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U.S. National Accordion News - 01-Jan-2020
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Editor's Note and Your 2020 Accordion New Year's Resolutions!
New Album Release: "MARY plays GARY"
Broadway Musical, “Hadestown” Features Two Accordions Onstage
Rita Barnea to Receive Honorary Membership Award from Accordion Teacher’s Association of Massachusetts
Julien Labro’s Musical Projects
New Kids Cartoon Program Features the Accordion
Acclarion’s First Virtual Orchestra composition and David Carovillano’s newest orchestral piece, “Perpetual Light”
Michael Bridge to Perform in Ladom Ensemble on January 12 in Toronto
Teachers - Win a Trip to New Zealand, 1 Week to Entry Closing
Guy Klucevsek Shares His Music

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Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Accordion USA News and Other AWW Publications Policy
Accordion Pops Orchestra Celebrates 50 Years in 2020
Tribute to Bob Siarkowski: "Accordion, The Tie That Binds"
30th AAMS Festival Continues to Develop….
Bonnie Birch is Featured Artist at the San Francisco Accordion Club
Dr. William Schimmel in January 2020 Performances
Prime Time Tejano Award Show Honors Flaco Jimenez and Max Baca
Dominic Karcic and “Continental Sound” Musicians Entertain in NYC
Accordion Babes 2020 Calendar – Women Who Dare
CAA Holiday Concert, a Great Success
“Pearl Django” Concert at Jazz Alley in Seattle
The Squeezebox Squad of PS 203, Queens, New York
Dan Newton Performs in ”Midnight in Paris" Concert in Minnesota
Acme Accordion School Celebrates 71st Year
Seattle Accordion Social January 13

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Future events

National Accordion Association Convention 2020, Texas
What Are You Doing For World Accordion Day?
2020 Not Just Oom-Pah! Accordion Workshop and Concert
AAA 2020 Events
2020 AAA Master Class & Concert Series
ATG to Celebrate 80th Anniversary August 5-9 in Los Angeles
California Bay Area 2020 Accordion Events
Sharon Shannon to Perform for the Rogue Folk Club

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Editor's Note and Your 2020 Accordion New Year's Resolutions!

by Rita Barnea
Happy New Year
To all our readers, accordion enthusiasts, clients, artists and supporters from around the world:

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all the staff of the USA News. Have a great, successful and musical NEW YEAR!

I like to begin each new year reminding us all that playing music at any level is a unique and special gift which we all possess. It is never too late to begin learning the accordion (or any instrument) and the joys, which include meeting new friends, are priceless. Think of all the wonderful people that you have met this past year because of the accordion. And, there are more to meet this year!

Here are your New Year's Resolutions!

1. I promise to practice my accordion every day.

You can find at least 20 to 30 minutes a day to practice your accordion if you really want to. If you find time for watching the news on TV, or talking on your cell phone, enjoying your tablet, computer or just sitting on your couch, you can find the time to take your accordion out of its case! With a little effort, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Practicing your accordion is relaxing, a stress reliever and also good exercise! And you don't need a doctor's appointment or a prescription!

2. I promise to play my accordion for friends and family at least once a month (more often would be even better)!

Everyone who has ever seen me perform has always commented on the beauty and complexity of the instrument{ as if there were something very magical about playing the accordion. But it is magical, isn't it?) Going to a family dinner or having the family and friends over?....... take out your accordion and play for them. No matter what your level of proficiency is..........people will be amazed by your playing and admire your commitment to learning the accordion. Share your music. Visit senior centers, nursery schools, etc.

3. I promise to learn at least one new song every month.

Try to expand your repertoire. It doesn't have to be a concerto! What about a new popular song or one from the past that you always wanted to learn. Don't have the music? Look it up on the Internet or e-mail your accordion friends. If you want the song........ it is out there on the internet: however, if you really cannot find it, try to play it by ear, sound it out, write out the notes. It may take time, but it is a good experience to learn it on your own. It is possible, don't be afraid to try it.

4. I promise to attend at least two or more accordion events in 2020.

There are many accordion festivals, concerts, accordion clubs etc. around the country. Search the USA News each month and you will find an event in your area. Not only will you have a wonderful time listening to great accordionists, but you will be able to participate on any level from beginner to advanced. There will be accordion bands, ensembles, people who will enjoy meeting you and hearing about your experiences with the accordion. If you want to meet interesting people who share your love of the accordion, you will find them! You will not only hear great music but you will go away with new friends. Check out the calendar on the right side of the publication. You will see events listed by the month, location, websites, etc.

5. I will purchase at least two accordion CD's. iTunes, books, sheet music, or DVD's or accordion related item this year!

There are so many wonderful accordion CD's. Search the Internet and you will find lists of accordion artists. It is important to show our support for these outstanding musicians by buying their music! Visit to find your favorite accordion items!

6. I promise to introduce the accordion to people who have never heard one before.

This is a special opportunity for you to expand the musical horizons of someone. The accordion is so versatile, found in cultures all over the world and running the gamut from folk to classical and everything in between! There is a visual fascination with the accordion that no other instrument can claim. How do we do it? Keys, buttons, bellows, It is a coordination of fine motor skills that places an accordionist at the top of the list of the Best Multitaskers in the World!

7. I will think about treating myself to a new accordion! Why not? When you have a new instrument, you sound better!! Well, some practice would also help.

8. I promise to read the USA News every month and the Weekly News regularly. All past publications are always available in AWW permanent archives.

9. I promise to get in shape this year!

Being in good physical health leads to a better mental and spiritual outlook on life. Watching your diet, losing weight, exercising are all positive and beneficial activities. Not only does it benefit your daily life, but also your musical abilities. Why is this true? As you may already know, playing the accordion requires upper body strength to lift the instrument to play and perhaps to stroll with. Using the bellows requires arm muscle movement, etc. The accordion puts positive physical stress on your back and your shoulders and therefore, back and shoulder exercises are important to maintain one’s alignment .You will feel better, look better, and play better! My suggestion: Take a photo of yourself/video of your playing the accordion. Get on a regular exercise program as well as a regular practice schedule. Take a photo/video of yourself three months later. You will notice a great improvement in your physical appearance and your musical performance. Let me know how it works for you.

10. I will continue to learn new techniques and improve my playing by taking accordion lessons. You can easily do this in this great age of technology. There are many fabulous accordion teachers who can easily teach you via Skype and other technology platforms. It is easy to do from the comfort of your own home.

11. I will reread Resolutions 1-11 again and again!

Let’s bring more kindness and good feelings to our world in 2020. A kind word goes very far to make someone feel better. Playing a song on your accordion for someone brings positivity and enjoyment. Don’t be shy. You do not have to be a virtuoso.

Happy New Year to All! Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2020!

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

New Album Release: "MARY plays GARY"

by Harley Jones
Mary Plays Gary
Released just before Christmas was the album titled "Mary plays Gary" with American accordionist Mary Tokarski playing the music of New Zealand composer Gary Daverne.

The album features 12 tracks with tracks 1 to 6 being Mary Tokarski recorded with the Moravian Philharmonic and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestras.

The other tracks are solos by Mary Tokarski and the album features compositions of many different styles.

The album of 47 mins is available as mp3 tracks for only US$10. Full information about the album and the music including sound samples is online at Catalog: mary19eT "Mary plays Gary"
Mary Tokarski

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Broadway Musical, “Hadestown” Features Two Accordions Onstage

by Rita Barnea
Video 1: Cast of 'Hadestown' performs "Way Down Hadestown" and "Wait For Me" on "GMA" Good Morning America, Premiered Aug 14, 2019
Video 2: “Hadestown” Broadway Show Clips
Liam RobinsonHadestown“Welcome to Hadestown, where a song can change your fate. This acclaimed new musical by celebrated singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and innovative director Rachel Chavkin (Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812) is a love story for today…and always.

Hadestown intertwines two mythic tales — that of young dreamers Orpheus and Eurydice, and that of King Hades and his wife Persephone — as it invites you on a hell-raising journey to the underworld and back. Mitchell's beguiling melodies and Chavkin's poetic imagination pit industry against nature, doubt against faith, and fear against love. Performed by a vibrant ensemble of actors, dancers and singers, Hadestown is a haunting and hopeful theatrical experience that grabs you and never lets go”

We saw “Hadestown” on December 8, 2019 on Broadway. Not only is it an exciting show, both visually and musically, but I was happy and greatly surprised to see two accordions onstage played continuously throughout the show. Liam Robinson is the conductor, pianist, vocal arranger, and accordionist, onstage with the orchestra for the entire production. He has been associated with several Tony Award- winning productions: “War Horse” which which won five Tonys in 2011, including Best Play. Robinson played Song Man in the original Broadway cast. And presently, “Hadestown,” which won eight Tonys, including Best Musical. He was appointed to the positions by Anais Mitchell, who won the Tony for Best Original Score. Robinson attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire before studying at the Manhattan School of Music.

I watched Liam effortlessly switching from piano to accordion many times. The accordion was featured in several of the songs. One of the actresses sang, played and danced with the accordion. See above videos. You can hear the accordion in most of the selections.

The musical tells a version of the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where Orpheus goes to the underworld to rescue his fiancée Eurydice.

The Broadway production opened to critical acclaim and received numerous awards and nominations. At the 73rd Tony Awards, Hadestown received a total of 14 nominations (the most for the evening) and won eight of them, including Best Musical and Best Original Score.

Dr. Wiliam Schimmel shares, “The musical director for Hadestown, Liam Robinson, was my student in accordion, orchestration, theory, etc.” Dr William Schimmel is a leading accordionist, composer and academic, based in New York, where he organizes the annual ‘Master Class and Concert Series (The Seminars)’ sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association. He received a Merit Award from the AAA for his contributions spanning fifty years plus the "Accordionist of the Year" Award in 1988. He has performed with many major symphony orchestras in the US, many chamber groups, as well as with rock), jazz, and avant-garde groups.

Dr. Leslie Strong commented, “The accordion added spirit and joviality to a magnificent performance of the Greek tragedy, "Orpheus" in “Hadestown” The accordion added a another meaningful dimension.”

The accordion has made it to Broadway again! I highly recommend that you experience it. Additional Broadway shows that include the accordion are "The Great Comet of 1812" with Josh Groan playing the accordion onstage and two dancers also playing the accordion onstage; “Carousal”, “Evita”, “Fiddler on the Roof” etc.

"Hadestown" is playing now at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City. See it on your next trip to NYC.

Titano Accordion Company

Rita Barnea to Receive Honorary Membership Award from Accordion Teacher’s Association of Massachusetts

by Sam and Peggy Falcetti
Rita Barnea
Video: AAA 80th Anniversary Workshop performance

From the ATAM Journal:
The Accordion Teacher’s Association of Massachusetts ATAM is proud to bestow Honorary Membership upon Rita Davidson Barnea at the 58th Annual New England Festival sponsored by the “Accordion Teachers Association of Massachusetts. The event will be held at the Boston Marriott Newton, Mass. from March 27-29, 2020. The New England Music Festival is an annual musical competition and the festival averages more than 3000 entries and 800 contestants from all across New England.

Rita is the National Editor of the Accordion USA News ( for the past eleven years. This online monthly publication covering North American continent accordion events, artists, concerts, including video etc. has a huge readership of some 95,000 page views per month.

Rita Davidson Barnea is an accomplished accordionist and music teacher. She taught Pre-K to Grade 5 vocal music in the West Orange, NJ public schools for many years where she used the accordion every day in her music classes, and to accompany her chorus, and programs. For example, she would lead the entire school in a flag song each morning broadcast throughout the school. She did this by bringing her accordion to the main office where the broadcast originated. The accordion plays an important role in the life of a music teacher, especially one that does not have a music room!

Rita is an honors graduate of the University of Connecticut with a degree in Music Education. She is on the Governing Board of the American Accordionists' Association. Rita has been attending accordion festivals and competitions for years where she judges both piano and accordion categories. 

Rita Barnea has released an album titled "The Music of Eugene Ettore Album" which includes his most well known concert works published by where it is a free download to promote young people playing the compositions of Eugene Ettore. Click on his name to see the Eugene Ettore Memorial Website created by Rita Barnea.

Rita studied accordion with Eugene Ettore, former AAA President and noted accordion composer and Rita also presents workshops and concerts on the “Life and Music of Eugene Ettore” and “The Use of the Accordion in the Teaching of Music in School”.  

Rita can be reached at

Voci Armoniche

Julien Labro’s Musical Projects

by Rita Barnea
Julien Labro and Jason Vieaux
Video: In honor of the centennial of Astor Piazzolla’s birth, bandoneon player Julien Labro has developed a program showcasing Piazzolla’s best and least known works.

Julien Labro has had an amazing 2019 with new compositions, new performances, and new movies all keeping the bandoneon and accordion in the forefront. Included below are several of his accomplishments this year and his 2020 schedule.

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune article by Howard Reich 12/23/2019:” From Ravi Coltrane to Freddy Cole, 2019′s best jazz performances in Chicago. Performance by Julien Labro, March 22 at the Green Mill Jazz Club“”No one has done more in contemporary times to assert the accordion’s place in jazz than Labro, a brilliant technician and thoroughly musical improviser. Like Art Van Damme before him, Labro transcends the instrument’s presumed limitations. He did so repeatedly in this performance, most notably in the aptly named “Chutzpah,” a genre-bending original dedicated to musical experimenter John Zorn. Labro transcended epochs and idioms, careening from conventional harmony to bracing chord clusters, from hard-charging single-note lines to gnarly counterpoint. By any measure, a tour de force.”

Julien Labro played for composer Bryce Dessner on his score of The Two Popes, a new movie starring Anthony Hopkins & Jonathan Pryce. Available on Netflix December 20, 2019, the movie has won the following awards:
Winner - Audience Award for US Cinema, Mill Valley Film Festival
Winner - Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature, Hamptons International Film Festival
Winner - Audience Award for Best Narrative Film,Middleburg Film Festival

Collaboration of Julien Labro and classical guitarist Jason Vieux:
New West Symphony is premiering a double concerto for an unusual pair of instruments — unusual by symphony standards, at least. "Canvas", a new work by French accordionist and composer Julien Labro, gives the solo treatment to the bandoneón and the guitar. They’re a standard duo in tango music, but not all that common in the concert hall. Luckily, two expert soloists, as well as complementary programming, make the case.

On Nov. 16 and 17, 2019, guitarist Jason Vieaux, along with Labro himself on bandoneón, joined the New West Symphony for the world premiere performances. It’s not the first outing for the duo; Vieaux and Labro have a history of collaboration to draw on. Another work on the weekend’s program, Astor Piazzolla’s "The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires", is a piece the two have recorded together. The coupling of virtuosic players, as well as compositions old and new, promises a concert of musical insights and connections. Michael Christie conducted, and works by Bartók, Copland, Dan Visconti, and Gabriela Lena Frank rounded out the program.

"Julien Labro has established himself as one of the foremost accordion and bandoneón players in both the classical and jazz genres. His artistry, virtuosity, and creativity as a musician, composer and arranger have earned him international acclaim and continue to astonish audiences worldwide. Picking up the accordion at 9, French-born Labro was influenced early on by traditional folk music and the melodic, lyrical quality of the French chanson. Upon discovering the music of jazz legends, he quickly became inspired by the originality, freedom, creativity, and the endless possibilities in their musical language."

Excerpts from Labro’s website: After graduating from the Marseille Conservatory of Music, Labro began winning international awards, taking first prize in the Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment category in 1996 and the Castelfidardo Competitions in 1997. After sweeping first place in the Marcel Azzola, Jo Privat and Medard Ferrero competitions in 1995 and 1998, respectively, Labro moved to the United States, where he further pursued his musical dream.

As a musician and artist, Labro is constantly evolving. Equipped with advanced degrees in classical music, jazz studies, and composition, Labro draws from his diverse academic background and eclectic musical influences as he searches for new themes and untried concepts, transforming and developing his creative ideas into new projects.

Date/Artist City/ Venue
01/25/20: Tribute to Django Reinhardt, San Angelo, TX San Angelo Symphony
01/30/20: Opening Nights @ Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, Opperman Music Hall
02/01/20: University of Florida Performing Arts Gainesville, FL University Auditorium w/ Cristina Pato Quartet
03/28/20:Berks Jazz Festival, Reading, PA, Miller Center for the Arts: World Premiere of Labro’s newest work for Orchestra, a 3 Mvts suite/concerto for Hot Club Ensemble & Orchestra commissioned by the Berks Jazz Festival/Readings Pops Orchestra.
04/07/20: Julien Labro & Jason Vieaux with the Ceruti Quartet & Pablo Aslan,Memphis, TN Harris Concert Hall: Premiere of the chamber version of Canvas, Labro’s double concerto for bandoneon & guitar.
04/18/20 and 04/19/20: Julien Labro & Jason Vieaux w/ The Buffalo Philharmonic. Buffalo, NY Kleinhans Music Hall

For further information:

Accordion Jazz Chords

New Kids Cartoon Program Features the Accordion

by Joseph Recchia, Michigan Accordion Society President
The Big Squeeze Cartoon
Video: “Let's Go Luna Song | The Mighty Squeeze Song | The Big Squeeze Song”

A new kids cartoon program is airing on Public Television called “The Big Luna”. Season 1 Episode 27A is called “The Big Squeeze” which is all about the Accordion.  The episode first aired on PBS on November 6, 2019.    

The Big Squeeze episode Introduces kids to the accordion and talks about the history and struggles of “Luna” trying to learn the accordion and then finds a teacher “Accordion Hans” that helps her learn how to play.  Luna is then able to perform at the show and Luna is very happy that she was able to learn the accordion. The cartoon is about 12 minutes long. 
You can find more information at this link:
The actual episode is available on line at this link:

"The Mighty Squeeze" is a song sung by Accordion Hans in The Big Squeeze.
Put your fingers on the keys
Then you give a mighty squeeze
Always moving to and fro
That’s what makes the accordion go
All together, keeping time
Everyone just falls in line
Creating instant harmony
That’s the music of Germany
Now you’re getting in the groove
All the parts of something smooth
We have only just begun
Nothing could be quite as fun As playing the accordion
The sweetest sound from miles around
Music of a Munich town!

Written by Peter Hannan, Dan Becker, Eric David Haddad, Ben Fosselman (additional writing)
Directed by Dave Brown and Steve Daye
Storyboards by Dan Becker, Eric David Haddad and Ben Fosselman


Acclarion’s First Virtual Orchestra composition and David Carovillano’s newest orchestral piece, “Perpetual Light”

by Rita Barnea

Video 1: Twilight of Shadows for Accordion and Clarinet by David Carovillano
Video 2: ”Perpetual Light” Premiered December 16, 2019

Canadian accordionist David Carovillano and clarinetist Rebecca Sajo-Carovillano have been making music together since 2003 as the duo, Acclarion. Rare in the world of classical music, they’ve had to carve out their own path the entire time. After 16 years performing throughout North America, releasing 4 albums, and pioneering new repertoire for their combination, Acclarion is still pulling audiences into the magic of music for accordion and clarinet, shattering expectations. On concert stages as far north as Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories and into the southern United States, Acclarion has proven the versatility of the accordion as a chamber music instrument.

Alongside commissions from Canadian and European composers, David Carovillano has composed and arranged over 20 works for the duo - works that are artistically rewarding to perform while engaging and entertaining audiences - challenging them to think beyond an old-fashioned, clichéd image of the accordion. The positive response from Acclarion's audiences encouraged David to compose for other instrumentalists and in the past 5 years he has created over 100 works for chamber ensembles, media productions. He is an instrumental storyteller, weaving a tapestry of poignant lyricism, rich harmonic language, inventive contrapuntal dialogue, and earnest emotion. Along with Acclarion's premieres, David's music has been premiered by the Windsor Symphony, members of the Calgary Philharmonic, musicians of the Michigan Opera Theater Orchestra, and CBC Radio's Music Around Us.

In 2019, David received a grant from the Ontario Arts Council to compose a double concerto for accordion and clarinet, "Indomitable Spirit". It is Acclarion's first piece to perform with orchestra, after more than a decade of collaborations with other chamber musicians, including Erica Goodman (harpist), Order of Canada bassoonist, George Zukerman, Angela Park (pianist) among numerous others. This piece will promote the accordion as a serious, classical instrument to wider audiences and will be an important contribution to Canadian concert accordion repertoire. The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) provides grants to Ontario-based individual artists and arts professionals, ad hoc groups/collectives and organizations. Grants support a range of arts activities and disciplines.
Excerpts from their websites: David Carovillano holds a Masters degree in performance from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music. He is a student of Canada’s accordion pioneer Joseph Macerollo. Having competed in various music festivals throughout North America, David has received over 140 awards for his playing and he has received several scholarships from the University of Toronto.  David participated in master classes held in Venice Italy, studying under noted German accordionist, Hugo Noth.  He has performed on numerous television, radio shows and theatre productions, including City TV’s Breakfast Television, Insight Productions’ Ready or Not, HGTV’s Design for Living, Global TV/MTV, a solo concert in 2001 with CBC’s Music Around Us, the Stratford Festival’s production of Fiddler on the Roof and the “new Mozart musical”,  The Magic of Love for which he appears on the original cast recording, conducted by Charles Cozens.  David has performed in various chamber capacities with members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, The Toronto Winds, and I Furiosi, as well as being featured in new music concert series presented by Collaborations and Array Music.  In addition to performing, he is active as a music educator, festival adjudicator, and clinician.  As a composer and arranger, his music has been featured on radio, recordings, and live concert performances in North America and Europe.

Clarinetist Rebecca Sajo-Carovillano holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music.  She is the first person in the university’s history to major in multiple woodwind performance.  Rebecca is proficient on all clarinets, bassoon, saxophone, and flute. She has studied with clarinetist Peter Stoll, saxophonist Alex Dean, and bassoonist Kathleen MacLean as well as playing in master classes for James Campbell and Sabine Meyer.  She was a finalist for two years in the Canadian Music Competitions, is Royal Conservatory silver medalist on clarinet and saxophone and earned her ARCT in clarinet performance when she was just 16.  Rebecca has played with the National Youth Band, the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, and the Toronto Philharmonia.  Rebecca participated in the Henry Mancini Institute in Los Angeles where she played with musicians such as Paul McCandless, Randy Newman and Arturo Sandorval. Her musical versatility was displayed through performances of classical, jazz, pop and film music with some of LA’s finest musicians.  As a teaching-artist, Rebecca maintains a private music studio, is frequently sought after by schools to coach wind and chamber music ensembles, and has developed music programs for schools in three Canadian provinces.

To listen to more of David's compositions visit and In the past 5 years David and Rebecca have also been honing their skills programming virtual instruments to create high quality performances. The first recording of "Indomitable Spirit" will combine David and Rebecca's live accordion and clarinet with this virtual orchestra. To appreciate the capabilities of these virtual instruments listen to one of David's newest compositions, "Perpetual Light":

David shares: “Perpetual Light for Violin and Orchestra" is a single movement tone poem that captures the essence and energy of fire, through the perspective of a lone candle. As the flame dances around the wick, it remains stoic against the forces that seek to extinguish it, continuing to shine its beam of light proudly. Just when the smoldering flame appears to have dissipated, it roars back to life with renewed vigour. The candle’s fire dramatizes the struggle between the light and the dark; the energy that is all around us, waiting to be unleashed. In our moments of deepest despair, the Perpetual Light will bring us hope.”

For further information:

Gary Dahl eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server system

Michael Bridge to Perform in Ladom Ensemble on January 12 in Toronto

by Rita Barnea
Lady Ensemble
Video: Ladom Ensemble - “Raha”
Raha means "Free" or "Release". It was composed almost 10 years ago by the pianist and co-founder of the group, Pouya Hamidi. It was inspired by Persian traditional music, chamber music, and Kurdish dances.
Video by Thom Varey​.
Michael Bridge, accordion
Beth Silver, cello
Adam Campbell, hand percussions
Pouya Hamidi, piano and composer

Ladom Ensemble will perform at Piano Fest on Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM at Burdock,1184 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario. Ladom Ensemble combines piano, cello, accordion, and percussion in a unique blend of acoustic chamber and culturally diverse music that is passionate, sophisticated, and wild. Their all-original repertoire incorporates inspirations from Argentinean tango, Serbian folk and dance traditions, Persian classical repertoire, as well as music from the Classical (Bach, Prokofiev) and progressive rock (Radiohead) worlds.

Excerpts from the Ladom Ensemble website: The group met and formed in 2007 while studying music at the University of Toronto. Individual members hail from Alberta (Michael Bridge - accordion), Toronto (Beth Silver - cello), Prince Edward Island (Adam Campbell - percussion), and Ontario by way of Tehran, Iran (Pouya Hamidi - piano). Pouya, the in-house composer, writes original music for the group inspired by Persian and classical fusion but the Canadian spread of the group also reaches across the world and genres.

Ladom doesn’t pretend to represent any one tradition, but rather expresses an authentically Canadian experience. Ladom’s musical identity is combined from many sources and reflects a beautiful new world with a Western classical toolset. They also commission original music by local, Canadian composers such as Elisha Denburg, Igor Correia, Maziar Heidari, Keyan Emami, Saman Shahi, and Afarin Mansouri.

Accordionist Michael Bridge who is working on his doctorate in accordion at University of Toronto, brings his whole heart and ballooning talent to the Ensemble, despite being extremely active performing around the world, from orchestras to solo recitals. He has been named one of CBC’s “30 Hot Classical Musicians Under 30” and does over 100 concerts per year. Sock-foot on stage, Adam Campbell (MMus) passes around a twinkle-in-the-eye during performances, and always brings the bottles... as part of his hand percussion toolkit! Cellist Beth Silver (MMus) starts spontaneous jams in between takes, with playful sounds that can only be called ‘fiddling around’. Pouya Hamidi (MMus) usually emerges from rehearsals declaring, “They’re such sweethearts!” In performance and composition, the pianist has a deep love for the music, and a profound humbleness that makes bragging impossible, although warranted. All are active, professional musicians in various contexts.

To date, Ladom has toured and enthralled audiences across the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Recently, they completed a 38-day tour of Ontario and Quebec with Jeunesses Musicales Canada (Fall 2017). They have been awarded 3 other major tours, with Debut Atlantic (Spring 2018), Prairie Debut (Winter 2019), and Jeunesses Musicales Canada (March 2019). They have also been presented by Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival. CBC, Radio-Canada, the Whole-Note magazine, and the BBC have featured Ladom in print and video media.

A postlude performance marked their debut at the prestigious Koerner Hall in Toronto. Ladom has been selected to showcase at festivals such as CAPACOA in Ottawa and at OSAC conferences. The group has been receiving wide acclaim for their imaginative arrangement and performance of Radiohead’s Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (video released to YouTube, January 2017).

For further information:

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Teachers - Win a Trip to New Zealand, 1 Week to Entry Closing

by Harley Jones
NZ flyerThis is a great opportunity for the teacher and one winner accordionist to visit New Zealand.

The New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) announces the 2020 International Video Competition & Promotion of Accordion Music by famous New Zealand composer Gary Daverne.

This is a free online "Video Competition for Accordionists of all ages and nationalities" with a 1st prize of two round trip air tickets to New Zealand to the 2020 South Pacific Accordion Championships, 30-31 May 2020, Auckland, New Zealand. Accommodation for 3 nights included plus some additional other concert/holiday possibilities.

Contestants must send a .mp4 video recording of one (or more) work/s composed by Gary Daverne who has a wide repertoire of compositions for accordion including:
- solo;
- accordion duet or accordion with another instrument;
- accordion trio/ensemble or accordion with string ensemble;
- accordion orchestra;
- accordion soloist with accordion orchestra or accordion soloist with string orchestra or accordion soloist with symphony orchestra.

The accordion music is available for any contestant free of charge upon request.

The international jury will be: Gary Daverne, Kevin Friedrich, Grayson Masefield, Stephanie Poole.

Entries online close 5th January 2020.

Full information at: 2020GaryDaverneCompetition

James O'Brien eSheet music, emailed to you, secure bank server

Guy Klucevsek Shares His Music

by Rita Barnea
Guy Klucevsek Shares His MusicVideo: Guy Klucevsek: "The C&M Waltz" (for Charlie and Marian Bartosh), Guy Klucevsek: Composer/Accordionist Camera: Ray Foley Editor: Elmo King Composed 2009.

Guy Klucevsek (excerpts from his website) is one of the world’s most versatile and highly-respected accordionists.This outstanding composer, accordion virtuoso, and improvisor has been a major contributor to the accordion renaissance of the last 25 years. His music reverberates with sounds of the ballroom, the beer garden and the concert hall, fusing elements of regional accordion styles with jazz and avant-garde music.

Guy shares, “To all my friends and fans:  I am going to be taking an indefinite leave-of-absence from performing to focus on composing, recording, editing my scores for those who may be interested in performing the pieces now or in the future, and archiving my materials which will be included in the NYU Library/Fales Collection;  oh, and to take some time to "smell the roses" with my lovely wife, Jan.

I may pop-up now-and-then to do something, as the spirit moves, but I no longer intend to focus on a career as a performer.
Thanks for all your support!
Best wishes,

Guy has performed and/or recorded with Laurie Anderson, Bang On a Can, Brave Combo, Anthony Braxton, Anthony Coleman, Dave Douglas, Bill Frisell, Rahim al Haj, Robin Holcomb, Kepa Junkera, the Kronos Quartet, Natalie Merchant, Present Music, Relâche, Zeitgeist, and John Zorn.

He is the recipient of a 2010 United States Artists Collins Fellowship, an unrestricted $50,000 award given annually to "America's finest artists."

He has premiered over 50 solo accordion pieces, including his own, as well as those he has commissioned from Mary Ellen Childs, William Duckworth, Fred Frith, Aaron Jay Kernis, Jerome Kitzke, Stephen Montague, Somei Satoh, Lois V Vierk, and John Zorn.
Performances include the Ten Days on the Island Festival (Tasmania), the Adelaide Festival (Australia), the Berlin Jazz Festival, Lincoln Center, Spoleto Festival/USA, BAM Next Wave Festival, Cotati Accordion Festival, San Antonio International Accordion Festival, Vienna International Accordion Festival, and the children’s television show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

Klucevsek has released over 20 recordings as soloist/leader on Tzadik, Winter & Winter, innova, Starkland, Review, Intuition, CRI, and XI. Stereo Review cited his Starkland recording, Transylvanian Software, as a recording of special merit" (1995). He can also be heard on John Williams’s orchestral scores for the Steven Spielberg films, “The Terminal,” "Munich," “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” and “The Adventures of Tin-Tin,” and on A. R. Rahman’s score for “People Like Us.”

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Titano Accordion Company

Accordion USA News and Other AWW Publications Policy

by Rita Barnea
USA News header
Rita BarneaWelcome to the January 2020 USA news which contains important information about upcoming accordion festivals, competitions, concerts including videos.

The start of the new year is often a time to review our services and plans for an exciting year ahead for AWW publications. For that reason, Harley Jones, AWW Founder, thought it worthwhile to draw our readers attention to the "About Accordions Worldwide (AWW)" page which is essentially our philosophy to positively promote the accordion. 

About Accordions Worldwide (AWW)
All subject matter shall be suitable for children. AWW websites are for accordion matters ONLY and all political, racial, sexual and religious discussion, material or publication is strictly forbidden.

The purpose of AWW is to provide a readily accessible information service about all aspects of the accordion, for accordionists, enthusiasts, accordion businesses and organizations. To develop and maintain a huge Accordion Yellow Pages database; a comprehensive worldwide list of accordionists, accordion services, products and other items of general interest. To encourage the general dissemination of accordion information and maintain a high level of service to accordionists.

AWW offers many free services. To help fund these, AWW hosts advertising banners and internet sites on Accordions Worldwide. Those advertisers enjoy increased traffic to their site, from the advertising banners and links from all parts of our site.

The aim of AWW is to benefit accordionists and accordion enthusiasts by effectively utilizing the advantages of modern technology. We aim to assist the future growth and popularity of the accordion worldwide.

The term "accordion" is used throughout this site as a generic term that applies to ALL free-reed bellows instruments. We want to support and promote the merits of them all.

AWW reserves the right to omit any information provided for any reason.

"Power of the Positive for Promotion". AWW publishes "positive" news for the general benefit of the accordion in accordance with the AWW "Aim".

AWW only publishes news in accordance with our AWW "Purpose" and AWW "Aim".

AWW avoids negative news "critical" or "critiques" of people, performances, events or organizations in accordance with our AWW "Aim" and AWW "Purpose".

AWW avoids comparative news: ie "........... is the worlds best accordionist" as that is a comparative subjective opinion and not "positive" for all other accordionists.

AWW avoids info created by other publications ie Facebook including comments, critiques, opinions, comparatives, musical and personality arguments and material that might be considered as "accordion politics".

For more information please click on this link: "General Editorial Policy"
AWW header

Larry Malmberg eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server

Accordion Pops Orchestra Celebrates 50 Years in 2020

by Rita Barnea
APO 2020
The Accordion Pops Orchestra is celebrating their 50th Concert Season. They are now accepting new members. Consider joining!

The next rehearsal is Sunday January 12, 2020 at 1:PM at the Imperial Music Center, 48 Appleby Avenue, Sourth River, New Jersey.

The group consists entirely of accordions plus percussion instruments. In addition, the orchestra often accompanies guest soloists including pianists and vocal artists. Al Terzo, APO Conductor 2011-Present, is a teacher, arranger, and conductor who has been with the orchestra since its inception in 1970.  He is a member of the Music Teachers National Association, New Jersey Music Teachers Association, and National Association of Music Educators. Mr.Terzo serves on the governing board of the American Accordionists Association and is a founding member of the Mid Atlantic Music Teachers Guild.  He is an accomplished accordionist who has performed at the Garden State Arts Center and Newark's Symphony Hall. Currently Mr. Terzo teaches accordion and piano in New Jersey.

Check future USA news publications for concert dates and locations.  

For further information:

Gary Daverne CD's and eSheet music available online

Tribute to Bob Siarkowski: "Accordion, The Tie That Binds"

by Anita Siarkowsi
Anita and Bob50th Wedding“Accordion” defined Bob Siarkowski. It was his hobby, vocation, profession, livelihood, life! Bob had the gift of music plus perfect pitch! From humble beginnings, a coal miner’s son, Bob was born in Wanamie and raised in Nanticoke in the coal mining region of eastern Pennsylvania. Bob’s parents only had a 4th grade education. His Dad, Peter, the oldest of 7 kids, went to work in the mines at age 14. Bob’s Mom, Rose, 1 of 10 kids, took in laundry from Galli’s Restaurant to help feed the family. Barely earning a living wage, they sacrificed to support their only child’s ambition.

Inspired to play accordion by Uncle Louis who entertained at family gatherings, Bob began taking accordion lessons from Joe Gurka at age 7. However, Bob’s dream went up in smoke at age 9 when his father was laid off from the mines. Unable to pay the rent, the Siarkowskis were evicted from their apartment, their furniture confiscated, and their door deadbolted by the landlord. Fortunately, Bob’s paternal grandparents took them in, sharing their cold water flat with no indoor plumbing or central heat.

Bob’s music lessons were on the back burner, but this did not extinguish Bob’s burning desire to play the accordion. The family’s only source of energy year round for heating, cooking, and washing was coal. To keep the home fires burning and literally add fuel to the fire….Bob walked 2 miles round trip to/from the railroad tracks 5 days a week when the mines were running. Armed with a hammer and 2 big burlap bags, Bob salvaged coal falling from freight trains. He’d whack big chunks into smaller pieces for a 9 year old lad to lift and lug. This “coal cash” not only generated heat, but significant fuel savings, enabling Bob’s parents to finance his accordion lessons through age 16 with Joe Gurka of Nanticoke, to whom Bob attributed his fantastic accordion background, terrific talent, and exceptional expertise.

When the Siarkowskis moved to Connecticut, Bob began his teaching career at age 16, while performing with several combos including his own, “Bobby Lou Orchestra”. Quite the entrepreneur, Bob opened his own studio, “Bob’s Accordion School” in Plantsville at 18, right out of high school. In the meantime, he progressed personally, studying with Domenic Mecca of Waterbury, Tony Mecca of New Rochelle, NY, Joe Biviano of Manhattan, NY, and John Molinari of Oakland, California. By age 21, Bob was managing Esnar Music Company in Sacramento, California, supervising their 9 teachers, while instructing the most advanced of their 750 accordion students.

Bob and I met at rehearsal for an accordion recital… This handsome dude barged in, positioning himself front row center in the orchestra – music stand, accordion and all. My curiosity aroused; I approached the stranger, “You’re new here, aren’t you?!?” Little did I know that I had just hurled a “perfect pitch”! Bob’s turn to come up to bat, he asked me out that night. My Mom ran interference….“Your homework’s not done!” I was only 17. Bob was 21. He had a car, a band, his own business. Ma figured, “He’s too old for you. He has older ideas!” With the recital only a few weeks away, I had to strategize. Hmmm…Ma might change her mind if she met Bob. I had nothing to lose! It worked! The rest is history! Bob’s band played for our wedding reception. ‘So, did we, as an accordion duet to the delight of our guests. Married nearly 57 years, we have 2 sons, 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Over the years, Bob and I have performed as an accordion duet in 12 states plus 2 Canadian provinces, participating in the International Accordion Festival in Montmagny, Quebec for several years. Countless venues in between include our 50th anniversary featuring an accordion theme…. Custom made accordion favors, accordion cake choreographed “to scale”, and a live band, “Squeezebox” with two accordionists, husband and wife Ted Lange and Molly B of RFD TV fame. Our claim to fame as a duo was our theme oriented repertoire and coordinated garb, earning us 1st place trophy for the best dressed couple at the 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada International Convention!

Bob once asked if I knew that “The accordion is a unique instrument.” I asked “Why? Because you play it?!?” I got “Accordion 101”…. “Think about it. The accordion is the only portable, self-contained musical instrument that you can play the melody, harmony, rhythm and accompaniment all at the same time!” With horns and string instruments, you only play one line of music at a time and are limited to one tone. With the accordion, you’re playing two lines of the music at the same time – treble clef for the right hand, bass clef for the left, with several tone variations! Because of Bob, I have a much better appreciation of accordionists! ‘And the accordion!

Bob’s professional career spanned 67 years between age “15 to “82”, encompassing 4 generations of students aged 4 to 84. Asked when he planned to retire from teaching, Bob replied “I have no intention. I plan to teach and play until I stop breathing!” Indeed, he maintained his music schedule through age 82 until his dying day, May 12, 2019. Bob’s probably playing “In Heaven There Ain’t No Beer” right now in the angel band! ! Let the music play! From day one, in every way, the accordion was always very “instrumental” in our relationship….Accordion, the tie that binds.

4 Music Books by Stas Venglevski

30th AAMS Festival Continues to Develop….

by Rita Barnea
Joan and AlJoe Natoli and DeeThe American Accordion Musicological Society is proud to honor Joan C. Sommers at their Honoree Banquet and Concert on March 6 and 7, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 2349 W NJ Route 70, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002. the 30th Anniversary Festival Event continues to develop.

The Banquet MC will be Manny Bobenreith.

The event will feature two Festival Orchestras:
Advanced Festival Orchestra 1: directed by Joan C. Sommers
Intermediate Festival Orchestra 2: directed by Dee Langley
Festival Orchestra Music is now available

Workshops will be presented by Al Terzo, Joe Natoli, and Joan C. Sommers.

Registration is now being accepted. All full registrations received prior to February 1, 2020 will receive a $10 credit towards one honoree banquet ticket on their registration fee.

Attend exciting workshops presented by Joan Sommers, Joe Natoli, and Al Terzo.There will be a question an answer panel. Please submit questions ahead of time for discussion by workshop presenters and festival orchestra directors.

All events held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-Cherry Hill. Route 70 Cherry Hill, NJ
AAMS Hotel Rate $110.00 plus taxes More info in future USA publications. The Philadelphia International Airport {PHL) is only 20 minutes from the Festival location.

Further information download: 2020AAMS.pdf" target="_blank">2020AAMS.pdf
Contact: AAMS – Joanna Darrow – 856-854-6628

Amy Jo Sawyer CD titled According to Amy

Bonnie Birch is Featured Artist at the San Francisco Accordion Club

by Rita Barnea
IlduettoBonnie BirchOn January 19th, 2020 at 2:00 pm, the San Francisco Accordion Club will feature Bonnie Birch performing a versatile repertoire of American, European Continental (French, Italian, etc), and classical music. It is Bonnie's desire to see the accordion take its deserved position of respect amongst other well-established instruments.

Excerpts from SFAC website: Bonnie began accordion lessons at the age of 7 and studied with Thorild Swanson from Stancatto School of Accordion up to the age of 19. Thor was a classically trained musician with a desire for perfection and with his guidance, Bonnie developed excellent technique, musicianship and the appreciation of practice and patience. She was a consistent winner at the Washington Accordion Teachers competitions culminating in a trip to New York for an International competition and a performance in Carnegie Hall.

Bonnie has retired from a successful career in computer technology and is now a full time musician, performing in many diverse situations, both as a soloist and with a wide variety of local area musicians and singers. Bonnie is continually attending classes and workshops to broaden her skills from Jazz studies with some of the top artists and composers in the country to advanced study with respected accordionist Ken Olendorf. Bonnie is also the president of the Northwest Accordion Society and chairman of the Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration.

Also performing on the January program will be Il Duetto Musica. Il Duetto Musica performs a delightful mix of opera and popular Italian "street" songs featuring the talents of soprano Gloria Mendieta Gazave and accordionist Paul Aebersold. Enjoy a nostalgic tribute to the charm of Italy as you listen to such favorites as Arrivederci Roma and Puccini classics from La Bohème and other great operas. Gloria and Paul take you on a gondola ride through Venice with romantic songs, lively music, and colorful costumes for an evening of musical treasures.

The SFAC holds musical program on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 2:PM. at the Chetcutt Community Room, Civic Center Plaza, 450 Poplar Avenue, Millbrae, CA 94030

The San Francisco Accordion Club is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization whose purpose is to enhance, promote and stimulate an appreciation for the accordion within the membership and throughout the general public. Donations are tax-deductible.

For further information:

Titano Accordion Company

Dr. William Schimmel in January 2020 Performances

by Rita Barnea
Schimmel poster
William Schimmel begins the new decade with the following performances:

Dr William Schimmel is featured on stage in this New Production of Wozzeck at the Metropolitan Opera through Jan. 22 at the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center. (Photo down)
Phone: 212-362-6000,

Dr. Schimmel will premiere his new work “Variations on a Waltz by Pee Wee King” on Sunday afternoon at 3:PM on Jan 12, 2020 - free admission. He will perform with the North South Consonance Orchestra under the leadership of its founder and director, Max Lifchitz.

Dr William Schimmel is a leading accordionist, composer and academic, based in New York, where he organizes the annual ‘Master Class and Concert Series (The Seminars)’ sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association. He received a Merit Award from the AAA for his contributions spanning fifty years plus the "Accordionist of the Year" Award in 1988. He has performed with many major symphony orchestras in the US, many chamber groups, as well as with rock), jazz, and avant-garde groups.

As a Juilliard trained musician, he is frequently asked to play with the Philharmonic and other orchestras around the country. He also performs in the pit orchestras on Broadway, his most recent performance being the accordionist for the award winning production of “An American in Paris." Over the years Bill’s music has been included in television shows and films. His best known appearance is in the tango scene of "Scent of a Woman" starring Al Pacino. (See video above)

Bill Schimmel learned accordion as a child and attended Julliard School of Music where he received his doctorate in composition. While he was still a student at the school, his career was launched after he recorded songs of avant gard composer, Luiano Berio. An authority on Kurt Weill, Dr. Schimmel has recorded all of Weill's music with accordion. Beginning in 1981, Schimmel’s Tango Project has released a string of acclaimed recordings on the Nonesuch and Newport Classic labels. The first Tango Project recording went to No. 1 on Billboard’s classical charts and was named Record of the Year by Stereo Review magazine.

Schimmel has described the accordion as having a “built-in ironic duality,” both “elegant and vulgar.” That dual quality is captured in the tango scene of “Scent of a Woman,” where it adds a spirit of fun and an undertone of raw sexuality. He has served and continues to serve as Artist in Residence of The American Accordionist's Association (AAA) where he also serves as Distinguished Lecturer in Residence and member of the Governing Board.

For further information email:

Jeff Lisenby CD A Spy In Tortuga

Prime Time Tejano Award Show Honors Flaco Jimenez and Max Baca

by Christine Johnstone
Tejano awardA Prime Time Tejano Award Show and Dance honoring “Los Texmaniacs” members, Flaco Jimenez and Max Baca took place at the H & H Ballroom in Austin, Texas on December 1, 2019.

Leonardo "Flaco" Jiménez is a Norteño, Tex Mex and Tejano music accordionist and singer from San Antonio, Texas. Max Baca founded Grammy Award winners, "Los Texmaniacs" who play a mix of Tex-Mex, World, Roots, Texas/Rock-n-Roll, Conjunto, Country and traditional music.

Entertainment was provided by a number of artists including accordionist David Farias.

Dominic Karcic and “Continental Sound” Musicians Entertain in NYC

by Rita Barnea
Accordionist Dominic Karcic and his "Continental Sound" musicians were once again part of the very elegant and prestigious Columbus Citizens Foundation Christmas Celebration on Saturday evening, December 21, 2019. The event was held at the Foundation’s historic town house on East 69th Street in New York City.

This Foundation contributes well over a million dollars in educational scholarships every year to benefit Italian-American families. These educational scholarships cover funds toward elementary, high school, college and even some members sponsor students through graduate school and medical school. The Foundation is also the sponsors of the annual Columbus Day Parade in New York City and maintains the Christopher Columbus Statue on Columbus Circle in New York City.

Dominic and his musicians have been part of this event and other events / festivities at the Foundation for well over thirty years. This year's event was attended by one-hundred and fifty members and their guests.  Music performed included Christmas song, a wide variety of Italian repertoire, show tunes as well as operatic arias by Giacomo Puccini.

Originally from Astoria, NY AAA Board member, Dominic Karcic attended St. Francis of Assisi grammar school, William Cullen Bryant high school, New York College of Music where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree and continued his education at the City University of New York (CCNY) where he received his Masters Degree in Music.

He was one of the founders and first president of the Adriatic Islands Charity Committee and served as its president for thirteen years during his tenure the committee raising thousands of dollars for senior citizen homes, hospitals and churches in the Mali Losinj (Lussin Piccolo) area of Croatia. The organizations first fund raiser at the Oyster Bay caterering house in Astoria, NY attracted nine-hundred and fifty people and Dominic and his orchestra supplied the music for the monumental event.

Dominic has always played professionally (accordion and piano) in the New York metropolitan area and continues to do so today. He and his musicians “The Continental Sound” have been house musicians at the Columbus Citizens Foundation (NYC) for over twenty-five years and he has played for organizations like the Valtarese Foundation (Parma, Italy), Fubinese Society (Piemonte, Italy), Italian Charities of Queens, NY, Italian Heritage Association of Long Island, La Pace Restaurant (Glen Cove, NY) and also at Magnanini Winery in Wallkill, NY.

His love for the Valtaro Musette music was instilled in him through his years of study with noted accordionist Peter Spagnoli. In recent years he has been involved in the preservation and documentation of this musical style. He collaborated in writing a biographical article on the life and career of accordionist John “Scudlein” Brugnoli (founder of the Valtaro Musette Orchestra).

Photo: Gene Bruno (saxophone), Diana Charlop (vocalist), Dominic Karcic (accordion) and Ron Horton (trumpet)

The International Trio, CD Available online, secure server

Accordion Babes 2020 Calendar – Women Who Dare

by Rita Barnea
Accordion Babes 2020 CalendarRenée de la Prade says: "Can feminists be sexy? We think so! The 2020 Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar offers a beautiful, sensual, and empowering way to appreciate modern accordion music. Thirteen indie musicians team up in a calendar full of sassy accordion pin-up photos; it comes with a compilation CD with one track from each artist. Together, we prove that the accordion is a mighty instrument, and that the women who play it are bold, daring, adventurous souls, making their mark on the 21st century."

With music ranging from orchestral pop-punk, to folk, blues, country, Cajun, waltzes and polka, young and old accordion fans all have a great album to look forward to in the 2020 Accordion Babes CD.

The Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar is edited and managed by Renée de la Prade, who performs solo and with various bands including Rebel Lovers, Shipcats and Culann’s Hounds. She splits her time between Hamburg, Germany, and Oakland, California, and tours regularly in the USA and Europe.

The 2020 artists are:
Joana Reis (cover) – Portugal
LynnMarie – USA
Mishkin Fitzgerald – United Kingdom
Susan Hwang – USA
Renee de la Prade – USA/ Germany
Calvaleigh Rasmussen – USA
Debra Peters – USA
Sarah Savoy – USA/ France
Wendy Fitz – USA
Skyler Fell – USA
Aurelia Cohen – USA
Miss Natasha Enquist – Canada
Meredith Pangrace - USA

Renee de la Prade shares, “I publish the Accordion Babes calendar for a lot of reasons. It has brought me in touch with many of my favorite people, women who are amazing artists whom I’m glad to now call friend. They are women who inspire me every single day. I don’t publish this calendar to make a lot of money, I don’t do all this work with recruiting, art direction, fundraising, printing, album mastering, distribution, in order to exploit people. I publish this calendar because I’m a feminist and I want to fix my world’s broken ideal of femininity and celebrate the real heroes in our culture. I also want to celebrate accordions because they are really, really fun and cool. More people need to know about that!

THE Accordion Babes Creative Team:
Editor/ Producer: Renée de la Prade
Art director: Julie Nagel and Renée de la Prade
Graphic Design: Vicki Moriawietz and Roman Korsch
Calendar Cover drawing: Rosie Steffy
Web Maven: Maggie Martin
CD Mastering: Mr. Toad’s Recording, Vallejo, California

2020 Calendars are now available for $20 (USD)

For further information and orders email:

Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

CAA Holiday Concert, a Great Success

by Rita Barnea
CAA accordion orchestra
CAA BannerVideo: The Connecticut Accordion Association - Holiday Concert 2019

The Connecticut Accordion Association presented their annual CAA Holiday Concert “Seasonal Melodies” on Saturday, December 7, 2019. The concert featured traditional holiday favorites, both contemporary and classical, performed by the CAA Orchestra under the direction of Peter Peluso.

The program included:
Santa Claus is Coming to Town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fred Coots
White Christmas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Irving Berlin
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . .George Wyle
Let it Snow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sammy Cahn
Jim Lawrence
Let the Dreidle Spin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rachel Waring
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon Jessel
O Holy Night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Adolophe Adam
Anton Klettner, Joseph Klettner
Jingle Bell Rock/Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree . . . . .arr. Don Gerundo
Sleigh Ride . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Leroy Anderson
Ave Maria . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Bach/Gunoud
Mary Tokarski
Yes This is a Christmas Tree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cavanaugh
Jim Lawrence
Waltz of the Flowers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..Tchaikovsky
Radetzky March . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Johann Strauss, Sr.
Christmas Carol Sing
We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Connecticut Accordion Orchestra members include: Steve Balog, Julie Cardona, Jeanine Cariri, Bob Czarnecki, Art Daigle, Michael Dran, Angie Errico, Don Gerundo, Dorothy Gondek, Ginger Grider, Anton Klettner, Joseph Klettner, Ray Krish, Peter Mezick, Marilyn O’Neil, Rachel Quirbach, Linda Riley, Mark Scharschmidt, Fred Schwinger, Mary Tokarski, Sandy Zera, Walt Ziemba, Ralph Corbo, Guitar; Jim Lawrence, Vocals; Jack Varanelli, Percussion; and Peter Peluso, Conductor.

The Connecticut Acccordion Association began in 2004, the brainchild of Marilyn O'Neil and her accordion teacher, Mary Tokarski. The CAA is dedicated to the promotion of the accordion through all music genres and all variations of accordion instruments! CAA welcomes musicians who play all types of accordions....piano accordion, diatonic, chromatic button and more. They invite accordionists at all levels, and people who may not play the accordion, but love to listen.

The CAA is an affiliate of the American Accordionists' Association
A 501c3 corporation founded in 1938

For further information:
Phone: 203-272-1202

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

“Pearl Django” Concert at Jazz Alley in Seattle

by Rob Howard
Pearl djangoVideo: Begin the Beguine (at Carnegie Hall) Gypsy Jazz group Pearl Django perform "Begin the Beguine" live in studio. Players: Troy Chapman (guitar) Michael Gray (violin), Ryan Hoffman (guitar), David Lange (accordion) and Rick Leppanen (bass).

Gypsy Jazz group Pearl Django (which includes accordionist David Lange) will entertain at Jazz Alley in Seattle, WA on January 7th and 8th, 2020 at 7.30 PM.

The group has a performance history spanning more than two decades, and is one of the most highly regarded Hot Club style groups working today. The band’s roots are firmly in the music made famous by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, its extensive repertoire includes traditional jazz classics and original compositions.

Accordionist David Lange has been an unofficial member of Pearl Django since the group's inception. He has been the recording engineer and co-producer of all of the Pearl Django CDs.

The band are hoping to have their brand new CD, (their 15th) ready for this performance.

For details phone: 206-441-9729

Gary Dahl eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server system

The Squeezebox Squad of PS 203, Queens, New York

by Linda Holcomb and Joe De Clemente
Squeezebox Squad
The Squeezebox Squad at P.S. 203Q in Bayside, Queens, has had a very busy December! They’ve been performing all throughout their neighborhood in New York City. On December 8, 2019 the eight and nine year olds delighted the crowds at the Bayside Hills Civic Association’s Holiday Lighting event. They performed for neighbors, elected officials, and even Santa was there!

On December 17, 2019, the young accordionists played to an audience of around 400 at the P.S. 203 Winter Concert. Their set list included, “The Dreidel Song”, “Silver Bells” and “Jingle Bells”. “I am so proud of each of these students”, commented the group’s director, Linda Holcomb. “The majority of them started learning how to play the accordion in October, and now, just two months later they are playing beautifully!” The students are excited to be learning the accordion alongside their assistant principal, Ai-Huei Chang-Lau. “It’s a great experience for our children, as well as for our assistant principal, to have two generations learning something new, side by side,” comments Linda Holcomb.

On December 19th, the accordion club took their show on the road and performed for the Clearview Senior Center in Bayside. Wearing their Santa hats, they entertained the senior adults with their holiday classics. Papa Joe De Clemente, the group’s mentor, was there to play as well. The students and their director appreciate the time, effort and the love that Papa Joe puts into the Squeezebox Squad.

Holcomb said that it’s because of Papa Joe that they have 4 additional accordions this year. “Joe is always talking about our students to fellow accordionists, and getting people to donate accordions so we can give more children the opportunity to learn the accordion. He’s been a real blessing to our school!”

The members of this year’s Squeezebox Squad are Laila Aziz, Ai-Huei Chang-Lau, Daniel Chen, Kevin Chen, Luke Chen, Kathleen Cheng, Kyle Cheung, Lily Korniewicz, Lexie Wu, Cynthia Ye, Nathan Zhang, Kathy Zhang, Amber Zhou, and Ziran Zhu.

For further information:
Squeezebox Squad

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

Dan Newton Performs in ”Midnight in Paris" Concert in Minnesota

by Rita Barnea
Dan Newton
The Cafe Accordion Orchestra, which includes accordionist Dan Newton will present "Midnight in Paris" at Crooners Supper Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Tony Balluff and Diane Jarvi on January 14th, 2020. The groups play a mix of romantic, gypsy-influenced valse-musette, swing, ballads, tangos, cha chas, rumbas, and cumbias to create a wonderfully varied show.

Dan performs in many groups in the Minneapolis area. Excerpts from his website: Dan “Daddy Squeeze” Newton has been dazzling audiences with his creative accordion style for over 30 years. His fresh approach to the accordion and his mind-boggling repertoire of both original and traditional material will change the mind of the most hardened accordion skeptic.

Dan draws influences for songs and tunes from such sources as French Musette, Gypsy Swing, Cajun, Jug band, Tex-Mex and Cumbia. He calls this global gumbo “ethnoclectic” music. Daddy Squeeze entertains and also enlightens his audiences with stories and colorful anecdotes about the accordion and his experiences while making a living playing the instrument he loves. Dan has produced more than 25 albums for himself, his band, and other performers. He has appeared on recordings by other artists such as Garrison Keillor, Son Volt, The Proclaimers, Peter Ostroushko, Prudence Johnson and Pat Donohue. His music was featured for one season on MTV's series The Real World: Paris. Dan has performed at the Lincoln Center, NY, Kennedy Center, Washington DC, Accordion Festivals in Vienna, Austria, San Antonio, TX and Cotati, CA, Bastille Days in Milwaukee, WI, Kaustinen Folk Festival in Finland and the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

He was also a frequent guest on the Garrison Keillor’s radio show A Prairie Home Companion. Dan spends much of his time playing accordion with his group Café Accordion Orchestra, performing Vintage Swing, Latin, American, and French Café music. He leads a number of other bands including; Jumbo Ya Ya, The Rockin’ Pinecones, The Hula Peppers, and The Daddy Squeeze Band.

For details email:

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Acme Accordion School Celebrates 71st Year

by Kevin Friedrich
Acme Accordion School Logo
Joanna DarrowThe Acme Acordion School under the direction of Joanna Arnold Darrow, celebrated its 71st year on Sunday, November 3, 2019 from 10:30 to 3:PM at their headquarters in 322 Haddon Ave., Westmont, NJ. The featured guest artist was Al Terzo.

Al Terzo started accordion lessons at the age of 7. His teachers and coaches included Flora Foscato, Louis Iorio, Charles Nunzio and Eugene Ettore. He studied at Major School of Music in Irvington, NJ and was Concert Master of the Sano Accordion Symphony. Al earned the title of 1970 New Jersey Virtuoso Champion during the 1970 ATA of NJ competitions. Al was also a founding member of the ATA of NJ Teachers Orchestra. Currently he is conductor of the Accordion Pops Orchestra. In addition to Al Terzo, the Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra, Dr. Lou Persic, Suzanne Beites and the Westmont Accordion Club performed at the gala celebration.

Founded in 1948 and home of the Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra, the Acme Accordion School is the place for everything accordion. Acme sells new and used
button box and piano accordions, CDs, DVDs and sheet music. They give accordion lessons and handle accordion repair. Acme is also the home of the Musik Garten, a music
and art program, where children from birth to 6 years old can come to develop their sense of rhythm, coordination and social skills.

Events began at 10:30 and culminated with the annual Accordion Day photo. For more information on events, please contact AAA Board of Director member, Joanna Darrow at

Seattle Accordion Social January 13

by Rita Barnea
Seattle SocialSeattle Accordion Socials meet on the 2nd Monday of each month, except for July and August, from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. The socials are located at the Senior Center of West Seattle, 4217 SW Oregon St, Seattle, WA 98116. Free parking is available for three hours at the Diamond Parking lot across the alley, enter on 42nd between Oregon and Alaska Streets.
Seattle Accordion Socials are open to the public, accordion players of all levels, their friends, families and all who enjoy accordion music. $5 admission at the door.

Featured performers are Einar Tapio, David Locke and the Klez Kats. You may sign up for Open Mic at a future Accordion Social.

If you would like to play your accordion at future socials contact:
John Giuliani at 425-255-2121,
or Bonnie Birch at 206-622-4786 (backup).

For further information: 206-932-4044

Future events

National Accordion Association Convention 2020, Texas

by Markus Baggio
NAA 2020 Presenters
NAA LogoThe doors for the National Accordion Association (NAA) Convention will open again on Wednesday evening March 18th with registration, Orchestra rehearsals and an opportunity to meet and mingle. The official start will be Thursday morning and the conventioneers will see and experience several changes, from the layout of the rooms, more orchestras, but mostly importantly new presenters and sessions. No excuses not to come. Here some changes in detail:

Conventioneers can choose between four Orchestras, there should be something for everybody to attend, Matthias Matzke (Germany) will conduct the Symphonic Orchestra, Dick Albreski (OK) the Fun Band, Shelia Lee (TX) the Dance Band and for the first time this year will have a Digital Orchestra with Sam Falcitti (MA).

Here is a list of presenters who are either new this year or haven’t been at the convention for some time: Bob Donovan (TN), Gary Blair (Scottland), Ginny Mac (TX), MidiRig (Scottland), Richard Noel (CA), Tris Gour (IN), Tutto-a-Dio (Lithuania / Switzerland). Returning presenters from last year are: Bill Palmer (TX), Cory Pesaturo (RI), Debra Peters (TX), Elena Fainshtein (TX), Eli Davidson (TX), Gail Campanella (CA), Gordon Kohl (CA), Matthias Matzke (Germany), Mike Middleton (CA), and Sharon Seaton (CA).

We will have a concert each evening, starting on Thursday “The Old World – Classic and Folk music”. Besides several talented players the main act for the night will be Tutto-a-Dio. A fantastic duet of Accordion and Viola, with a Soprano: This continues Friday with the theme of “Americana” with Fun Band, Richard Noel, Ginny Mac and a surprise guest from Australia. This will be followed by the Dance Party, officially opened by Shelia Lee and the Dance Band and several artists playing music until your shoes will catch fire. Saturday during the banquet we will have the new Digital Orchestra perform and the Saturday evening concert will open with the Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Matthias Matzke, followed by solo performances from Gary Blair, Cory Pesaturo and Mathias Matzke.

We changed the layout of the convention to accommodate for more rehearsals and sessions. More than 30 training sessions will be waiting for the conventioneers. Of course, there will be music all over the place, we have accordionists playing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will be rooms for jam sessions at night, and Saturday will als feature Dick Albreski and the Youth Band with rehearsals and performances. As in previous years we will have a room dedicated to vendors with Nick Ballarini and Petosa, Randy McPeck will have room for any accordion repairs and Arlyin Visentin will host you for your 15-minutes of fame.

Last year Sabine and Markus Baggio managed the “Digital Suite”, this year the board of the NAA has tasked them to schedule and organize the complete convention.

Please visit the website to see details about all sessions:

The registration is already open:

Voci Armoniche

What Are You Doing For World Accordion Day?

by Harley Jones
WAD header
WAD logoWhat are you doing for World Accordion Day (WAD) to promote the accordion in your country? World Accordion day is on May 6th, which is the day the accordion was patented in 1829.

World Accordion Day was started in 2009 by the CIA and has been very successful, generating a lot of positive publicity for the accordion. A key part of this event is the World Accordion Day website.

Every association, group, orchestra, performer and teacher, is asked to actively support this event by encouraging national and local accordion activities to happen in their country on this day or the weekend either side of WAD if that should be more convenient.

Everyone can register their World Accordion Day activity on the website and send a report of their event after, for that website.

No event is too big or too small. ALL accordion events celebrating World Accordion Day are welcome. This is a CIA promotion for the accordion in which every accordion enthusiast can participate and help bring our accordion world together as well as strongly promote the accordion.

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

2020 Not Just Oom-Pah! Accordion Workshop and Concert

by Laura Niland, President of the San Antonio Accordion Association
KevinAlicia BakerDownload flyer: 2020NJOFlyer.pdf

Get your summer plans ready for more accordion fun! It is time to register for the exciting 2020 Not Just Oom-Pah! Accordion Workshop and Concert, June 26 - 28, 2020 in Austin, Texas. This third-year project is made possible by a grant from the of the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department, with support from Texas Folklife, Austin Central Market, and the San Antonio Accordion Association.

The workshop presenters/concert performers for 2020 NJO will be the talented Alicia Baker and Grammy Award Nominee, Kevin Solecki. The NJO Concert is FREE and open to the public, held on Friday June 26, 6:30-9:00 pm at Central Market North, 4001 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78756. The Central Market concert location is the perfect family friendly location to bring friends, purchase a nice dinner, a glass of wine, and listen to fabulous music presented by Alicia Baker (the Ooh-la-la !) and Kevin Solecki (the Oom-Pah-Pah !)

The Workshop will be held Saturday – Sunday, June 27 - 28 from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM at the spacious Lamar Senior Activity Center, 2874 Shoal Crest Ave., Austin, TX 78705. A FREE Polka Dance Session will be held on Sunday, June 28, so bring your family and friends for a fun afternoon learning polka, with free dance lessons taught by Gaby Thompson from the San Antonio Accordion Association.

Grant administrators, Shirley Johnson and Laura Jean Niland announced that NJO plans to break the rules by featuring “Oompah” (Kevin Solecki) and “non-Oompah” (Alicia Baker with French Café music and more). Included in the workshop is time for a jam session with participants, and also play & sing along with Solecki at the polka dance session on Sunday afternoon. In addition, NJO is offering one Youth Scholarship to a deserving accordionist age 18 or younger. Further information and application for the Youth Scholarship is available online at: 2020NJOScholarship.pdf You are encouraged to apply today!

Polka on, sing and play, meet new friends, and learn skills to perfect your accordion performance in a fun atmosphere with accordionists from across the USA. In addition, Nick Ballarini will be at the workshop for all your accordion accessory needs and desires. Additional support materials, music and more will also be available for purchase. Visit the heart of the Texas music scene and learn from the best! We look forward to seeing you in Austin, Texas!

Download the Registration/Payment form where you can find detailed information about each workshop, registration fees for accordionist and non-accordionists etc. at: 2020NJORegistration.pdf

Give yourself the best summer break ever and register today for the Not Just Oom-Pah! Workshop & Concert for accordionists/non-accordionists.

NJO Registration Forms & Payment Deadline is June 15, 2020.
Hotel Registration Deadline is May 28, 2020 for reduced rate.
Youth Scholarship Application Deadline April 5, 2020.

For more information contact: 
Shirley Johnson
Email:, or
Phone: 512-680-0422 
Laura Jean Niland 
Phone: 210-651-4359

Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

AAA 2020 Events

by Rita Barnea
AAA 2020 Festival Poster
2020 AAA Festival 2020
July 8-12, 2020
Holiday Inn & Suites
625 First Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Elsie M. Bennett Composition Competition
2020 information at Bennett Competition Events Page.

AAA Open Meeting
July 12, 2020 (Sunday breakfast at 2020 Festival).
Further information

2020 AAA Master Class & Concert Series
William Schimmel, Moderator and Curator
July 31 and August 1, 2, 2020
Tenri Cultural Institute, 43-A West 13th Street, New York, NY 1011.

More information (including hotel booking) will be provided in the coming months.


2020 AAA Master Class & Concert Series

by Rita Barnea
AAA Masterclass
The American Accordionists’ Association Master Class & Concert Series with Dr. William Schimmel, Moderator and Curato takes place on July 31 and August 1, 2, 2020

Masterclasses at 3:PM, Concerts at 7:PM

Tenri Cultural Institute, 43-A West 13th Street, New York, NY.

Download: 2020 AAA Masterclass flier

Register, reservation and payment online at: 2020 AAA Masterclass

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

ATG to Celebrate 80th Anniversary August 5-9 in Los Angeles

by Rita Barnea
ATG 2020 Poster
The Accordionists & Teachers Guild International, ATG, will celebrate their 80th Anniversary August 5-9, 2020 at the Doubletree Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.

The event will feature concerts, competitions, workshops, exhibits, international guests. World Accordion Orchestra, 80th Anniversary Banquet and much more.

Guest artists will include, Alexander Poeluev, Cory Pesaturo, Stas Venglevski, Viennese Accordion Chamber Ensemble, Polyphnia Orchestra, etc.

Read future publications for more details.

In the meantime, plan your summer vacation to include the ATG Festival.

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

California Bay Area 2020 Accordion Events

by Rita Barnea
The Bay Area has a thriving and busy accordion community. You are welcome to join or attend any events.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
6:30 PM Northern California Accordion Society Monthly Meeting

Sunday, January 5, 2020
1:30 PM Silicon Valley Accordion Society Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, January 8, 2020
7:PM Good Time Accordion Club

Thursday, January 9, 2020
6:30 PM Vacaville Chapter - Golden State Accordion Club Monthly Meeting

Sunday, January 19, 2020
2:PM SFAC Monthly Musical Program

Monday, January 20, 2020
7:30 PM Accordion Club of the Redwoods Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
7:PM Humboldt Chapter - Golden State Accordion Club Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, January 22, 2020
7:PM Sacramento Chapter - Golden State Accordion Club Monthly Meeting

Sunday, February 2, 2020
1:30 PM Silicon Valley Accordion Society Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
6:30 PM Northern California Accordion Society Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
7:PM Good Time Accordion Club

Thursday, February 13, 2020
6:30 PM Vacaville Chapter - Golden State Accordion Club Monthly Meeting

Sunday, February 16, 2020
2:PM SFAC Monthly Musical Program

Monday, February 17, 2020
7:30 PM Accordion Club of the Redwoods Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
7:PM Humboldt Chapter - Golden State Accordion Club Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
7:PM Sacramento Chapter - Golden State Accordion Club Monthly Meeting

Events shown in time zone: Pacific Time

Titano Accordion Company

Sharon Shannon to Perform for the Rogue Folk Club

by Rita Barnea
Sharon ShannonSharon Shannon will perform for the Rogue Folk Club on March 8, 2020. The Rogue Folk Club provides a unique approach to concert presentation, offering audiences the opportunity to see and hear some of the most accomplished musicians and singers in the world in a relaxed, intimate setting.The majority of their shows take place at St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue, in Kitsilano). Their concert series is made possible by the generous support of Canadian Heritage (Arts Presentation Canada), Government of B.C. (Gaming Branch).

Sharon Shannon is an Irish musician best known for her work with the accordion and for her fiddle technique. She also plays the tin whistle and melodeon. Her 1991 self-titled debut album was the best-selling album of traditional Irish music ever released there. Beginning with Irish folk music, her work demonstrates a wide-ranging number of musical influences, including reggae, Cajun music, Portuguese music, and French Canadian music. Her single What You Make It (da, da, da, da) featured hip hop music artists. She won the lifetime achievement award at the 2009 Meteor Awards.

Sharon's career began with the internationally acclaimed Irish folk/rock group The Waterboys in 1988. It has blazed a fearlessly eclectic path beginning in traditional music but emerging somewhere entirely new. While never losing sight of her roots in Irish folk music, she has undertaken a musical journey which includes collaborations with Bono and Adam Clayton, classical violinist Nigel Kennedy, reggae legend Denis Bovell, the Kodo drummers of Japan as well as Steve Earle, Jackson Browne, Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss. Her cross-global collaborations have lead to successful concerts the world over, including performances in the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, the United States, Canada and Africa.

Reviews:“Sharon Shannon defines casual brilliance. She plays accordion with carefree fluidity, virtuosic but not flashy. She performs traditional Irish music with a contemporary freshness and an ear to compatible ethnic influences... subtle and sublime music.” - The Boston Globe

“Sharon Shannon has the energy and stage presence of rockers and the unpretentious traditional roots of a pub musician... as exciting a live band as you’ll find coming out of post-Celtic-revival Ireland.” - Dirty Linen

“The fact that she’s risen to the cusp of pop stardom without betraying a single note of her traditional roots makes her success even more amazing.” - j poet

For further information:
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