsletter (picture right) with full information: 2018LVACnews.pdf
Picture left: Event organizer Paul Pasquali

The lineup starts with visionary accordionist Cory Pesaturo and bookends with a grand finale starring Grayson Masefield and the International Accordion Orchestra under the direction of the legendary Prof. Joan Sommers.

You can register online at or contact Paul Pasquali, event organizer, by phone at 1-800-472-1695 or (801) 485-5840, email:
Footer Octoberfest Las Vegas International Accordion Festival

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Be a Part of World Accordion Day on May 6, 2016

by Rita Barnea
World Accordion Day LogoThe Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) is pleased to welcome you to World Accordion Day. The next event is scheduled on May 6th, 2016.
For the past six years on May 6th, the CIA has been promoting World Accordion day.

Our first World Accordion Day held on 6th May 2009, marked the 180th birthday of the accordion - May 6th 1829, was the date the accordion was first patented, in Vienna, Austria, by Cyrillius Demien.

 Since 2009, World Accordion Day has been very successful, generating a lot of positive publicity for the accordion.

Every association, group, orchestra, performer and teacher, is asked to actively support this event by encouraging national and local accordion activities to happen in their country on this day or the weekend either side of Accordion Day if that should be more convenient.

Everyone can register their World Accordion Day activity on the website and send a report of their event after for the website. Register

Please join us for this annual celebration, as accordionists from around the world pay homage to our wonderful instrument.

This global event will serve as an exciting means of bringing us together in our efforts to promote and elevate the awareness and status of the accordion!

World Accordion Day at a Glance:

What:  World Accordion Day

When: 6th May (Concerts and events during the month of May may be dedicated to May 6th)

Why: a unified global effort to celebrate and promote the Accordion

Where: World Wide! 
Register: Register your event today

Register: Press promotional material and logo

General Information: Harley Jones, CIA Public Relations Officer:

Your information will also be included in an article in the May news.

Titano Accordion Company

Michigan Accordion Society Awards Youth Scholarships

by Rita Barnea
Cory Pesaturo and Laura Niland with MAS check
Tony DannonEddie Monteiro and Joe Recchia with MAS checkThe Michigan Accordion Society awarded $4,000.00 in youth scholarship programs on March 10, 2016 In Dallas,Texas for the National Accordion Association and in Detroit, Michigan for the American Accordion Association. Funds were made possible through the generous musical support as well as financial donations of the friends and family of the Tony Dannon Memorial Student Scholarship Endowment Fund through the link:  
Photo left: Tony Dannon

Funding will be used to help foster youth Accordion programs. The Michigan Accordion Society is very proud to announce that they were the official sponsor of the 2016 National Accordion Association Accordion youth program.

Right: Photo of MAS President Joe Recchia presenting a donation check to the AAA to Eddie Montiero, AAA (American Accordion Association) Board Member who was In town performing several concerts.

Top: Photo of MAS member Cory Pesaturo presenting a donation check to the NAA with NAA member Laura Niland (who is also President of SAAA), accepting the donation during Cory's visit to the National Accordion Association annual convention on March 10, 2016.

As the Michigan Accordion society continues to celebrate their 20th anniversary they are proud to announce that the hosting of their Youth Scholarship program this year on June 21, 2016 in Berkley Michigan.

$500.00 will be awarded to each youth accordion performer to be used for future accordion lessons as well as a Scholarship award certificate. To qualify the youth accordion performer must be 17 years of age or younger and their accordion instructor must be a member of the Michigan Accordion society and the performer must have a paid family membership with the Michigan Accordion Society by June 1, 2016 and be prepared to perform three Songs at the June 21st event.

Please send a message if you are interested in participating at this event.

The Michigan Accordion Society, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, was established in June 1996, by a group of accordion enthusiasts and professionals as an association for promoting and sharing the music of the accordion. Currently there are over 200 members. Their first purpose is to promote the accordion as a beautiful and versatile instrument which is capable of accompanying music of all types, from classical, jazz, and rock, to the more traditional polkas and folk songs.

The second purpose of the MAS is sharing accordion music within the communities and beyond. Their monthly music events include professional artists and amateurs playing a variety of music. All members and guests are encouraged to participate in their "ACCORDION JAM".

For further information contact MAS President Joe Recchia:

Voci Armoniche

Victor Prieto Releases New CD, "Three Voices"

by Rita Barnea
Three Voices CD
Video of Victor Prieto performing with Yo-Yo Ma and Cristina Pato on the Colbert Report Show. Victor Prieto shares:""The video was recorded in 2012 at Colbert Report Show presenting the Grammy Winning Album "Songs of Joy and Peace" Sony BMG.The song we play is a Galician folk piece from my home town in the North West of Spain. We are Celtic. Yo-Yo Ma, cello. Cristina Pato, gaita (Galician bagpipe). Victor Prieto, acc. Carlo De Rosa, bass. John Hadfield percussion. Shane Shanahan, percussion.They all are member of The Silk Road Ensemble. Last thing, in the Galicia Culture the most important instruments are the Gaita (Galician bagpipe) and the accordion."

Accordionist Victor Prieto has recently released his new CD, "Three Voices" on cdbaby. From CD Baby website: "He has changed the way musicians and spectators view accordion by revolutionizing both technique and sound (Chord approach on both hands). His love for the traditional Galician music and classical education enriches his compositions with explosive rhythm."

"The Three Voices" CD official release will be held at Symphony Space in New York City on June 21, 2016. This is Victor's 5th CD as a leader. Musicians on the CD are:
Arturo O'Farrill, piano

John Ellis, sax

Cristina Pato, gaita 

Meg Okura, violin 

Jorge Roeder, bass

Eric Doob, drums 

Victor Prieto, accordion, compositions and Multi Tonal voice

"Grammy Nominee Victor Prieto is hailed by The New York Times as "A fiendishly skilled accordionist and composer" and by The All About Jazz as “One of the best World music and Jazz accordionists now days”.

He has changed the way musicians and spectators view accordion by revolutionizing both technique and sound (Chord approach on both hands). His love for the traditional Galician music and classical education enriches his compositions with explosive rhythm and colors uniquely combining Galician Roots, Celtic, Brazilian, Jazz, Tango, and Classical music

Victor continues collaborating on world stages with Yo-Yo Ma (Songs of Joy and Peace, Sony BMG Masterworks. "2010 Grammy Winning Album"), Arturo O'Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra, Cristina Pato, The Maria Schneider Orchestra, Emilio Solla ("Second Half" 2014 Grammy Nominated album) Paquito D’Rivera, Chris Cheek, Christian Howes Group.

He teaches Master Classes in US Berklee College of Music, "Playing outside the Box", Spain, Italy, Portugal and has headed the jazz accordion studies at the Brooklyn Conservatory, New York.

Some of Victor’s awards and prizes are: The Creative Performer award from the Spanish Association of Artists and Performers, and the first prize CMZK’s Concourse of Composition.

Victor Prieto holds a Degree in Jazz accordion performance from Berklee College of Music, where he studied with a full scholarship and a Diploma in classical accordion from Ouresnse - Spain Conservatory. Victor created his own study program applying the expertise offered by educators at Berklee to the accordion."

For more information, tour dates, press, videos, awards, classes email:

Accordion Jazz Chords

Julien Labro In Princeton University Debut

by Rita Barnea

Julien LabroVideo 1: Extracts of premiere given in Doha, April 11, 2015 by Julien Labro (soloist), Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Fawzi Haimor of "Apricity" Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra.The title of the concerto, "Apricity", means the warmth and light of the sun that shines through during winter. In other words, it is the feeling of hope that allows one to move forward during times of darkness. With this idea in mind, the three movements attempt to capture and depict the ubiquitous journey of life and overcoming the inevitable ups and downs through hope.

Video 2:Published on Oct 16, 2014, ‪CHAT -Fernando Otero - Julien Labro‬. The creative connection between Fernando Otero and Julien Labro has taken form in their collaboration under the name of "CHAT".

Accordion virtuoso Julien Labro will present his Princeton University debut with two concerts on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 6 and 9:PM. He will perform on the accordion, bandoneon, and accordina.

With listeners seated in-the-round on the stage of Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall for a program entitled ‘The Big Squeeze’, Labro will introduce the instruments and his program directly to the audience.

He will perform music by composers, Bernhard Molique, Astor Piazzolla, Isaac Albéniz, Gabriel Fauré, Fernando Otero in addition to his own original compositions. Accompanied by pianist Gregg Kallor at both programs, Labro will also be joined by bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Richie Barshay for the 9:PM jazz concert.

Ticket prices for this series are $25 for adults and $10 for students. Buy both concerts and save 20%.

French-born Julien Labro graduated from the Marseille Conservatory, then began winning international awards, taking 1st prize in the CIA Coupe Mondiale in 1996 and the Castelfidardo International Festival in 1997.

After sweeping other international competitions, Labro moved to the USA some years ago, where he has further pursued his musical career. He is proficient in the jazz, classical music, world music world. He is also an expert on the music of Astor Piazzolla.

Why does he play the accordion? When Julien was nine years old in France, he returned home from school and watched an accordionist on TV. The accordion is a common instrument in traditional French music. When he asked his parents if he could learn the accordion, they were at first hesitant.

They rented an instrument and signed him up for lessons. Within a very short time, Julien know that his future was as an accordionist. At the age of 13, he enrolled at the Marseilles Conservatory of Music where he discovered jazz. After he was graduated from high school, he attended Wayne State Universit in Detroit, Michigan.

From his website: "French-born Julien Labro has established himself as one of the foremost accordion and bandoneón players in both the classical and jazz worlds. His artistry, virtuosity, and creativity as a musician, composer and arranger have earned him international acclaim and continue to astonish audiences worldwide.

After graduating from the Marseille Conservatory of Music, Julien began winning international awards, taking first prize in the Coupe Mondiale and the Castelfidardo Competitions. After sweeping first place in the Marcel Azzola, Jo Privat and Medard Ferrero competitions, Labro moved to the United States to further pursue his studies and musical dream.
his creative ideas into new projects. being Piazzolla a major influence and the reason why he picked up the bandoneón.

Otero and Labro recorded two hours of music in a warm and relaxed environment in New York City, in a playful mood, apparently both  with the feeling of meeting and old friend after a long time.

Strongly lyrical as solo performers, Labro and Otero merge into a full and interactive musical speech, alternating rhythmical and melodic protagonism  and quickly exchanging leading roles.

The album probably derives its name from the word "CHAT" , which in French means cat, the way these two musicians call each other in their multilingual conversations.
Upcoming Performances:
04/01/16: Special Guest @ Hope College Chamber Music Series Holland, MI Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts
Celebrating the music of Dutch composer Theo Loevendie.

04/06/16 - 04/09/16
Marcel Khalife
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Music Festival

2 concerts: Classical @ 6 PM / Jazz @ 9 PM
07/07/16 Astoria Tango Orchestra directed by Daniel Binelli
New York, NY
Lincoln Center’s MidSummer Night Swing

08/18/16:Julien Labro w/ Frank Vignola & Guests
Crested Butte, CO Crested Butte Music Festival

08/20/16: Julien Labro w/ Frank Vignola & Guests
Crested Butte, CO Crested Butte Music Festival

For further information on the Princeton University concert:
Dasha Koltunyuk:

For further information on Julien Labro:


2016 AAMS Festival April 1-3 in New Jersey

by Rita Barnea
AAMS Saturday Night
AAMS EventsAmerican Accordion Musicological Society Announcement:
Last minute reminders/updates for the 2016 AAMS Festival:
For those who have already signed up for the Festival Orchestra:
1. Bring a music stand and pen or pencil
2. Dress is white shirt/sweater, black pants/ skirt
3. Report to Salon D no latter than 2:30 Saturday for rehearsal set up.

An Open Mic session is planned for Sunday between 9:30 AM and 2:PM. Call Joanna Arnold Darrow at 856-854-6628 to reserve a 15-20 minute slot.

Banquet doors open at 5:30 PM on Saturday. No tables will be reserved-if you wish you can save your own or your group's seats.

If you have not already registered for the 2016 AAMS Festival and still wish to do so, download the registration form at: 2016AAMS.pdf

AAMS has released its festival itinerary, including WORKSHOPS, CONCERTS, HONOREE BANQUET, FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA and more! Download at: 2016AAMS.pdf

Do not miss the exciting Friday Night Irish Experience Concert featuring the Irish Accordion and Guitar Duo of John McGillian and Darin Kelly. Also appearing Bob & Anita Siarkowski, Dee Langley, Irish Madrigals, Westmont Accordion Club and the WPAO, all with totally Irish programs. Lou Persic will provide pre-concert music beginning at 7:30 PM for the non-Irish. Download Friday night program at: 2016AAMS.pdf

On Saturday evening we will present the AAMS Guest Of Honor, Linda Soley Reed, who will conduct the Festival Orchestra 2016. Everyone is invited to participate in the orchestra.
Contact Linda ( or
Joanna Arnold Darrow ( for music.
Testimonial Banquet Information download at: 2016AAMS.pdf

Pre-Dinner music will be provided by Don Gerundo, Dinner Music by Lou Coppola and the Strolling Strings. Joe Natoli, Mary Tokarski, and Eddie Montiero and the WPAO will captivate your attention with exciting performances throughout the evening.

Workshops will begin Friday evening with "Jigs, Reels, Politics & Religion!" presented by Bob Lijana and Dean Ratzin. Saturday workshops include Paul Ramunni with "Secrets of the Accordion - What Makes the Instrument so Special," followed by Dallas Vietty ‘Playing Off the Page’, Joe Natoli with "Inexpensive Studio Quality Recording at Home", Music Educator Anthony Mazzocchi, GRAMMY® nominated music educator and Linda Soley Reed leading a 2 Hour long Festival Orchestra Rehearsal.

Sunday workshops include Paul Ramunni's "Secrets of the Accordion - Part 2, Dee Langley, Part One: "Using Your Ear to Memorize Melody," and Part Two "Using your Ear to Memorize Harmony" and Anthony Mazzocchi, Part Two: The Music Parents’ Guide: Survival Kit for the New Music Parent."

All attendees of the AAMS are invited to attend an Open Meeting of the AAA held at 3 PM. A fabulous time will be had by all.

For more information:
Joanna Arnold Darrow 856-854-6628
Download programs and Registration form at: 2016AAMS.pdf

All events will be held at The Hanover Marriott Hotel
1401 Route 10 East, Whippany, NJ 07981.
(GPS Address is 2 Ridgedale Ave, Cedar Knolls, NJ).
Phone: 973-538-8811
AAMS Friday

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Mario Tacca Receives AAA Lifetime Achievement Award on April 17

by Rita Barnea
AAA Logo
Mario Tacca and Mary ManciniThe American Accordionists' Association (AAA) Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Mario Tacca on Sunday, April 17, 2016 from 1-6:PM at the Colonial Terrace Oval Ballroom, 119 Oregon Road, Cortlandt Manor, New York. Booking Form: 2016TaccaLAA.pdf

Guest artists include: Emilio Magnotta, Beverly Roberts Curnow, Mary Tokarski, Frank Toscano, Manny Corallo, and special guest, Uncle Floyd Vivino and Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini.

From his website: "Mario Tacca was born in Italy. During his childhood, his family moved to the Alsace Lorraine region of France where he began his musical studies. This is where his love and intense desire to play the accordion began. He loved the sound! He would pick up the accordion and imitate some of the songs his mother used to sing. The desire and love never diminished, despite having to walk three miles weekly to his teacher with his instrument strapped to his back!

Among his many accomplishments, Mario has twice been the guest of the Chinese Minister of Culture, touring several cities in China (along with his wife Mary Mancini, and tenor Douglas Song) and performing with several symphonies.

Mario is very active in the accordion community and is on the Board of the AAA. Mario spends about 200 days out of the year touring and performing with his wife, internationally acclaimed vocal artist Mary Mancini. He also maintains a very active recording career.

While in France, he was the winner of many regional and national accordion competitions. He won the World Cup of Italy, the Grand Prix of Paris, the US National Competition and the International Accordion competition held at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Mario Tacca dazzles audiences across the US and around the world with his unmatched virtuosity on the accordion and his exciting interpretations of international music, the classics and pop.

The Journal News calls Mario “one of the pre-eminent Accordion Virtuosi in the world” and the New York Times writes that he makes the instrument “sound like a gift from heaven.”

Booking Form: 2016TaccaLAA.pdf
For further information regarding the Lifetime Achievement Award Event: Linda Reed
Phone/fax 203-335-2045. Please leave message and phone number or Email:

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Texas Folklife Presents Big Squeeze Tenth Anniversary Concert

by Sheree Scarborough
Big Squeeze2015 WinnersTexas Folklife presents the Big Squeeze Tenth Anniversary Extravaganza Concert to be held on Saturday, May 7, 2016, at Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, TX.

The show will Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of Texas Folklife’s Big Squeeze Program 
and Showcase past winners of the Statewide Accordion Contest 

Texas Folklife is pleased to announce the lineup for the Big Squeeze Tenth Anniversary Extravaganza Concert, to be held on Saturday, May 7, from 1:00-5:00 p.m., at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. The concert will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Texas Folklife’s Big Squeeze statewide youth accordion contest, and feature past contest winners who will showcase a variety of Texas-based accordion genres including Conjunto, Polka, Cajun, and Zydeco.

The all-star line up will include Los Morales Boyz featuring Nachito Morales, Keyun Dickson and the Zydeco Masters, the Dallas Street Ramblers featuring Elizabeth Kelley, and the All Around Czechs featuring Brandon Hodde and Garrett Neubauer. Special guests will include other former Big Squeeze winners such as the first champion Juan Longoria and more!
In this important anniversary year, Texas Folklife is focusing its resources on celebrating the successful fruition of the program and showcasing past winners of the Big Squeeze. These young accordion players have become stars and leaders in their communities.

Following this year of celebration, the Big Squeeze will be back on the road to look for exceptional young accordion players across the state. In addition, with the recent rekindling of the Apprenticeship Program, Texas Folklife is helping to nurture young accordion talent by pairing young apprentices with mentors throughout the state.  

Since its launch in 2007, the Big Squeeze has helped Texas Folklife carry out its mission to preserve and promote Texas’s diverse cultural heritage. Through the Big Squeeze program, Texas Folklife has built a reputation as a champion of Texas accordion music genres, and supported over 200 young, talented players in their efforts to carry on these community-based accordion music traditions.

In order to better nurture the young talent throughout the state, Texas Folklife restructured the popular contest in 2014 to include three Grand Prize Winners, each from one of three main accordion genres—polka, zydeco, and conjunto. The polka genre included German, Czech, and Polish traditions, while Cajun/zydeco included Creole and Cajun musical traditions, and conjunto included norteño and Tejano. As a result of these efforts, the Big Squeeze welcomed a diverse class of six total champions in 2014 and 2015, including the first-ever female contest winner, Elisabeth Kelley (Cajun).

The Tenth Anniversary Extravaganza Concert will reflect the array of unique Texas accordion music traditions by featuring a diverse lineup of past Big Squeeze champions.

“The 10-year anniversary of the Big Squeeze is a great opportunity for celebrating the work our organization and our partners across the state have accomplished since 2007 to nurture young Texas accordion talent,” said Texas Folklife’s Acting Director Charlie Lockwood. “Many past winners of the contest have gone on to form their own bands and launch professional performance or music education careers. We are excited this year to be able to bring them back to Austin to celebrate their achievements and highlight the impact of the Big Squeeze as a statewide program.”  

The Big Squeeze is supported by Hohner, Inc., and by grants from Texas Commission on the Arts, the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, the City of Houston through the Miller Theatre Advisory Board, the Houston Endowment, and The Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation. Additional support provided by the Texas Music Office and Central Texas Accordion Association. This project is funded in part by The City of Austin through the Economic Development Dept./Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the arts is an investment in Austin’s future, Visit
About Texas Folklife:
Texas Folklife is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to presenting and preserving the diverse cultures and living heritage of the Lone Star State. For over 30 years, Texas Folklife has honored cultural traditions passed down within communities, explored their importance in contemporary society, and celebrated them by providing accessible and joyful arts experiences.

For further information:
Sheree Scarborough
Phone: (512) 922-5483

Photo of 2015 Big Squeeze Champions:
Rito Pena of San Antonio, TX - Conjunto Category
Elizabeth Kelley of Port Neches, TX - Cajun/Zydeco Category
Brandon Hodde of Holland, TX - Polka Category

James O'Brien eSheet music, emailed to you, secure bank server

Composers Are Invited to Enter AAA Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition

by Rita Barnea
Elsie BennettThe American Accordionists' Association (AAA) is sponsoring the Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition for acoustic accordion. The general purpose of the Elsie Bennett Composition Competition is to add to the solo concert repertoire of the acoustic accordion.

The AAA under the guidance Elsie M. Bennett, who was AAA President from 1973-1974, funded and commissioned more than 50 works in a body of noteworthy literature. Elsie's desire to promote the accordion and original accordion literature inspired her to help launch the AAA Composers Commissioning Committee which she chaired from the beginning until she retired in 2004. The prestigious array of composers Elsie enlisted reads like a "Who's Who" of contemporary giants of the twentieth century.

This is the link to the list of works that were commissioned by the AAA:

Among the AAA commissions were works by (alphabetically) Robert Russell Bennett, Joseph Biviano, Henry Brant, Joel Brickman, Henry Cowell, Paul Creston, David Diamond, Nicholas Flagello, Lukas Foss, John Franceschino, Karen Fremar, Louis Gordon, Jose Halac, Ernst Krenek, Normand Lockwood, Otto Luening, Robert Young McMahan, Paul Pisk, Riegger Wallingford, William Schimmel, Elie Seigmeister, Jose Serebrier, William Grant Still, David Soldier, Carlos Surinach, Alexander Tcherepnin, Timothy Thompson, and Virgil Thomson.

Elsie's additional professional affiliations included membership in A.S.C.A.P., as well as The Brooklyn Music Teachers' Guild, The Affiliated Accordionists of New York State, The Long Island Music Teachers Association and the Accordion Teachers Guild. For a number of years she edited the AAA Newsletter and archived the organization's publications.

Competition Information and entry form download at:
The closing date for entries is June 1, 2016.

A panel of prominent accordionists and composers will be assembled by the AAA to judge all submissions. There will be first, second and third place awards presented when entries merit them. The winning compositions will receive a cash prize and be featured at this summer's exciting AAA Festival, ‘Buffalo Squeeze Fest’, in Buffalo, NY, July 6th to 10, 2016,

For further information:

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

Accordionist/Musician Lorin Sklamberg Teaches Course in NYC on Yidishe Lider in Berlin

by Rita Barnea
Lorin Sklamberg
Video 1:

Video 2:
Semer‪Video 1:Semer Ensemble - Live Recording Of A Rescued Musical Treasure [Gorki Studio Я]‬
A Golden Age of Jewish music almost forgotten - the songs captured in 30s' Berlin by Hirsch Lewin on his Semer label. “Semer Ensemble” brings this amazing music back to life with critically acclaimed concerts throughout Europe in 2012-15.

With a little help of their friends a dream to record this music live in concert came true, so that, 70 years after the Holocaust, the legacy of the Semer label can be passed on to present and future generations.
Alan Bern - piano, accordion, music director

Paul Brody – trumpet

Daniel Kahn - voice, accordion

Mark Kovnatsky – violin

Martin Lillich - basello

Sasha Lurje – voice

Fabian Schnedler - voice, electric guitar

Lorin Sklamberg - voice, accordion

Ben Mandelson - producer

Toshi Rösner - technical director

Images - Luca Jacob

Editing - Rita Couto

Video 2: ‪Sklamberg & the Shepherds Ma Noymar‬
Sklamberg & the Shepherds at 'Hallenser Jüdischen Kulturtage' in Germany 2014. 

The course is entitled: Songs of Semer: Yidishe Lider in Berlin, 1933-38
Class starts Apr 7, 7:00-8:30 PM
6 Thursdays: April 7, 14, 21, May 5, 12,19
YIVO Members:$250
Non-members: $325

Join Klezmatics singer and YIVO sound archivist Lorin Sklamberg for a rediscovery of the unbelievably diverse repertoire of Jewish song recorded under the auspices of the Jüdischer Kulturbund in the shadow of Nazi oppression. Yiddish theater and folk songs, religious hymns, German cabaret ditties and early Hebrew ballads as performed by a who's who of 1930s European Jewish artists for the microphones of Hirsch Lewin's Semer and associated record labels will be explored, illustrated by rare original recordings.

In anticipation of the release of Alan Bern's Semer Ensemble CD (Piranha Musik, 2016), featuring contemporary reinterpretations of these musical treasures. Texts and translations will be provided.

Lorin Sklamberg is the sound archivist at YIVO Institue for Jewish Research. Lorin Sklamberg is a founding member of the Grammy Award-winning  Yiddish-American roots band the Klezmatics. He has been heard on  innumerable recordings and live shows, solo and in collaboration with such diverse artists as Itzhak Perlman, Jane Siberry, Theodore Bikel, Chava  Alberstein, Ehud Banai, Yoni Rechter, Emmylou Harris, Tracy Grammer,  Neil Sedaka, Natalie Merchant and Tony Kushner.

He has composed and performed for film, dance, stage and circus, and has produced a number of recordings of world and theater music. He also teaches Yiddish song from São Paulo, London, Paris and Weimar to Kiev and St. Petersburg.  His and bandmate Frank London’s programs of Hasidic “spirituals” have resulted in three critically-acclaimed compact discs.

Ongoing collaborations include Saints and Tzadiks, a concert and cd combining Yiddish and Irish songs created together with Dublin-born chanteuse Susan McKeown. Recent projects: contemporary klezmer pioneer Alan Bern's Semer Label Reloaded, a celebration of Jewish recordings made in Berlin 1933-38, the award-winning Yiddish-Bavarian collaboration Alpen Klezmer with Andrea Pancur and Ilya Shneyveys, and composer Jocelyn Pook's Drawing Life, a multi-media song cycle commissioned by the Jewish Music Institute of London (JMI). By day Lorin serves as the Sound Archivist of New York’s YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.
Since the early '90s, Sklamberg has been co-Director (along with Kapelye's Henry Sapoznik) of Living Traditions, Inc., a Yiddish folk arts non-profit organization that sponsors the annual KlezKamp, and releases archival CDs of music including rescued recordings of Yiddish radio programs from the 1920s-1950's.

He has performed under pianist Zalman Mlotek, and appears on a variety of releases such as the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's Remember the Children, Don Byron Plays the Music of Mickey Katz, and Moxy Fruvous' Wood. The late '90s also found him working on Di Grine Katshke, or The Green Duck, (funded by the New York State Council on the Arts), an album of Yiddish children's songs. Sklamberg performed material from The Green Duck at the Ashkenaz festival in Toronto in 1997 and 1999.

The class meets at the YIVO Institue for Jewish Research, 15 W. 16th St., New York, New York, 10011. Phone: 212-246-6080

*Become a member today, starting at $54 for one year, and pay the member price for classes! You’ll save $21 right now, and more on future classes and public programs tickets. 

For inquiries about this course, contact:
Leah Falk
Manager of Education Programs and Community Engagement
(212) 294-8301 ext. 5167

To contact Lorin Sklamberg:

Titano Accordion Company

Stas Venglevski Leads Accordion Orchestra Cruise in November 2016

by Rita Barnea
Accordion Cruise Conducted by Stas VenglevskiThe Honors Accordion Orchestra Cruise will leave Galveston, Tx Port on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas, Nov. 6-13, 2016. Join Stas Venglevski who will be the director for the Orchestra Retreat. The final concert will on board the ship.

Download full information and enrollment at: 2016Honors.pdf

There is room for only 50 accordionists. The musical arrangements will accommodate all levels of accordionists. Rehearsals are planned for at sea days. You will be free on port days.

Royal Caribbean has invited the Honors Accordion Orchestra to perform the final concert on board the ship. It is not part of their talent show.There will also be an additional concert on the final Sunday night in Houston featuring Stas in concert. (If you desire to stay over another night in Houston.)

As a bonus, Stas is personally inviting accordionists to be part of his Chamber Orchestra that will have their own rehearsal schedule. This group will possibly stay and perform with him in Houston.

The music will be sent to you very early and there will be a recording accompanying every song for your ease in practicing. Also, each evening, following the last rehearsal, there will be an opportunity to "show off" so bring your music and plan to perform with your personal ensembles.

Registration opens on April 1, 2016. The registration fee is $150
DON'T WAIT - Book your cruise cabin direct with Royal Caribbean - 800-465-3595 - Group # 2013714 - "Honors Accordion Cruise" Cabin Rates are guaranteed for the next 30 days - except for the Promenade and Balcony that are 30% OFF until April 2.
$250 deposit per person ($500 per cabin) - 100% refundable until due date -  will hold your reservation until Aug. 1 when the balance is due. YOU CAN PERSONALLY SELECT YOUR CABIN!! Meg and Shelia are already booked - Deck 7 Cabin 7630 !
If you have any questions before all the details are on the website- please call Shelia Lee at 281-788-6667 or email her at

This cruise will be a fun, entertaining and educational experience.
Download registration form and information at: 2016Honors.pdf
More details will be available in future publications.

Larry Malmberg eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server

Accordionists Performing at AAMS in New Jersey

by Rita Barnea
The American Accordion Musicological Society will present their 2016 Testimonial Banquet and Concert on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 6:PM at the Hanover Marriott in Whippany, New Jersey. The following information is from the artists websites.

You will hear wonderful accordionists, both solo and in ensembles. Manny Bobenrieth is the Master of Ceremonies. Pre-Dinner music will be provided by Don Gerundo. Groups performing will be Lou Coppola and the Stereo Strings, The Westmont Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Stanley Darrow, The AAMS Festival Orchestra conducted by Honoree Linda Soley Reed.

Guest artists are Joe Natoli, Mary Tokarski, and Eddie Monteiro. Joe lives in Ohio and has been a performer and advocate of the accordion since the age of seven. Joe started his studies with prominent Ohio accordion teacher, the late Mickey Bisilia of Youngstown, Ohio. Under Mickey’s tutelage, Joe won his age division in the American Accordionists’ Association national competitions each year until finally capturing its coveted Open Virtuoso national title at the age of 18 in Washington, D.C.

Later that year (1972), Joe became the AAA United States representative in the Coupe Mondiale world accordion competition held in Caracas, Venezuela, where he was chosen first runner up, missing the world title by 17 hundredths of a point.

More recently, Joe was the winner in the first Roland US V-Accordion national competition (held in Los Angeles in September 2008). Joe subsequently represented Roland US in the Roland International V-Accordion competition held in Rome, Italy in Nov 2008.

Since Joe possesses Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music composition from the University of Toronto, he tries to use his orchestrational knowledge to exploit all the best coloristic and orchestrational possibilities on the FR7X. Joe’s arrangements traverse a diverse set of musical styles (including classical, light classical, jazz, and ethnic).
Concert Accordionist, Mary Tokarski performs both nationally and internationally as a soloist, with Symphony Orchestra and as a member of The 'K' Trio. For 20 years Mary served as Director of Music Education at Tokarski Music Center in North Haven, Connecticut, where she taught piano and accordion, as well as conducted the choral & ensemble programs, and supervised the pre-school programs.

Mary currently teaches piano and accordion at her home in Northford, Connecticut.

Currently, Mary serves as a Board of Director with The American Accordionists' Association (AAA) a national member organization of the Confederation Interntaionale des Accordeonistes, (IMC- an official NGO partner of UNESCO).

Eddie Monteiro has over 30 years of musical performance in classical, jazz, dance, theater, cabaret and choral ensembles. Eddie is also the youngest honoree elected to American Accordionists’ Association Hall of Fame, November 1994. Member of Bobb Rosengarden, Skitch Henderson, Peter Duchin, Ray Bloch, Michael Lanin and Marty Ames, orchestras from 1971 to present, performing in the New York Metropolitan area and worldwide. Eddie has been a featured member of pit orchestra on stage in Broadway revival performance of "Carnival" and recently "Evita" and recording of radio and television jingles for Sesame Street, General Foods, Colgate Palmolive, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, Bennigan’s Restaurants, Pontiac and more.

Lead artist of innumerable society bands performing throughout the world at social events, political gatherings and corporation conventions. Eddie serves currently as the Music Teacher, Choral Director, Vocal and Instrumental Music Director for the Ann Street Elementary School and is on the Board of the AAA.

Don is an active accordionist and pianist performing in the New York metropolitan area.  He is a versatile keyboardist who plays various styles ranging from popular American Standards from the American Songbook, Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll.  He works with the Bensen-Scott Big Band, an 18 piece Jazz Band, has worked with a Rockabilly small group as well as society combos and Top 40 groups.   He has performed and accompanied Lenny Welch (hit record “Since I Fell For You”), Joe Piscopo and has performed at Swing 46 in New York City, White Plains Theatre for the Arts, Coney Island Park and other large venues.
Don Gerundo starting playing the accordion at age 10.  During his later teens he studied with Tony Mecca (a native of Waterbury, CT.)  Tony introduced him to popular and Jazz music and worked with him on harmony, theory, voicing’s and improvisation. During this time he started to perform club dates with some of the local leaders in the New York metropolitan area, as well as working at resorts in the New York Catskill area.  

This “On the job” training helped hone his Jazz skills, as well as build his repertoire.  He continued to perform during his college years, while attending Ithaca College where he joined the national music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha as the first accordionist to be offered an invitation in that chapter. 

Don is an active teacher of piano and accordion and focuses on jazz improvisation, harmony and chord voicings.  He studied with advanced improvisation with Adolph Sandole, the brother of Dennis Sandole from Philadelphia who mentored many Jazz greats such as John Coltrane, James Moody, Michal Brecker and Pat Martino.

An accomplished classical accordionist, Mr. Coppola won numerous titles on his instrument & was the first accordionist to win three consecutive national championships. He was also the first American to represent our country, at age eighteen, in the Coupe Mondiale world accordion competition in Brighton, England.

He performed with the acclaimed United States Air Force Strolling Strings for over 28 years, ultimately becoming the leader of the organization. His Air Force career took him to the palace of Anwar Sadat, to the Far East & all over the globe. He has played at the White House for hundreds of heads of state & performed for nine U.S. Presidents in the course of his years in the military.

Mr. Coppola had managed his own company, Stereo Strings, for over twenty years. He provided music entertainment for the Washington, DC area as well as throughout the country. Stereo Strings performed with 28 violinists at the opening of the new Ronald Reagan National Airport. Now he performs with his group, The Strolling Strings.

Lou and his ensemble had one of the longest consecutive engagements in the country, having performed dinner music every weekend at the Officers’ Club in Fort Myer, VA. for an astounding 44 years.

You are welcome to attend the Saturday evening event. More information in AAMS article in this publication.

Gary Daverne CD's and eSheet music available online

Guy Klucevsek's April Residency and Event Details

by Rita Barnea
Guy KlucevsekGuy Klucevsek will be featured in several important musical events on the West coast during April, 2016. Guy shares his thoughts about his music: "I am a concert accordionist who specializes in composing for accordion, much of it solo, but also in combination with other instruments, e.g., multiple accordions (Accordion Tribe), string trio (The Bantam Orchestra), duos with violin (Todd Reynolds), accordion/piano (Alan Bern) saxophone (Phillip Johnston), and in small band contexts (Ain’t Nothin’ But a Polka Band, Buffalo Braunschweiger).

Much of my music has been commissioned for collaborations from the worlds of dance, theatre, film, performance art, puppetry and object theatre, the audio book, and even the circus.

While many of my pieces are inspired by, and dedicated to, composers from the “art music” world—e.g., Béla Bartók, John Cage, Lou Harrison, György Ligeti, Astor Piazzolla, Erik Satie—just as many are inspired by accordion traditions from around the world, particularly eastern Europe and the Americas, as well as the Slovenian-American polka/waltz tradition I grew up with in western Pennsylvania. I have been commissioned by the American Accordionists Association to compose an accordion solo which I will premiere at their July, 2016, convention in Buffalo, NY."

April 4 - May, 2016: Artist-in-Residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin Headlands, CA.Guy will work on composing his solo piece commissioned by the American Accordionists’ Association, which he will premiere tat the AAA Buffalo Squeeze-Fest in July. While in residence at Headlands, Guy will also do three public events:

April 7: 6 PM: Presidio Dialogues, at the Presidio Officers’ Club, SF, CA. Guy will present a one-hour lecture/demo about his influences and his musical language. In this dynamic presentation, Klucevsek discusses the influences on his music and playing, including such diverse sources as the Slovenian/American polkas and waltzes he grew up with; the accordion traditions of eastern Europe, Brazil, and Argentina; cajun and Tex-Mex music; and 20th-century composers such as Satie, Bartok, Piazzolla, and Stravinsky.

He illustrates his talk with live excerpts from his own music, showing the many unique techniques he has developed on accordion to realize his compositional ideas. Guy Klucevsek's participation is made possible by a residency sponsored by the Headlands Center for the Arts. Admission is free, but advance registration is required.

April 21: 7-9:30 PM: Berkeley Music of Fine Arts/Pacific Film Archives (BAMFA)Guy will present a 30-minute solo set as part of a larger event which takes place throughout the building, with other artists including composer Paul Dresher, and homemade instruments. Included with museum admission fee. Seating extremely limited.

April 30: 7:30PM: Fifth Street Farm, Berkeley, CA. Solo house concert in one of Guy’s favorite venues in the U.S.A. Seating is limited, reservations required.

For further information:

4 Music Books by Stas Venglevski

Maurice Jones Keen to Meet Accordion Antique Enthusiasts in Western USA

by Heather Masefield, Secretary, New Zealand Accordion Association
Maurice JonesMaurice Jones, well known accordionist and antique accordion collector from New Zealand is travelling to California, Nevada and Arizona for a holiday in April / May. Maurice is wanting to meet antique accordion collectors and enthusiasts in those states.

Maurice could also be interested in swapping/selling some of his collection which includes:
Excelsior OO Concert multi Grand (made USA), circa 1937
Excelsior Symphony Grand (Italy), circa 1950's
Sonola SS20 tone chamber (Italy), circa 1977

Amy Jo Sawyer CD titled According to Amy

Accordionist Rob Curto with Matuto on April 10, 2016 in Ohio

by Rita Barnea
Rob CurtoVideo of Matuto: Live in Iqaluit, Midnight Sun

Matuto is a NYC base Pan-American Roots Music Band playing Brazilian Bluegrass. Members are:
Clay Ross - Guitar

Rob Curto - Accordion

Josh Hari - Triangle

Adam Snow - Percussion

Zé Maurício - Pandeiro

Matuto will perform on April 10, 2016 at 8:PM at Natalie's Restaurant, 5601 North High Street, Worthington Ohio, 43085. Phone number: 614-436-COAL Tickets are $10.00. See performance schedule below for more great concerts by Matuto.

From their Facebook page: "Matuto (ma-two-toe) is Brazilian slang for country bumpkin. Imagine the sound of a Brazilian Carnaval in the Appalachian Mountains. A sound where dynamic percussion instruments rumble beneath blues drenched vocals, Telecaster twangs, and folksy fiddle tunes. Now, imagine these sounds in the hands of some of NYC’s finest young improvisers as they light up club and festival stages world wide.

Imagine the sound of a Brazilian Carnaval in the Appalachian Mountains. A sound where dynamic percussion instruments rumble beneath blues drenched vocals, telecaster twangs, accordion acrobatics, and folksy fiddle tunes. Veterans of the New York music scene and U.S. festival circuit, Matuto (“bumpkin” in Brazilian slang) moves with two-stepping grace between bluegrass and forró, between swamp rock and maracatu, between surf guitar shimmies and the wah-wah of the berimbau.

In 2002, Clay Ross embarked on a musical odyssey that brought him closer to home. The South Carolina native moved to New York to pursue a jazz career and several years later found himself in Recife, Brazil studying the region's folkloric music. Along the way he rediscovered the straightforward songs of his native South.

The guitarist and singer titled his Ropeadope Records debut Matuto, after a Brazilian slang reference to a man from the backcountry. Described as “Weird and Wonderful… Unorthodox and Delightful” by Jazz Times Magazine, the set allows Ross to carve a niche in a musical tradition created on another continent. He performs North American folk songs like "Home Sweet Home" and Blind Willie Johnson's "John the Revelator" over South American rhythms Maracatu, Forró, and Coco typical of the northeastern region of Brazil.

In recording the album, Ross called upon the talents of NYC’s most sought-after musicians, including master accordionist Rob Curto. Born in New York, Curto is an expert on forró music.

An early devotee of North American swing music, bebop piano, funk, rock, and blues, Rob Curto has combined these influences with his mastery of their Brazilian counterparts forró, chorinho, samba, maracatu, and frevo to produce stunning new results. He spent years living and playing in Brazil, completely absorbing and interpreting the country's musical traditions. Curto was a member of the original scene that established forró, the dance music of northeastern Brazil, as an official dance craze in downtown New York.

Ross and Curto began exploring a shared musical vision and set about combining their individual repertoires into an extensive library of Pan-American influences. Focusing their talents, resources, and experience Ross and Curto set out to establish Matuto as a band.

In February of 2009 they received a prestigious Fulbright Grant and completed a six-week residency in Recife, Brazil. There, with drummer Richie Barshay (Herbie Hancock Quartet) and bassist Edward Perez, the band thrilled audiences at the Garanhuns Jazz Festival and the massive Rec Beat Festival, finding equal comfort along side jazz and blues legends, folk music traditionalists, and indie rock experimentalists.

They also lead educational workshops in underserved communities and performed public concerts in theaters and auditoriums across the city. Later that year they headlined the American Folk Festival in Bangor, ME and the Montmagny World Accordion Festival in Canada.

Employing renowned musicians across NYC’s diverse jazz, roots, and world music scenes, Matuto features violin, guitar, accordion, bass, drums, and various Brazilian percussion instruments: the alfaia (a large, wooden, rope-tuned bass drum), the pandeiro (a Brazilian tambourine), the berimbau (a single-string on a bow struck with a small stick), and the agogô (a pair of small, pitched metal bells.)

With an honest love for roots music, genuine Brazilian styles, and improvisational experimentation, Matuto creates a unique and inspired sound from the heart of New York City's diverse musical culture."

The USA based group plays hundreds of shows every year from world music and folk festivals to major Brazilian celebrations. The prestigious annual world music gathering, WOMEX, has featured them.

Matuto toured as US State Department musical ambassadors in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. This year, 2016, the group will travel to China and Thailand in June and to Azerbaijan in September.

Future performances include:
Apr 05, Matuto at Walker Recital Hall, Erie, PA
Apr 08, Thunderbird Café, Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 09, Arts Place, Geneva, IN
Apr 10, Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza, Worthington, OH
Apr 12, Reggie’s Chicago,Chicago, IL
Apr 15, Rootabaga Jazz Festival, Galesburg, IL
Apr 22, Flushing Town Hall, Flushing, NY
May 08, Asia Tour - Now Booking Shanghai, China
Jun 15, Asia Tour - Now Booking Bankok, Thailand
Jul 10, Concerts on the Waterfront, Sackets Harbor, NY
Jul 13, George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY
Jul 15, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, Whitehall, NY

For further information:

Titano Accordion Company

New England Digital Accordion Orchestra Performs at NE Music Festival

by Peggy Falcetti
Digital Accordion Orchestra rehearsal
The New England Digital Accordion Orchestra will be performing in the Festival Orchestra Division at the Newton, Marriott in Newton, Massachusetts on Sunday, April 10, 2016 in the Grand Ballroom around 3:30 PM. This is the 54th Anniversary of the Festival and the 39th year at the Marriott. The event will be held on April 8, 9, 10, 2016 and is sponsored by the Accordion Teachers Association of Massachusetts. The Orchestra performed at this event for the first time in 2013. All events are free and open to the public.

This Orchestra is a dream come true for its conductor, Sam Falcetti and is believed to be the only Digital Accordion Orchestra in the USA. Throughout centuries many types of Orchestras and Bands have had their own identity from the Symphony, Woodwind and String Orchestras to the Swing, Marching and Ethnic Bands. Each served a purpose in musical evolution.

Even the 30’s and 40’s had their Banjo, Hawaiian, Guitar and Accordion Bands which were popular throughout the United States.The Digital Orchestra’s unique sound is history in the making.

The Orchestra will be performing "Celebration", "Fiddler & If I Were a Rich Man Medley", "Conflict" (a medley of Civil War Songs),and "New York, New York". You will hear Horn & Wind sections, Strings, Guitars, and of course the Accordion in beautifully orchestrated arrangements. An article on the Orchestra’s history was in both an International Magazine from Germany and the Music Trade Magazine in the USA.

After a two year hiatus the Orchestra re-formed again due to the many requests from the original performers and Roland Accordion owners who wanted to join. In March of 2015 the group was re-organized and opened on August 1st for Deanna Martin & Bobby Rydell at the Mt. Carmel’s 90th Italian Festival in Enfield, Ct. On May 29, 2016 the Orchestra will be performing at the International Food Festival in the Coliseum on the Eastern States Grounds in West Springfield, Ma.They are also anticipating many more outside performances this summer.

For more information about the Orchestra:
E mail:
Phone: 413-204-5522.

Jeff Lisenby CD A Spy In Tortuga

Dan Newton, "Daddy Squeeze", in Spring Programs

by Rita Barnea
Dan Newton and Diane Jarvi
On Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 7:30 PM Daddy Squeeze and vocalist Diane Jarvi will perform at the Norwegian Lutheran Church, Minneapolis. Dan and Diane are honored to be a part of the Grieg Society's 10th Anniversary Concert Series.The duo will present an evening of Finnish songs and tunes along with a few  Scandinavian favorites in the mix.The Norwegian Lutheran Church is on 924 E 21st Street, Mpls.

From his website: "Daddy Squeeze" has been playing offbeat accordion music since 1987, when he won the Nebraska State Accordion Contest at the Czech Festival in Wilber, Nebraska. He has used the squeeze box for playing all kinds of music not normally associated with free-reed instruments, as well as standard accordion material.

Daddy Squeeze also enjoys mixing up styles and genres that don't generally seem compatible. "Music out of context", or "Ethno-clectic Bop" is the result of his gender-bending experiments with Celtic, Tex-Mex, Creole, Blues, Jazz, Scandinavian, Polka and pop music.

Accordionist Dan “Daddy Squeeze” Newton has been entertaining audiences with his vast repertoire and creative accordion style for over 30 years. He is a talented composer/arranger who has produced over 25 recordings. Dan has appeared at dozens of festivals across the USA and also in Finland, Canada, and Austria. He has performed at Lincoln Center in New York City, Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., The Winnipeg Folk Festival and is a frequent guest on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion.

Dan spends most of his time playing accordion with his group Café Accordion Orchestra, performing vintage Swing, Latin, American, and French Café music. Dan leads a number of bands including Jumbo Ya Ya, Rockin’ Pinecones, The Daddy Squeeze Band and The Hula Peppers."

His upcoming performances include:
April 5, 12, 19, 26: 6-9:PM Cafe Accordion Orchestra,Loring Pasta Bar, Minn.
April 11: Daddy Squeeze with Pachanga Society, St Cloud State U 7pm. The April 11 debut performance will be held at St. Cloud State University in the Atwood Little Theater at 7:00 in conjunction with the "Global Goes Local Conference. Check back for more information.
April 13: Daddy Squeeze and Mark Kreitzer, Loon Liquors, Northfield 7-9:PM
April 14: Pat Donohue and Daddy Squeeze, Vieux Carre, St Paul. 9:PM. Dan and Pat are joined by Gary Raynor for an evening of fun in this great music venue in downtown Saint Paul. The entrance for Vieux Carre is in the Hamm Building on 20 W 7th Place Mall, between St. Peter and Wabasha, St Paul, MN. 651-291-2715
April 16: Daddy Squeeze and Pat Donohue, Hobgoblin, Red Wing, MN 7:30PM. Hobgoblin is just outside of Red Wing, MN on 920 State Highway 19. Call 877-866-3936 Doors open at 7pm

For further information:
Cafe Accordion

Dallas Vietty Presents Jazz Accordion Workshops in Brooklyn and New Jersey

by Rita Barnea
Dallas Vietty and Don GerundoBAC logoAccordionist Dallas Vietty will present a Gypsy Jazz Accordion Workshop with a guitar accompanist. on Sunday, April 17, 2016 from 3-5:PM for the Brooklyn Accordion Club at:
61 Local Cafe & Public House
61 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY (map)
Admission is $5 per person.

B.Y.O. Accordion!   Open for all levels!  Beginners are welcome!
Lead sheet will be emailed to the participants prior to the meeting date.

Founded in 2013, The Brooklyn Accordion Club aims to build a community of accordion players of all levels and admirers in the heart of Brooklyn.

Dallas has created a jazz accordion group class at Acme Accordion School in Westmont, NJ. This session is for beginners! It will be a 6 week class on Mondays from April 18 to May 23. Call Acme Accordion and Sign up for the group jazz accordion class. Only $15 per class. Materials will be provided. Call to register: (856) 854-6628

For further information on the Brooklyn workshop:

The International Trio, CD Available online, secure server

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

Jacques Pellarin, Accordionist

by Rita Barnea
Jacque and Corinne Pellarin
Video of "‪L'Ephémère" composed by Jacques Pellarin‬

The band Jac & Co is composed of Corinne and Jacques Pellarin, a French married duo.Their eclectic music repertoire, made of french classics songs (Edith Piaf, Yves Montand, Charles Aznavour, Juliette Gréco, etc) and Jacques Pellarin’s originals compositions (tango, latin music, gypsy music, french songs and Paris, soundtracks, etc) already has led them to several tours in USA and Europe.

Jacques’ professional career began as part of the internationally acclaimed Baikal Duo and after 18 years of classical performances, Jacques formed a quartet and
an acoustic trio in order to pursue a freer interpretation of jazz and world music.

With over 10 albums and multiple world tours, Jacques continues to compose, perform, and tour, focusing now on sharing his music with a larger global audience through strategic placements and song licensing deals.The label Blue Pie Productions will soon distribute internationally two new albums.

Their 19 year old son, Lucas, was the filmmaker of the above music video . He is finishing his third year as cinema student in ESEC (Paris) . Lucas is a filmmaker, illustrator, designer, photographer, and editor.

Jacques and Corinne's USA performances include:
1.French restaurant in Philadelphia: A la Maison on April 1, 8, 15,23, 23.The restaurant is located on 353 Lancaster Ave., Ardmore. Phone: 484-412-8009.
2.Corinthians Yacht Club of Philadelphia ( April, 10)
3.Paris Bistro & Jazz café ( Jazz Live) Germantown av -Philadelphia (April16, 17)
4.Virginia at "Auberge chez François"( April 20,21,22)
L'Auberge Chez Francois, 332 Springvale Rd, Great Falls, VA 22066
For reservations: 703-759-3800.

For further information:

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Stas Venglevski to Perform for the San Francisco Accordion Club

by Rita Barnea
Stas VenglevskiPublished on Oct 31, 2015: European premiere of "Rondo Fantasy" by Stas Venglevski. Performed by Stas Venglevski and the Akkordemotion Orchestra under the direction of Marc Draeger on August 7th 2015 at the Gästival at the "Seerose" platform in Alpnachstad, Switzerland.

Accordionist Stas Venglevski will perform on April 17, 2016 at 2:PM for the San Francisco Accordion Club. The concert is free and open to the public. The concert takes place at:
911 Marina Blvd.
South San Francisco

Artistry, dazzling technical command, and sensitivity have brought Stas Venglevski, a native of the Republic of Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union, increasing acclaim as a virtuoso of the bayan.

A two-time first prize winner of bayan competitions in the Republic of Moldova, Stas is a graduate of the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow where he studied with the famed Russian bayanist, Friedrich Lips. 

Stas' repertoire includes his own original compositions, a broad range of classical, contemporary and ethnic music.

He has toured extensively as a soloist throughout the former Soviet Union, Canada, Europe, and the United States and he has performed with symphony orchestras throughout the United States, including world premieres of "Concerto No. 2" by Anthony Galla-Rini and of "Bayan and Beyond", composed for Stas by Dan Lawitts.

For further information:

Gary Dahl eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server system

Report on 2016 National Accordion Association (NAA) Convention - Texas

by Laura Niland, President of the San Antonio Accordion Association
NAA logo
Cory Pesaturo was a guest artist for 2016. Video above is from the 2015 West Coast Django & Jazz Festival, Cory Pesaturo special guest with the Brishen Gypsy Jazz.

National Accordion Association (NAA) leaders are: President Norman Seaton, Vice President Nick Ballarini and Board members Rebecca Ratliff, Sharon Seaton, Nancy Bernstein and Laura Niland.

Laura Niland reports:
It was a whirlwind 2016 National Accordion Association (NAA) Convention this year in Richardson. As Convention Coordi-nator, organizing all the workshops, concerts, scheduling, audio visuals, and Youth Activities was a chore, but the results were worthwhile. There were many smiling faces and all the workshops were well-attended with something for everyone at different levels.

The Convention focus this year was on the musician and on educa-tion. NAA workshops were designed to meet both the mu-sicians interests and be educa-tional at the same time.

The Youth Activities included an Accordion and Piano Competi-tion for Ages 4-18, followed by a First Lesson: Accordion Workshop for Kids designed and taught by Brian Berlin Pearland ISD. There were 14 students in the workshop, the youngest being 4 and the oldest 18. The Virtual Classroom setting placed students, teacher and teacher-assistants ( Ina Yakubeika & Jane Christi-son) together with parents, grandparents and observers. A quiet room of about 75 people with 60 observing while the stu-dents were learning in a one hour lesson.

The videotaped lesson showed Real-time learning transitioning skills from piano to accordion for the first time. Students came from instructors: Elena Fainshtein, Jim Rice and Dick Albreski. We hope to bring similar model pro-grams to other regions. Sponsors in-cluded: NAA, Accordion Renaissance and The Michigan Accordion Society ( donation of $2000) to support youth programs promoting accordion.

Download the full report and photos by Laura Niland: 2016Convention.pdf

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

New England Music Festival April 8-10 in Massachusetts

by Rita Barnea
ATAM logo
Cory PesaturoBob FerrierAccordion Teachers Association Of Massachusetts (ATAM) will sponsor their 54th New England Festival at the Boston Newton, Marriott in Newton, Massachusetts on April 8th, 9th, and 10, 2016.

Contest Chairman, Peggy Falcetti, states that this years event will be larger than last years with more than 2000 entries.

In addition to the accordion, drum, guitar, piano championship, and entertainment categories, a vocal championship and accordion entertainment category (up to 13) have been added.

Over $4000.00 in cash awards will be awarded throughout the weekend and a $500.00 scholarship will be presented to a deserving student who is majoring in music and starting college in the fall.

President Frankie Coelho is happy to announce the return of internationally famous digital accordionist Cory Pesaturo who will be joined by vocalist Claire Dickson and provide the entertainment for the Saturday evening awards banquet with more than 400 in attendance. Following the banquet will be a dance party which is free of charge and open to all contestants.

The ATAM will recognize Bob Ferrier (photo on Right) as a Lifetime Honorary Member. Mr.Ferrier, a graduate of Berklee Music College, is Chair of Jazz Studies at Holyoke Community College and Guitar Studies at the University of Mass. Bob was a former contestant of this competition many years ago and has been adjudicating at the festival for over 25 years. This is a well deserved honor.

All events are free and open to the public.
For further information visit the website:
Accordion Teachers Association Of Massachusetts (ATAM) or

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Ukrainian Folk Ensemble Raven & Rose, New CD - USA

by Harley Jones
Raven & Rose
An article from the Pasadena Now Site: An evening of Ukrainian and Eastern European folk music will accompany the CD Release of Raven & Rose on Sunday April 3, 2016 at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The gypsy-folk orchestra is traveling through Altadena as part of their cross-country 25-city spring tour.

Raven & Rose’s live shows strike a balance between original pieces and spirited instrumentals, putting a modern spin on Gypsy and Eastern European folk music. Led by the husband-and-wife team of Rosalie Crowe on violin and singer-songwriter Roy Crowe on accordion, trombone, guitar, melodica, Raven & Rose fills out a unique soundscape from serene and dreamy waltzes to lively and wild kolomeykas. Gabriel Surley joins on percussion to keep the rhythm moving for our fun and dynamic spirit.

David Konowalchuk plays the kobza, a Ukrainian folk instrument he crafted himself, adding a flavor of cultural richness of the music.

Raven & Rose has been growing through this collaboration and is finally ready to release the first album with the current ensemble of members. The latest album “Coin of the Realm” was recorded live and independently at Wild Rose Studios in Corvallis, Oregon, where the musicians hail from.

Rosalie’s Polish heritage inspired her focus on eastern European folk music. She was mesmerized early on by her uncle, Zigmund Bieniek, who played accordion tunes at gatherings on his farm in Ragiewiec, Poland. “Both of my parents immigrated from Poland to Detroit when they were young.

We made several trips to stay with my family back in the tiny farm town of Rogówiec, Poland. I have lots of good memories of the wheat fields, horse drawn carts, family farm, and accordions.” She has played violin in orchestral arrangements for the play, Le Tartuffe for Oregon State Univeristy Theater, Old-time bands like “When Picks Fly,” recorded with solo artists like Gabriel Surley and the Unstable Atmospheres, and in her larger band: “Coin of the Realm Orchestra.”

Raven started playing trombone when his elementary school offered band in fifth grade. The director said “blow in this, buzz in this, stick out your arm… Your a trombone player!” Since that time he has performed in many ensembles including Symphonies, Jazz Bands, Wind Ensembles, Marching Bands, Rock Bands and yes even his own solo project “Ravencrowe”.

Raven has toured 37 states and performed in “too many venues to count.” He is also a multi-instrumentalist including such instruments as accordion, guitar, keys, bass, trombone, melodica, bells, & percussion.

Future events

"Accordions Rising" to be Shown at Leavenworth Accordion Festival

by Rita Barnea
Accordions Rising
The Debut Accordion Festival Screening of Accordions Rising Documentary by Roberta Cantow, (documentary, 74 min), will be shown at the Leavenworth Accordion Festival on Friday, June 17, 2016 at 11:30 AM in the Grange/Upper. Tickets are $13.00 as Workshop Event.

Robert Young McMahan, DMA /composer and classical accordionist / Prof. of Music Theory, Composition, and Accordion, The College of New Jersey / Officer of the American Accordionists’ Association and Chair of its Composers Commissioning Committee wrote the following endorsement:

"Accordions Rising Documentary is the most exhaustive and fair representation of the accordion in all its facets—popular, ethnic, jazz, contemporary classical, avant garde-- I have thus far encountered in the media. It was particularly edifying to see my long-time friends and colleagues in contemporary music Bill Schimmel and Guy Klucevsek threading the historical narrative of the accordion as well as its enormous diversity throughout the documentary.

Their inclusion was most appropriate and deserved as was that of the great Pauline Oliveros demonstrating some of the idiomatic traits of both the acoustic and Roland accordions. Thank you for this lovely exposé. It covered all the bases of the accordion’s strange and wonderful world and truly needed to be done."

Roberta said, "The information about Accordions Rising Documentary is now in the
On-line catalog for Filmakers Library's Academic Video Store:
where it is available for educators, libraries and academic institutions who would want to make use of it in those settings vs. my (or a distributor's) future DVD or Bluy Ray sales, which will be for home/personal use exclusively."

From the Accordions Rising Documentary website:
"The film provides a tapestry of fascinating individuals, their attitudes, deep passions, and above of all else, profound dedication to the instrument. We learn that though still a rebellious lot, these music makers have an audience in some of the hippest hideaways and most sought after mainstream venues.

The film makes clear that the so-called “accordion world” is actually a curious continuum that includes everything from wacky and kitsch to sophisticated, serious, meditative and post modern. As Dr. William Schimmel points out, “the accordion is the icon of the 21st century.”

If you would like to be informed of the film's formal release on DVD:
Go to the website: Accordions Rising Documentary - Click on Contact and join the mailing list or Contact Roberta:

AAA 2016 Festival in Buffalo July 6-10

by Mary Tokarski
Mary TokarskiHello there, fellow accordionists! 2016 marks the beginning of my second year as President of the AAA. It has been an exciting year for me, with lots of remarkable progress and tremendous events in the plan for the coming year.

Be sure to stay tuned to the AAA website ( – big changes are happening there with lots of updates and new posts. In addition, the AAA will launch our new YouTube Channel on or around February 10th.

Ever been to Russia? This year’s Coupe Mondiale will be held in Russia for the first time ever from September 11-17, 2016. If you (or someone you know) want to participate as a contestant, the AAA will hold a Qualifying Competition for all 7 categories at the MAMTG Festival in Whippany, New Jersey on April 2nd. Check out the Coupe Mondiale website ( for complete requirements for each division, and the AAA website for the entry forms.

More exciting news: New prizes for the Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition – this year’s first place winners will receive $250! Full rules and regulations will be online within days, so be sure to hone up your composition skills for this event.

Plans are shaping up nicely for our Festival in Buffalo (July 6-10, 2016). Our “Buffalo SqueezeFest” will be an event to remember! Guest artists Grayson Masefield, Cory Pesaturo, Ginny Mac and Alexander Sevastian with Quartetto Gelato will head the performers list!

Our Gala Concert will be at a local Buffalo event center – The Tralf where we will enjoy Buffalo hospitality and experience fantastic accordion music in a contemporary concert venue. Rooms at the Adams Mark Hotel (single, double, triple or quad) are $127. The reservation desk can be reached at 716-845-5100. Be sure to mention “AAA”. See you in Buffalo!!

A highlight of the Buffalo event will be the unveiling of Guy Klucevsek’s newly AAA-commissioned work for solo accordion. The World Premiere will take place on the concert at The Tralf on Friday, July 8, 2016. You don’t want to miss this!

Hands On workshops and Jam sessions are in the plan for the “Buffalo SqueezeFest” so be sure to bring your accordion and learn great things from our Guest Artists – and each other!

There are more events for you to enjoy this year as well – April 17, 2016 – Lifetime Achievement Award Event for Mario Tacca at the Colonial Terrace in Cortlandt Manor, NY; the Annual Masterclass and Concert Series at the Tenri Cultural Center in NYC on July 29-31, 2016; and a Valtaro Celebration on November 26, 2016 at the Magnanini Winery in Wallkill, NY.

Don’t forget the Open Meetings on April 3, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel in Whippany, NJ (3:00 p.m), and July 10, 2016 at the Adams Mark Hotel in Buffalo, NY (9:00 a.m. at the Farewell Breakfast). This is your chance to network with artists and students alike, and contribute to our work at bringing the accordion into the 21st Century!

Hope to see you there!

Voci Armoniche

ATG 76th Anniversary Festival July 20-23, 2016

by Rita Barnea
ATG Poster
The ATG Accordion Teachers Guild, International will hold their 76th Anniversary Festival from July 20-23, 2016 at the Hyatt Lisle, Lisle (Chicago) Illinois.

The event includes competitions, exhibits, workshops, concerts, ATG Festival Orchestra and more.

The featured guest artist will be New Zealand World Champion Grayson Masefield. In 2009, Grayson became the first person to win the Coupe Mondiale top classical category and the Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment category in the same year!

In 2009 he also won the Roland International V-Accordion Competition & Festival, Rome and the Primus Ikaalinen International TV Competition, Finland, showing his amazing musical versatility. In September 2010 Grayson won the Trophée Mondial Classique World Accordion Championships and retired from competitions. 

At the 2010 Coupe Mondiale in Varaždin, Croatia, Grayson was elected to the prestigious Music Committee of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) and was re-elected to this position in 2014. He currently serves as a regular member of the Jury for numerous competitions around the globe. 

Grayson will perform two programs, one on Friday evening and one on Saturday evening, one featuring concert works and a second one featuring virtuoso entertainment music. 

The UMKC Communicty Accordion Ensemble from Kansis City will also perform.The musicians are both alumni of the University of Missouri - Kansas City, and former members of the renowned UMKC Accordion Orchestra. The players make their living in various careers, but each have remained devoted to promoting the accordion and its varied repertoire, which includes transcriptions, commissions and other original works.

The UMKC Chamber Accordion Ensemble under the direction of Joan C. Sommers, has recently performed in Chicago, San Francisco and Kansas City. Members of the group are Betty Jo Simon, Ron Barrow, Samantha Wagner, Cathy Sue Weiss, Kevin Friedrich, Joyce Davis, Sherry Carroll and Joan Cochran Sommers.

More news of workshops and more performers in future publications of the USA news.

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Brooklyn Accordion Club to Celebrate World Accordion Day

by Rita Barnea
Brooklyn Accordion Club
The Brooklyn Accordion Club will honor World Accordion Day with a concert on May 6, 2016 at 7:PM at 61 Local, 61 Bergen Street (@ Smith Street) in Brooklyn, New York.

As part of their monthly meeting, which usually meets on Sunday, the club will gather on Friday, May 6 instead.

The Brooklyn Accordion Club, founded in 2013, aims to build a community of accordion players of all levels and admirers in the heart of Brooklyn.

For further information:
Mayumi Miyaoka

Photo by Sean Pressley

Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

World Accordion Day Event in South Dakota

by Rita Barnea
WAD16The Big Sioux Baptist Church is sponsoring a World Accordion Day Celebration to celebrate the 185th anniversary of the first patent of the accordion. The date is Friday, May 6, 2016 from 4-8:PM at the Big Sioux Baptist Church on 106 South Veterans Street, Flandreau, SD, 57028.

The celebration continues on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at the City Bandshell from 2-5:PM. Please bring your accordion for an informal jam session. There are no contests or prizes, just a great time with new friends who love the accordion, participating in a unified global effort to celebrate and promote the accordion.

For signup and details call: 605-838-4549

For further information:
World Accordion Day poster


AAA Master Class and Concert Series July 29-31

by William Schimmel
TenriBirthday cakeTHE 2016 ACCORDION SEMINARS TURN 22
JULY 29, 30 AND 31,2016 AT TENRI

There’s no place like home - wherever that may be: the home you left - the home you came to - the home you adopted - the home away from
home - wherever it may be - THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE IT - STEPHEN FOSTER (or Don Amici) GOT IT RIGHT.

Join us for our 22nd smash year:
Home Sweet Home -
Heimat Klinger, Ne Casa Su Casa, etc, etc, etc -

Dr Schimmel will once again be your guide through a maze a concepts, sounds, feelings, tastes and pieces - all by way of the accordion.
july 29, 30, 31, 2016

Master Classes 3 pm
Concerts 7 pm
Master classes $25
Concerts $30
Full day - master class/concert $50
Entire weekend $125

reservations and info:
212 - 876 - 0827

Tenri Cultural Institute
43A West 13th Street
New York, NY

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

New Hampshire Accordion Association/Massachusetts Accordion Association Hold Joint Event

by Donna Maria Regis
Susan WelchGary MorinThe New Hampshire Accordion Association (NHAA) is delighted to announce the revival of a happy tradition – a joint meeting with NHAA’s close “accordion cousins” – the Massachusetts Accordion Association (MAA).

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, thanks to the organizational efforts of Gary Morin, MAA Vice President, and Suzanne Welch, NHAA Executive Secretary, members of MAA will visit NHAA’s home at Accordion Connection LLC in Gilmanton, NH for a joint MAA-NHAA meeting and Play-along session.

Gary has also kindly provided Play-along music to share with NHAA for the occasion.NHAA members in good standing (2016 dues paid) may request the Play-along music from NHAA Music Director Donna Maria Regis.

Please note that the May 14, 2016 meeting is being held on the second, not the usual third, Saturday of the month.

NHAA’s meeting on April 16, 2016 is the third Saturday of the month, as usual. All are welcome.

A new question-and- answer session has recently been added to NHAA's monthly meeting agenda. All musical questions, from the most basic to the most obscure, are welcome.February's topics included glissandi, cold hands, and performance anxiety (stage fright). At March's session, the group listened to and suggested improvements to an arrangement sent in advance by an NHAA member.

NHAA Meeting Agenda:
12:30 PM Informal Jam
1:00 PM Welcome, Brief Business Meeting
1:10 PM Open Mike
1:40 PM Q&A Session
2:00 PM Social Time/Refreshments
2:30 PM Just-for-Fun Group Play-along
4:00 PM Cleanup, Farewell

The MAA is a not-for-profit organization, tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, 
and administered entirely by volunteers. The purpose of the Organization is to encourage and enhance 
enjoyment of the accordion by its members and to facilitate sharing accordion music with the community.

The New Hampshire Accordion Association holds monthly meetings featuring soloists, group playing, workshops, and guest artists. Open to accordion fans who love to play or just to listen, all accordionists -- from beginner to professional -- and their families are welcome.

For more information: email Donna Maria Regis or call Suzanne Welch at 603.267.8600.

NHAA meets monthly at Accordion Connection LLC, 136 Route 106, Gilmanton NH Call 1-800-328-5227 or go to for details.

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Rayne Frog Festival Cajun Accordion Contest

by Rita Barnea
Rayne Frog Festival
Rayne Frog Festival logoThe Rayne Frog Festival Committee in Conjunction with the Rayne Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture is pleased to announce it will be hosting a Cajun (single-row diatonic) Accordion contest. The contest is part of the 44th Annual Rayne Frog Festival, Frog Capital of the World at the Frog Festival Pavilion and Grounds to be held from May 11-14, 2016 in Rayne, Louisiana.

The Rayne Frog Festival Cajun Accordion Contest is open to Cajun (single-row diatonic) accordion players of all ages and abilities. The contest will be judged by a panel of accordion players selected from the Cajun music industry.

The contest is free to enter and open to anyone, but you must register within the allowed registration period and be within the allowed number of contestants for each division.
The Accordion contest committee reserves the right to accept late entries at its discretion.

No registration fee and you must provide your own accordion to qualify. All competition rules and regulations and registration forms are available at Limited number of entrants will be accepted per division.

Registration forms will be only accepted from April 15th @ 8:00am until April 30th @ 5:00pm. Registration forms must be emailed to Blaine Dupont – You must REGISTER in order to compete.

Rayne Frog Festival Pavilion starting at 1:00 pm on May 14, 2016

Contestants must be the appropriate age on or before May 14, 2016
Youth Division .......... Age 10 and under
Junior Division ........... Age 11 – 17
Adult Division .......... Age 18 and older

Prizes totaling over $3,500 will be awarded
Youth Division:1st - $100 2nd - $75 3rd - $50
Junior Division: 1st - $200 2nd - $150 3rd - $100
Adult Division: Winner takes all New Richard Accordion

Admission is Free Thursday Night.
Admission Price is $5.00 per person (Friday and Saturday)

Children 12 and under get in free all weekend.

2016 Rayne Frog Festival Band Line-Up (with accordionists)
Saturday, May 14, 2016:
5:30-7:30 PM: Leroy Thomas and Zydeco Roadrunners (the Jewel of the Bayou)                     
8:00-10:PM: Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition                  
10:30 - 12:30 PM: Wayne Toups and Zydecajun

For information on the accordion contest:
Call Blaine Dupont @ (337) 349-1969 or email

Titano Accordion Company

New and Updated Sites

Voci Armoniche

New and Updated Roland V-Accordion Information

by Harley Jones
New and Updated Roland V-Accordion Information is now online at: Roland

Accordion Jazz Chords

Chapters 17 and 18 "Play Your Accordion Without Pain" Released

by Harley Jones
Play Your Accordion Without Pain book coverJohn Bonica PT CMP NZRPChapters 17 and 18 of the book "Play Your Accordion Without Pain" by John Bonica PT CMP NZRP is now released.

John Bonica writes: "Chapter 17 has been prompted by several accordionists who have called or written me requesting advice about exercises to increase endurance or strengthen shoulders and arms following injury or debility because of a long lay-off in playing."

The chapter also contains important information should you feel pain while playing the accordion.

Chapter 18 is about "An Anatomical Discussion of the Correct Wrist, Elbow,
and Shoulder Position for the Treble Keyboard"

There will be a minimum of 24 chapters, 18 chapters released so far. Special introductory offer, you can purchase the whole book for US$22 (or Euro equivalent) and be sent each chapter by e-mail as it is released.

For more information, and to purchase: John Bonica


Updated Arrangement: The Battle, from the movie Gladiator Arranged Gary Dahl

by Harley Jones
The Battle, from the movie GladiatorUpdated arrangement, Catalog: DH0254 The Battle, from the movie Gladiator arranged by Gary Dahl is now available online.

Clients who have purchased this piece may email and be sent free of charge the updated arrangement.

Other popular Dahl arrangements at: Gary Dahl
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