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U.S. National Accordion News - 01-Jul-2019
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Editor's Note
AAA Festival, 17-21 July 2019, Pennsylvania - USA
American Accordionists' Association (AAA) Festival July 17-21
Meet Dr. Joseph Ciccone, New AAA President
Accomplished Accordionist Joseph Macerollo’s Generous Gift to the Faculty of Music
ATG 79th Annual Festival and Hotel Registration Deadlines
Joseph Natoli "Chameleon CD Vol 2" Release
Composer Peter Jarvis’s New Compositions and CD’s for Accordion
Michael Bridge in USA July Performances
World Premier of AAA Commissioned Work, “Child’s Play” by Joseph Natoli
Meet Ginny Mac
ATG 2019 Festival Activities in Denver
AAA Master Class & Concert Series 2019 Accordion Seminars "That Means What!?"
Frank Petrilli in Swing Ambiance on July 3 in California
20th Anniversary of Peter Soave Music Academy July 21-August 4 in Italy
GREAT IDEAS Grows Their Unique Website

Voci Armoniche

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Video: Cory Pesaturo (USA) at the South Pacific Accordion Championships - New Zealand
Hudson Valley New Music Concert Series includes New Works for Accordion
“Michigan Accordion Society…..Hosts another successful Student Night”
Natoli Arranged "Over the Rainbow" Featured - New Zesaland
Elementary School Accordion Band Performs in Queens Spring Concert
Gia Ciccone Demonstrates the Beauty of the Accordion
Lawrence Streifel to Teach at the United Conservatory of Music in Canada
Accordion Get-Together July 8-11 in BC
Louisana Folk Root Kids Camp 2019

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Future events

Joey Miskulin AAA Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation
29th Annual Cotati Festival August 17 and 18 in California
Accordion at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
Dominic Karcic and the Continental Sound in Future Performances
August 16 Cotati Concert Supports Scholarships
Christmas Market Europe Tour December 2-11

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New and Updated Sites

New and Updated Sites: CPez Academy by Cory Pesaturo
New Music Composed by Stas Venglevski



Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Editor's Note

by Rita Barnea
Rita BarneaWho said that summers were not busy? Accordionists all around the continent are very busy presenting new music, releasing new CD’s, organizing concerts, attending and participating in accordion festivals, and planning for future ones.

Time for you to read the USA news and choose an amazing event to attend or be part of!

Enjoy the Summer of the Accordion!

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

AAA Festival, 17-21 July 2019, Pennsylvania - USA

by Linda Soley Reed, AAA Second Vice President
AAA Header
FliersCurtain up! Light the Lights! The AAA Festival is almost here! So many new and wonderful surprises this year – great concerts, great competitions, great workshops and some dazzling performances. Lots of surprise guests attending – you’ll want to meet them all!

Kickoff is Wednesday, July 17 at 3 pm for 5 full days of accordion including the premier performance of the AAA’s newest commissioned work by Joseph A. Natoli, “Child’s Play”, a chamber work for 2 accordions, cello and percussion. On accordion is our own Dr. Robert Young McMahan and of course, composer, Joseph A. Natoli. Cellist Cecylia Barczyk is no stranger to AAA concerts as well as Percussionist, Bill Trigg – an honor to have them both performing.

Kick-off event is the Meet and Greet Reception on Wednesday, July 17 open to all registered participants followed by the After Hours Club. Two great workshops in the afternoon will certainly pique your interest.

Our Thursday, Luncheon Concert artists, Nathan Chapeton, Stan Colcicovsci and Philly’s own, Joe Soprani are ready to entertain you. Pasta Night – oh WOW – so many artists on hand Chris Brettschneider, Ray Oreggia, Cody McSherry, Mario Tacca & Mary Mancini, and the Westmont Philharmonia Orchestra all are sure to WOW you!

Off to the Mall on Friday as some of our participants head to King of Prussia Mall which is celebrating “Give the Gift of Music” month. Various areas in the mall will have performers entertaining the Friday shoppers. Then back to the Radisson to get ready to be Dazzled!

The chamber ensemble kicks off the program followed by Petar Maric and the amazing Michael Bridge! This is Michael’s first time at an AAA Festival and he is sure to delight the audience.

Accordions? Did you say Accordions? YES and we’ve got them all. Support our accordion manufactures and visit the Exhibits in the Buchanan Room – Lower Level of Radisson Tower. Maybe you’d like to try something new?? Also all kinds of music, recordings and accessories are available.

Competitions, Workshops, After Hours, Junior Orchestra, Youth Jazz Ensemble, Festival Orchestra – something for every accordionist. And all is included in your Festival Registration with the exception of food functions and the Friday evening Concert. Register and make sure you have your name badge with you at all times.

Visit the AAA website festival page to view flyers and information about all the events.
Download the flyers at: 2019AAAFlyers.pdf

We are all looking forward to meeting some new friends and visiting with our regular participants. Don’t delay – Register online today! AAA Shopping Cart

Titano Accordion Company

American Accordionists' Association (AAA) Festival July 17-21

by Rita Barnea
Are you ready for the American Accordionists' Association (AAA) Festival? It will be an amazing event of great music, workshops, competitions, concerts, exhibits, and accordion camaraderie. It is not too late to register for events. See the fliers in this article for detailed information. Do not miss the premiere of Joe Natoli’s newest composition. Download the flyers at: 2019AAAFlyers.pdf

Exhibitors include: Ernest Deffner Affiliates, Liberty Bellows, and Music Magic USA.

2019 Competition Registration and Entries can also be paid online with credit card at the AAA Shopping Cart.

Full information and contact details on website: American Accordionists' Association
AAA Exhibits

Voci Armoniche

Meet Dr. Joseph Ciccone, New AAA President

by Rita Barnea
Dr. Joe Ciccone and Carmen CarrozzaDr. Joseph Ciccone is the new AAA President. If you meet Joe you will immediately know that he is a dedicated person, devoted to his family, his religion, his career as a chiropractor and, fortunately for all of us, committed to serving the accordion world as the new President of AAA.

It is interesting to note, that you might say he was born to be AAA President having grown up in a family of talented accordionists as you will read here. Joe was very devoted to his Uncle Carmen Carrozza and has worked very hard and continues to be committed to preserving his memory and music for future generations of accordionists. Joe is also very friendly, always accessible, and never too busy to speak with you. We are all very fortunate to know him. As you read his answers, you will learn so much about life, family, and music.

1. How long have you been playing the accordion?
That’s always a great question to ask. My earliest recollection would probably be around 10 or 11 years old. My brother Carmen who is 3 years older than me, played and was really good. I can remember going with my brother and a few of my cousins to my uncle Tony Carrozza’s music studio in Mamaroneck NY for lessons. It’s funny what you remember, there was a Carvel Ice cream store a few blocks away from the studio and depending on who drove us we would stop for ice cream after the lesson. Out of all the ones who took turns driving us, of Course my Father was the only one who would stop and buy us all ice cream. To tell you the truth, all I cared about was the ice cream (Large cone with soft twist and chocolate sprinkles). After about a year I stopped playing then started up lessons again when I was about 16 or 17 years old with my uncle, Maestro Carmen Carrozza.

2. What got you started? Your Background both educational, family, career?
Since I can remember I’ve always loved the sound of the Accordion. Being blessed into a musical family and having Maestro Carmen Carrozza as your uncle, it made it very easy to love the accordion and him… for me they were both one. I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to study music on and off with my uncle Carmen. I would also like to say how blessed both my family and I, especially my daughter Gia are to have Mario Tacca in our lives both as a dear friend and teacher.

As far as my education I have a Bachelor in Science and Doctorate in Chiropractic. But I think the best education you can receive is from loving parents who take the time to give you a solid foundation in good morals and family values, that you can build on throughout your life.My wife Ethel and children Gia and Reagan, my parents/ family my dear friends are my rock, my life and my everything! I guess by now you understand how important family and friends are to me.

3. Do you have a favorite piece/pieces to play on the accordion and if so, what is the title and why?
"Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring" – my faith in Christ draws me to this piece that J.S. Bach composed. The fullness brings every ounce of glory to the Lord. It lays perfect for the accordion and if you didn’t know it you would think it was written for the instrument. Another piece would be Charles Magnante’s "Waltz Allegro" …. What else could I say? They both make me feel good.

4. Any Accordionist you admire or recommend we listen to?
This question could be endless…I will just name a few. Carmen Carrozza, Mario Tacca, Eugene Ettore, Eddie Monteiro, Joseph Natoli, Charles Magnante, Pietro Frosini, Frank Marocco, Gigi Stok, Cory Pesaturo, Peter Soave, Art Van Damme, Grayson Masefield, Michael Bridges, Beverly Roberts Curnow, The Busso Trio, Mary Tokarski, Dick Contino, Rita Barnea, William Schimmel, Robert Young McMahan,…. I can go on and on … You get the point. You need to listen to as many musicians as you can will always learn something.

5. What Music (non-accordion) do you listen to?
One of my favorite pianists to watch and listen to is Vladimir Horowitz … there was a time in my life when I only listened to Horowitz and his musical interpretations. Andres Segovia is also another favorite of mine. I love the music of Mozart, Bach, Chopin and Domenico Scarlatti to name a few. I also enjoy listening to Country Music, Jazz, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, The Doors, Billy Joel, Ozzy Osbourn, Elton John.

6. What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?
I wake up around 4:00am every morning, make a cup of coffee… after that anything is possible. If there is music in my head then I will practice at 4:30 for a while, if I’m in the mood for a cigar I will smoke, if I’m in the mood to read, then I will or sometimes I watch the news. Anyone of these things can happen at 4:30am… Everyone needs their alone time, I guess that’s mine. Another thing I do is to wake up my daughter Gia early so that I can sit with her so she can get some practice in before school and before I go to work.

7. Do you have any gigs coming up?
What the hell are you talking about “gigs” Yeah, maybe in my basement… “HaHaHaHaHaHaHa” I’m a Chiropractor remember.. . On a serious note, I’m fortunate to be part of the Hudson Valley Accordion Ensemble under the direction of Mario Tacca. We perform one a month at Taormina’s restaurant in Peekskill NY. So, I guess you can call that a gig.

8. What’s the best advice you have received about playing music/the accordion?
If you are going to perform, close your eyes, clear you mind and put yourself in a state of mind and eliminate everything that is around you… when you start playing pour everything that is inside you into the music and whatever you do, DON’T stop playing no matter what happens until you hit the last note of the song.

9. Which accordionists/musician influenced your attitudes towards playing?
Just go back and read my answers to question 4 and 5….

In conclusion, I would like to thank the American Accordionists’ Association for allowing me to serve as your president. Its truly an honor and privilege.

Photo Top Left: Carmen Carrozza and Dr. Joseph Ciccone AAA President
Photo Up: Ethel, Reagan, Gia, and Joseph Ciccone
Photo Down Top: Joe Ciccone, Carmen Carrozza, Cousin Dominick, Cousin John on drums
Photo Down Bottom: Joe Ciccone with Hudson Valley Accordion Ensemble

Accordion Jazz Chords

Accomplished Accordionist Joseph Macerollo’s Generous Gift to the Faculty of Music

by University of Toronto Impact Stories
Joe Macerollo and Michael Bridge
Accomplished accordionist Joseph Macerollo’s generous gift to the Faculty of Music of the University of Toronto supports a talented protégé, Michael Bridge.

Micheal Bridge said, "I’m very proud to be mentioned alongside my professor, Joseph Macerollo! For those of you who don’t know, he started the first accordion degree program in Canada at Queen’s University over 40 years ago, later transplanting it to the University of Toronto, where it remains Canada’s only place to study accordion at university — right up to the doctoral level.

I am the third doctoral candidate at U of T (and proudly the first from Canada), following the footsteps of graduates Dr. Ina Henning and Dr. Branko Džinović. Having now endowed a new accordion scholarship in his name at U of T, the accordion continues to be cemented within the contemporary music scene in Toronto, Canada and internationally."

Photo: Joseph Macerollo (left) and Michael Bridge

Story from the University of Toronto…..”FROM ONE MUSICAL PIONEER TO ANOTHER”:
This story is one of many that reveal the extraordinary legacy of Boundless: the Campaign for the University of Toronto, which ended on December 31, 2018. Read more inspiring stories of impact and discover why more than 100,000 people came together to make the Boundless campaign an historic success.

When Joseph Macerollo enrolled at U of T’s Faculty of Music in 1961, he was forced to study the piano—although he’d been a child prodigy on the accordion, his chosen instrument was barely on the radar. But by 1972, a few years after he had graduated with an MA in musicology, Macerollo was invited to set up an accordion program at the faculty.

A half century later, Macerollo is at the other end of an exceptionally productive and storied career. In addition to teaching the instrument for decades at U of T, the Royal Conservatory and Queen’s University, he has toured the world as a soloist, written and performed music for film and television, and premiered dozens of works written especially for him.


And now he has made yet another contribution to building a future for his instrument: a $100,000 gift to the Faculty of Music to endow the Joseph and Frances Macerollo Accordion Scholarship—the first such award in Canada. “I wanted to say thank you to the University for the opportunity, and for taking a risk all those years ago,” Macerollo says.

Under his leadership, the U of T program is one of only a handful in the world that offer a doctorate in the instrument: Doctor of Musical Arts with Performance Emphasis on the Accordion. And fittingly, in the first two years of the scholarship, it’s been awarded to one of Macerollo’s DMA students, Michael Bridge, who’s in his eighth year at U of T and is working on his third degree.

“Getting a scholarship in my professor’s name means a tremendous amount and is very inspiring,” says Bridge—these days known as U of T’s “Accordion Guy”. His doctoral work is focused on body-control techniques in accordion playing that his teacher pioneered, which brings the award full circle and ensures that Joseph Macerollo’s work will become even better known among accordionists around the world.

For Macerollo, the endowment is a fitting capstone to a career promoting and developing the instrument that he loves: “With an accordion, you always wonder, ‘Where’s that going to go?’ But in my life it has been very important artistically. It’s the way I express myself.”


ATG 79th Annual Festival and Hotel Registration Deadlines

by Rita Barnea
ATG Poster, Year of the Duo
Just a reminder that the deadline for booking your hotel rooms for the ATG Festival is July 3, 2019. Please register for the festival itself as soon as possible if you have not done so already.

You can do both at the following link:

The 2019 ATG event, July 24-27, 2019 will feature concerts, workshops, competitions, exhibits, the ATG Festival Orchestra, Banquet and more!

The 2019 Festival is the "Year of the Duos”. This year the ATG Festival will feature some of the best accordion duos around to provide double the fun, double the musicianship and double the entertainment.  

The 2019 festival will include the following featured artists: Jamie Maschler & Gabriel Rodrigues (Washington, USA); Augustinas Raukauskas & Greta Staponkutė (Lithuania); Kim and Dan Christian (Colorado, USA); John & Madalynn Neu with The Voice of the Wood Chamber Players (Colorado, USA).

Gary Dahl eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server system

Joseph Natoli "Chameleon CD Vol 2" Release

by Joseph Natoli, ATG President
Chameleon CD coversJoseph Natoli announces the release of his latest CD entitled Chameleon Vol 2. As with the release of Vol 1 of this set last year, this Chameleon Vol 2 CD continues to showcase Joe’s highly diverse compositional output
which he has avidly pursued since the age of 19 when his first major work, “Toccata No. 1” was written while in his 2nd year of college. It was subsequently published by Giulietti Corporation’s Neofonic label and is one of the more virtuostic pieces still performed in Europe and Asia and continues to surface among competitors in the Coupe Mondiale competitions.

Where does the CD title originate? As the composer indicates: “When it comes to composition, I consider myself a musical chameleon, adapting to any style according to the need and purpose of the composition, just as a chameleon adapts immediately to its current environment. Therefore, I have written music in every possible genre, from contemporary Avant Garde, to quasi-minimalist, jazz, Classical, Baroque, ethnic polkas & waltzes, cinematic, neo-Romantic, ragtime, Latin, and even Pop. This collection hopes to demonstrate and celebrate that diversity of creativity. The composer is playing all selections and even individual parts on this CD, except for two compositions that were recorded live with the actual ensembles: Polkacism (for accordion & clarinet) and Prism [Rebirth] (for accordion, violin, viola, flute, clarinet, & percussion).

There is something for everyone on "Chameleon Vol 2" which introduces a brand-new duet piece called "Gratitude" to be premiered by Joe and his partner Michael Soloway at the 2nd annual International Digital Electronic Accordion Symposium (IDEAS) Nov 8 & 9, 2019 at the Avalon Inn & Resort, Warren, Ohio.

Also included is Joe’s composition entitled "Friendship", written last year for Guy Klucevsek and premiered at the 1st IDEAS Symposium in 2018 and to be performed live at this year’s AAA Festival. One reviewer of that piece said that “Joe’s music touches my soul.” This CD also introduces the 2019 AAA Commission, entitled "Child’s Play" to be world-premiered at the AAA Festival July 17 – 20. 2019 in Valley Forge, PA. Child’s Play is decidedly contemporary in flavor, but with very accessible and appreciated harmonies & rhythms for any type of listening audience. There is even a Baroque invention called Invention in C performed on a harpsichord sound on the digital accordion.

Although the "Chameleon" series CDs are meant to be all original compositions from Joe, the last piece on the CD is one which Joe tips his hat to his dear friend and mentor, Gene Van, with a digital orchestration performance of a beautiful Latin piece by Gene called "Time Is Once Again". As Joe Natoli indicates, “Gene Van was also every bit the musical chameleon, and someone I admire and respect very much. Gene could perform and compose everything from jazz, to Classical, and produce incredible accordion orchestra arrangements and/or originals in styles ranging from Classical, Romantic, and contemporary, all the way to Broadway show tunes. Gene Van passed away last year, but my admiration for him and his like-minded chameleon-like diversity in music will be everlasting. Hence I felt it most appropriate to include this final composition from Gene Van on my "Chameleon CD".” This CD will be on sale at the AAA and ATG Festivals this year in July.

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Composer Peter Jarvis’s New Compositions and CD’s for Accordion

by Rita Barnea
Bill Schimmel and Peter Jarvis
Jarvis coverVideo: “Concerto For Accordion and Percussion Sextet, Opus 49” (2016) - composed by Peter Jarvis for Dr. William Schimmel 70th Birthday Concert presented by WPU and Composers Concordance, September 19, 2016.
Performed by: New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, Peter Jarvis - Director, Conductor
Michael Aberback, Paul Carroll, Sean Dello Monaco,
John Ferrari, Payton MacDonald, Gary Van Dyke
Dr. William Schimmel – Accordion

About the piece, Peter said,"Concerto for Accordion and Percussion Sextet" Opus 49, was completed on June 16, 2016 and is happily dedicated to William Schimmel. This is my third concerto for percussion sextet and soloist. The first, from 2011, is with vibraphone solo composed for John Ferrari, the second from 2016, is with frame drums solo composed for Glen Velez and this; my third is with accordion and was composed for William Schimmel. All three pieces were composed with the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble in mind, which silently shares the dedication.”

Peter Jarvis is a percussionist, drummer, conductor, composer, music copyist, print music editor and college professor. He is Director of New Music at William Paterson University. He teaches percussion and chamber music at William Paterson University, Connecticut College and Bergen Community College in New Jersey. He is an Associate Director of he Composers Concordance and has over 100 compositions. Over the decades, he has performed popular and unpopular music with equal enthusiasm.

He has performed as a soloist, chamber player, Broadway musician and as conductor/player with numerous chamber music ensembles, orchestras and choruses.The proliferation of percussion literature is extremely important to Jarvis, and nearly 100 solo pieces have been composed for him, which he has performed on multi percussion, timpani, vibraphone, marimba, solo snare drum and drum set.

Peter was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy award for “Best Score” as part of the composing team for major Hollywood films. As conductor, he has appeared with the Saint Luke’s Chamber Ensemble, The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, Composers Concordance, and many other groups. He records extensively as soloist, chamber musician and conductor and his compositions are heard on several labels. His compositions are published by Calabrese Brothers Music LLC, Indian Paintbrush Productions and L-T Music Publishing and he is a member of BMI.

When asked how he became interested in composing for the accordion, Peter replied, "Well, I became quite interested in composing for the accordion after an opportunity offered me by Composers Concordance, a group I have been associated with since the 1980s. Composers Concordance often assembles an ensemble and then commissions composers to write specifically for that instrumentation. All the composers perform in the ensemble.  One such commission/project included accordionist William Schimmel. After that project, Bill invited me to compose a solo piece for him. Since then we have continued to collaborate composing pieces for each other; now between us there are approximately ten pieces.  We have discussed the possibility of recording all of them together.  Accordionist Rocco Jerry, from the Hudson Valley area, has since asked for pieces and we have collaborated on several solos and duos.”

Peter shares, “Opus 108, "Music for Accordion and Drums - Perhaps Electronic" was composed at the request of accordionist Rocco Jerry who champions my accordion music. He will perform it 2 times in July, and we will see from there. The "Perhaps Electronic" in the title refers to the freedom and option given to the accordion player (same as a percussionist when performing live) to create an electronic version of the drum part, varying sounds, while maintaining the rhythms and dynamics as notated in the score. Rocco will premiere the piece on July 6, 2019 at the Morton Memorial Library as part of the Hudson Valley New Music Concert Series.” (See article in this publication)

Peter’s new CD "Jarvis and Friends, Volume 2" will be released on Composers Concordance Records and distributed by NAXOS. The volume has 4 sets:
- David Taylor (bass trombone and vocals) and Peter Jarvis (percussion)
- Kevin Norton (vibraphone and percussion) and Peter Jarvis (marimba and drum set)
- Gene Pritsker (electric guitar) and Peter Jarvis (drum set)
- Payton MacDonald (marimba) and Peter Jarvis (drum set)
Engineers: David Kerzner and Daniel Iucci,
Art: Mark Kostabi

Compositions which include the accordion:
“Sextet Op. 27” (2013) – for soprano saxophone, drum set, vibraphone, electric bass, piano and accordion, dedicated to Dan Cooper, Milica Paranosic and Gene Pritsker. Premiered by the Comp Cord Ensemble: Dan Cooper, Peter Jarvis, Milica Paranosic, David Rosenblatt, Bill Schimmel and Demetrius Spaneas; conducted by Gene Pritsker, at the Cutting Room, New York City, November 10, 2013.
“Controlled Improvisation Number 3 Op. 34” (2014) – for accordion and drum set. Composed for and dedicated to William Schimmel. Premiered by William Schimmel and Peter Jarvis at William Paterson University, November 10, 2014.
“Accordion Music Op. 37” (2015) – for solo accordion. Composed for and dedicated to William Schimmel. Premiered by William Schimmel at the Tenri Cultural Institute, New York City, New York, August 7, 2015.
“Accordion Music Two (Bill) Op. 45 (2016)” – for solo accordion. Composed for and dedicated to William Schimmel.
“Concerto for Accordion and Percussion Sextet Op. 49 (2016)” – for accordion and percussion ensemble. Dedicated to William Schimmel, composed for William Schimmel and the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble Bill’s 70th birthday concert.
“Bellows and Wood Op. 62” (2017) – for accordion and wood block(s). composed for William Schimmel.
“Triangular Accordion Op. 83” (2018) duo for accordion and percussion (3 triangles.) Composed for and dedicated to William Schimmel.
“Lament Op. 87” (2018) for solo accordion.  Composed for and dedicated to Rocco Jerry.
“Sotto Voce Op. 88” (2018) duo for accordion and guitar.  Composed for Rocco Jerry and his Progression Ensemble, dedicated to Rocco Jerry.
“The Cello and the Accordion” Op. 94 (2018) for cello and accordion.  Composed for and dedicated to The Progression Ensemble Oslo.
“Bellows and Wind Op. 103” (2019) accordion and clarinet.  Composed for and dedicated to Rocco Jerry.
“The Accordions Hat Op. 106” (2019) accordion and hi-hat. Composed for and dedicated to William Schimmel. Peter shared, “It is a duo for accordion and hi-hat, which I composed for William Schimmel. We will premiere the piece in July, during his annual symposium at the Tenri Cultural Center. Bill and I now have about 8 pieces, between us, and are closing in on enough music to make our planned CD of our accordion and percussion” music.
“Music for Accordion and Drums – Perhaps Electronic Op. 108” (2019) accordion and 2 tom-toms or electronic percussion.  Composed for and dedicated to Rocco Jerry.

Percussive Notes – Vol. 57, No.1 March 2019 – review of Jarvis and Friends Volume 1: “This is a collection of 21 tracks of improvisations divided into four sections. The recording is well-conceived and executed, giving the listener a window into the musicality of Peter Jarvis, Director of the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, and his friends. According to NAXOS, “Percussionist (drumset and vibraphone) Peter Jarvis has teamed up with some of the finest musicians in the world including: Glen Velez – frame drums, Franz Hackl – trumpets, William Schimmel – accordion, and John Clark – horn, to produce this creative volume of music. In addition to the improvisations, included are three fully composed pieces, one each, by Peter Jarvis, William Schimmel, and Glen Velez.” The selections with Velez are groovy, as expected, but with a unique character to each track. The spirit of chance-taking in the improvisation is evident yet executed gracefully. “Postal Bebop Non Priority Suite” with Franz Hackl is bright, energetic and reminiscent of late-bebop and free jazz. The tracks with accordionist William Schimmel are much more spacious and darker by comparison to the previous tracks. This helps to cleanse the musical listener’s palette. The horn playing by John Clark on the final suite of improvisations reminds the listener of flugelhorn-like jazz riffs. All the suites and collaborations display Jarvis’s musical creativity. His touch and sense of groove is evident regardless of the style or collaborative partner. I highly recommend this recording for those looking for unique combinations and fresh ideas for improvisation.” — Justin Bunting

When asked who his influences were growing up, Peter said, “Now that I "narrow" the list down a bit. Certainly I idolized Buddy Rich and Danny Seraphine - the drummer from Chicago and the legendary Harold Blaine (Wrecking Crew.) There were others, but not like those 3. And, there were two of my teachers (both passed.): Anthony Gilio (amazing clarinet player) who was the band director during my years at Hackensack High School. "Mr. G" was very important to me. And most influential, certainly in a hands on way was the great Joey Cass, who I studied drum set with in high school, and who took learning to read music quite seriously. Basically, Joey taught me to read and how to get some chops together. He lived in Hasbrouck Heights and my mom who schlep me back and forth - back and forth - back and forth (thanks mom.) He was an amazing studio drummer in NY and the drummer for Frankie Valli and Four Seasons for a couple of years. Joey was also an excellent jazz drummer. He exposed me to so much. This is all pre-college. In college things changed quite a bit as did my mentors and influences.”

For further information:

James O'Brien eSheet music, emailed to you, secure bank server

Michael Bridge in USA July Performances

by Rita Barnea
Michael Bridge
Michael said, “All sounds are performed live on Digital Accordion, without background music. It is from my 2018 solo album “Overture” This piece uses the digital accordion's ability to produce sounds that are sensitive to both swell (bellows) and finger velocity (percussion).

Thus, a single performer can control a huge number of instrument sounds by assigning each one to a different section of the instrument. All percussion sounds are played with the left hand, and three chin switches facilitate turning various sounds on and off. Over 50 customized sound settings are used throughout this work.”

Michael Bridge is a featured performer and Master Class Presenter at the AAA Festival Gala Concert July 17-21, 2019 in King of Prussia, PA. Michael Bridge will also perform at the Museum of Music Making on July 28, 2019 at 4:PM in California. Lauded as “a wizard of the accordion," Michael Bridge is internationally-renowned for his warm stage personality, stereotype-smashing versatility, and blazing virtuosity. Named one of CBC’s “30 Hot Classical Musicians Under 30,” he made his solo orchestral debut with the Boston Pops and gives over 100 concerts per year. His debut solo album, “Overture,” was named CBC Album of the Week.

More than a classical musician, Michael simply describes his repertoire as ‘concert music’ – encompassing baroque, classical, and contemporary works, plus many of his own concert arrangements of folk music. Prolific in working with composers, Michael has given over 40 world premieres and toured internationally.  In addition to performing solo shows,he performs with orchestra as well as with his two ensembles – Bridge+Wolak and Ladom Ensemble.

Michael is pursuing doctoral studies in accordion performance at the University of Toronto, with Joseph Macerollo. His first accordion was purchased at a garage sale for $5 when he was five, and two decades later, he is redefining the perception of his instrument. Named one of CBC’s “30 Hot Classical Musicians Under 30,” he is internationally recognized for his dynamic stage-presence and unique musical versatility. His repertoire includes classical masterworks, baroque, jazz, world music, folk dances, contemporary classical, and digital accordion compositions which showcased the diverse genres possible with the accordion and removes stereotypes concerning the limitations of the instrument.

Michael’s performance at the Museum is funded in part by the City of Carlsbad Cultural Arts Office. This event is presented in conjunction with the Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA special exhibition.

Michael made his solo orchestral debut with the Boston Pops at 17. now performing over 100 concerts a year, He is a founding member of Double- Double Duo having toured Ecuador, Poland, France and across Canada with his col- laborator, Dr. Kornel Wolak (clarinet).Their debut album launched in 2015, entitled ‘Rock Bach’. He performs in Ladom Ensemble, an acostic Iranian-Serbian-Classical-Tango Quartet. Michael has
over thirty world premieres to his credit, including works by Anna Pigdorna, Airat Ichmouratov and Pouya Hamidi. As a composer, he wrote and recorded two folk albums

For further information:

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

World Premier of AAA Commissioned Work, “Child’s Play” by Joseph Natoli

by Rita Barnea
Chid's Play
Composer Joseph Natoli shares, “Here is short excerpt of my new 13-minute work called "Child's Play" for 2 accordions, cello, and percussion to be world premiered in July at the AAA festival in Valley Forge. All 3 movements are based on children's Haiku poetry and this one is called "Happiness" based on the Haiku poem you see below the title. Hope to see you at the AAA for the performance on July 19, 2019!

“Child’s Play” by Joseph Natoli is a chamber ensemble composition written in three movements (entitled 1. Awakening, 2. Sadness, and 3. Happiness) for 2 accordions, cello, and percussion. Although the piece is decidedly contemporary in flavor, its themes, harmonies and rhythms are very accessible and relatable to any listening audience. This work is dedicated to the memory of two of Joe’s students (9-year-old Chloe and her stepfather Jim), who both tragically lost their lives in a traffic accident in February 2019. In that context, the profound sadness of the second movement is overcome by the joy and exuberance of the third movement which is representative of the consistent joy Chloe and all children of her age tend to relish in their young lives.
“Friendship” is a piece written for and dedicated to Joe Natoli’s lifelong friendship with composer and AAA member, Guy Klucevsek. Joe indicates that he was 19 when he first met Guy at an AAA Festival that summer, and was fascinated with his musical perspective and personality right from the start. Over the years, before the internet and cell phones were ever a reality, Guy and Joe would keep in touch continually via hand-written 5-10 page letters talking about their musical projects, their lives in the context of music, and what was next on the horizon for each of them musically. Joe says that “Those letters between us kept me going and were really my only true contact with another like-minded musician during that period in my life.  So with fond memories of what that friendship means to me, this piece was created as a thank you to Guy for his Friendship.”

Joseph Natoli, born 1953, makes his home in Northeast Ohio with his wife, JoAnn, and has been a performer and advocate of the accordion since the age of seven (inspired to play the instrument by his grandfather -- also Joe Natoli, and his father, Frank Natoli). Joe started his studies with prominent Ohio accordion teacher, the late Mickey Bisilia of Youngstown, Ohio, and won the 1972 AAA US Virtuoso Accordion Championship under Mr. Bisilia’s tutelage, while placing first runner-up several months later in the Coupe Mondiale world accordion competition in Caracas, Venezuela. More recently, Joe won the grand prize for the first Roland US V-Accordion competition held in Los Angeles, California, in 2008.

Joe’s education includes Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in music theory and composition from the University of Toronto Faculty Of Music in Toronto, Canada, where he was the first student accepted there to use the free bass accordion as an applied major instrument, studying with renowned Canadian accordionist, Joseph Macerollo. Mr Natoli started his musical career mostly as a performer, but had always been interested in composition, and has focused on his compositional craft even more in recent years. Joe has written many original pieces in all musical styles and genres for standard and free bass accordion, all of which are available by inquiries to, including his latest 2017 pieces, Children’s Suite for accordion solo, and Smooth (a Latin jazz piece for solo or accordion quintet).

Some of his most recent recordings include an all-acoustic accordion CD called “Omaggio,” which is dedicated to the many musical influences in Joe’s life from various composers, musical friends and family members. Joe has also released an all-digital Roland V-Accordion CD entitled, “Waltz for Ron,” which contains a bevy of original compositions and arrangements of classical, light classical, ethnic and jazz pieces fully exploiting the orchestral possibilities of the Roland virtual accordions. Both CDs are available on the JANPress website. A new CD was released in 2017 called Chameleon houses on the widely diverse styles of Joe’s compositional output.

Professionally Joe has enjoyed a career in Information Technology (IT) and over the years has been involved in both IT technical and leadership roles for many large companies. Joe studied computer science at Youngstown State University as well as Franklin University, and also achieved an MBA degree at Franklin University in Columbus, OH.

Joe is also very involved with The International Digital Electronic Accordion Society (IDEAS), serving as co-direcctor with Michael Soloway, available for the public. The web site provides access and visibility into all sorts of things related to the digital accordion, including the IDEAS Symposium 2.0 that will be held Nov 6-9, 2019 this year at the Avalon Inn & Resort in Warren Ohio. Joe and JoAnn have 3 adult daughters and two granddaughters.

As with all original music by Joseph Natoli, purchases can be made by contacting him at"

For further information:

Titano Accordion Company

Meet Ginny Mac

by Rita Barnea
Ginny MacVideo of: Ginny Mac Band: "Under Texas Skies" written by Ginny Mac
Ginny Mac Band: Jess Meador (fiddle), Ginny Mac (accordion), and her brother Glenn McLaughlin (guitar); Playing at ArtsGoggle 2017 Fort Worth Texas. October 21, 2017

Ginny Mac has been on the accordion scene with her unique style for many years. This year she will appear at the 29th Annual Cotati Festival. Excerpts from CotatiFest website: Hailing from Fort Worth, TX, Ginny Mac fronts a dynamic group that brings a fresh and exciting twist to vocal and instrumental stylings in the Country & Western Swing, Americana, Hot Jazz, and International music genres. Ginny is also a former member of the two-time Grammy Award-winning group Brave Combo based in Denton, TX.

Ginny Mac is also an experienced teacher. She will teach a course at Texas Christian University Fort Worth, TX 76129 called “Western Swing and Cowtown”. You can still register for it.
Course Description:
This course will explore Western Swing music and its ties to Fort Worth. From an overview of its history, influential figures, and most popular songs, to guest appearances by Western Swing musicians who will demonstrate the quintessential sound of the genre, the course is designed to delight, entertain, and inform.
Dates: July 9-30, 2019
Meets: Tu from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, 4 sessions
Hours: 6.00
Instructor: Ginny Mac McLaughlin
Ginny added, “And if you'd like more info, I've started a page on my website for this course as well. Feel free to visit::

Some of Ginny’s notable performances include:
Accordion Kings & Queens Festival / Houston, TX
Opened for Asleep At The Wheel / Gruene, TX
Sofar Sounds Concerts
Modern Art Museum First Fridays Concert Series / Fort Worth, TX
Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza at MGM Grand / Las Vegas, NV
Bruce Wood Dance Project / Dallas, TX
Kessler Theater / Dallas, TX
Winter’s Eve Fest / NYC
Joe’s Pub / NYC
Denton Arts & Jazz Festival / Denton, TX
“Rockabilly Baby” film with Timber Creek Productions (actress and music department)

Ginny has recorded four albums; the newest release in Spring 2014, “On The Street Where You Live,” is a collection of classic tunes and originals, featuring many of her friends and greatest musical heroes. The project includes Grammy Award winners Woody Paul and Joey Miskulin (Riders In The Sky), legendary Nashville fiddler Buddy Spicher, the great bassist Bob Moore (Roy Orbison), and several of Nashville’s premier musicians. “It was an unforgettable experience,” she says, “I was fortunate to learn so much and make music with these wonderful people.”

When she is not busy with an active touring schedule, Ginny is writing and arranging new original music for an upcoming album and collaborating on multiple musical projects. Her other passions include blogging, painting, and recently, exploring the world of photography. “I find inspiration in the world around me, ” she says. “Whether it is a stranger sitting on a park bench, or the shadow a broken chair makes on the sidewalk, there is beauty in ordinary, everyday things. And I love the way inspiration from my other interests finds its way into my music.”

People that influenced her include Spade Cooley, Bob Wills, Milton Brown, Tom Russell, Patsy Cline, Hank Thompson, Hank Williams, Queen, Merle Haggard, Glen Campbell, Wayne Hancock, Tom Morrell, whiskey, geckos, Brave Combo, Steve Jordan, Rufus Wainwright, Mr. Bungle, Estradasphere, Glenn McLaughlin, Kent Shores Neat-tet, Alex Browne, and Rosana Eckert.

Future Performances:
Fri, JUL 5
The Kitchen After Dark
Dallas, TX

Sun, JUL 7
Times Ten Cellars
Dallas, TX

Tue, JUL 9
Western Swing & Cowtown - TCU Office of Extended Education
Fort Worth, TX

Thu, JUL 11
Sons of Hermann Hall w/ Simon Flory
Dallas, TX

Sat, JUL 13
Montana Folk Festival
Butte, MT

Sun, JUL 14
Montana Folk Festival
Butte, MT

Tue, JUL 16
Western Swing & Cowtown - TCU Office of Extended Education
Fort Worth, TX

Thu, JUL 18
Tributary Café - Third Thursday Happy Hour
Fort Worth, TX

Sun, JUL 21
AllGood Cafe
Dallas, TX

Tue, JUL 23
Western Swing & Cowtown - TCU Office of Extended Education
Fort Worth, Tx

Tue, JUL 30
Western Swing & Cowtown - TCU Office of Extended Education
Fort Worth, TX

Sun, AUG 4
Times Ten Cellars
Dallas, TX

Fri, AUG 16
Museum of Making Music
Carlsbad, CA

For further information:

Larry Malmberg eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server

ATG 2019 Festival Activities in Denver

by Rita Barnea
ATG Logo
The 2019 ATG Festival offers many workshops during their 79th Annual Festival. Workshops include:
"Duet Workshop" with Dan and Kim Christian
"The Art of Musical Improvisation" by Augustines Rakauskas
"Improve Your Playing Technique" by Augustines Rakauskas
"Teaching Group Accordion Lessons" by Mary Ann Covone & Gail Campanella
"Arranging for Accordion and String Ensemble" by John & Madalynn Neu
"Playing Brazilian Music on the Accordion" by Jamie Maschler & Gabe Rodrigues
"Accordion Repair Workship and Repair “Station” Throughout the Festival"—Dan Tulenko

Accordionists attending the festival in Denver are invited to participate in the 2019 ATG Festival Orchestra.  No matter what age or ability, there is a part for you!
The Festival Orchestra will perform on the Saturday evening Gala Concert.  Rehearsals will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday to prepare for the concert performance.

Contact Joan Sommers at if you have any questions.

All information on the website at: ATG

Gary Daverne CD's and eSheet music available online

AAA Master Class & Concert Series 2019 Accordion Seminars "That Means What!?"

by Rita Barnea
The American Accordionists' Association Master Class and Concert Series with Dr. William Schimmel as moderator and curator takes place on July 26 27 and 28, 2019 at the Tenri Cultural Institute located on:
43A West 13th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, NYC

Download: 2019 flyer

Price: Three-Day Session, all Master Classes, Workshops and Concerts for 26, 27 and 28th - $150.00
Daily Full Session, Master Classes, Workshops and Concerts - $60 per day
Daily Master Classes and Workshops - $30 per day
Daily Concerts only - $35 per day

Purchase your tickets online at the AAA Store Events Segment.

4 Music Books by Stas Venglevski

Frank Petrilli in Swing Ambiance on July 3 in California

by Rita Barnea
Frank Petrilli
Video 1:

Video 2:
Video 1: “Lady Be Good / Swing Ambiance” First gig in March 19 at Ireland 32 with Swing Ambiance featuring Joe Medieros on guitar, Dawn Lundsford and Pedro Galindo in guitar and vocals and Frank Petrilli on accordion.

Video 2: Published on Aug 22, 2013. At the Cotati Accordion Festival 2013, Frank Petrilli on accordion, John Chiodini on guitar, Sean Brogan on Bass and Wesley Anderson on drums swinging hard on this great American standard.

Join accordionist Frank Petrilli at Gypsy Jazz Night featuring “Swing Ambiance” on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at 9:30 PM taking place at Ireland’s 32 in Van Nuys, California. Frank Petrilli is a jazz accordionist based in Los Angeles, California highly active in both the accordion and wider jazz communities on the West Coast, and throughout the US. Excerpts from article on the Cotati Festival: Frank Petrilli was born and still lives in Los Angeles California. Much of his energy has gone into the successful business he owns and operates, Petrilli Concrete Contractors, but his creative musical side has always been a strong drive as well.  He started playing the accordion at age 7, and by age 16  was playing professionally. As the popularity of the accordion declined in the U.S., Frank switched to playing Hammond B3 Organ and saxophone for about 15 years. In 2006, he returned to the accordion and started playing with the César Mateus Latin Jazz Band at many jazz venues throughout the Los Angeles area.

In late 2006, Frank began intensive study with the great jazz accordionist, Frank Marocco which quickly evolved into a very close friendship.  By virtue of their close relationship and mutual love of jazz, Frank Petrilli became Frank Marocco’s protégé, and Frank Marocco often commented that Frank Petrilli was like the son he never had.  Unfortunately, this relationship ended far too soon with Frank Marocco’s untimely passing on March 3rd, 2012.

As Frank Petrilli became known as an excellent player in the jazz community, he began performing frequently in the Los Angeles area with artists such as guitarists’ Patrick Barrogain and John Chiodini at top venues such as the Vibrato Jazz Club. Frank has also performed at many of the major accordion festivals and clubs in the U.S. including the AAA Festival in Charleston 2011, and at the San Francisco Accordion Club on numerous occasions.

In October of 2011, Frank appeared on the TV series Mad Men.   In May of 2012, he was invited to play in the spot that Frank Marocco had been scheduled for as a featured  performer at the Accordion competition in Kiev, “Accofestival 2012.” He also was one of the judges for the jazz portion of the competition.  Immediately following that, he performed at the Frank Marocco  Memorial Concert in Castelfidardo, with many other stars of the accordion world. 

His debut CD, ”Totally Frank,”  was recorded in Italy during this trip. It was produced by Elke Ahrenholz of “Artist Signed Records, ” and includes the playing of three fine Italian musicians; Felice Del Gaudio, Max Ferri, and Fabio Zeppetella. Frank has performed with renowned artists such as guitarist John Chiding at top venues such as “Herb Alpert’s”Vibrato Grill and Jazz.

Frank’s interest and experience with jazz is long and deep. But his study of the Gypsy jazz niche is more recent, starting more or less with his attendance at Django in June in 2017. To hear him tell it, he attended at the encouragement of friends, and especially Dallas Vietty, who has taught there many times. As you will hear, Frank is a very versatile and talented musician.

Amy Jo Sawyer CD titled According to Amy

20th Anniversary of Peter Soave Music Academy July 21-August 4 in Italy

by Rita Barnea
Peter and Mary Soave
Joey Miskulin photoMary TokarskiWelcome to the Peter Soave Music Academy, the International Music Academy for musicians and music lovers taking place from July 21 - August 4, 2019. The Peter Soave Music Academy generously offers a rich musical experience that plunges each participant into the depths of musical artistry.

The summer session includes workshops, intensive coaching, master classes, chamber music, and rehearsals culminating in concerts where participants and professionals will be playing side by side. Excerpts from the website: The exquisite picturesque setting for the Academy is Sauris, this tiny alpine village nestled in the Dolomite mountains of Italy, bordering Austria.

Peter shares, “My wife, Madeleine, and I have worked passionately to realize this project and create a multifaceted program and environment to equip instrumentalists from around the world with the knowledge and skills they need to perform music. We are delighted that friends and esteemed artists are on board every year: their presence and contributions bring a higher level of meaning and support to what we are striving for.

This year marks our 20th anniversary! We invite you to join us in celebrating the joy of music learning with highest level professionals. Once again Semionov (Russia), Tokarski (USA), Lavrov (Russia), Pividori (Italy), Šavron (Slovenia), and Bethke (Germany) will be with us. I especially welcome two more outstanding international personalities for their first visit: Joey Miskulin (USA) and Massimiliano Pitocco (Italy).”

Peter is happy to announce that Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia), renowned composer, concert artist, pedagogue, and pillar of the concert accordion world will be there. In 1995, Semionov was awarded the title of "Artist Of The People Of Russia" by President Boris Yeltsin. Professor at the Gnessin Institute of Music in Moscow, his students have won numerous gold medals in the most prestigious international competitions. Many of his compositions for accordion, namely "Don Rhapsody", are becoming standard repertoire.

About the location: Sauris di Sotto, Italy, At an elevation of 3,976 ft, it is the highest municipality in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. This tiny alpine village is nestled deep within the Dolomite mountains of Italy, bordering Austria. Situated within the Carnia mountain area of Friuli, it is located about 37 miles northwest of the provincial capital Udine, 75 miles northwest of Trieste and 120 miles from Venice. The PSMA headquarters is at Albergo Morgenleit, a charming hotel resort. Guests will enjoy the fresh and clean mountain air, beautiful nature, regional culture and cuisine. Albergo Morgenleit provides rooms of 1, 2, 3 or 4 people, with private bathroom and fully furnished with toiletries, mini-fridge, telephone, television, and free Wi-Fi.

USA Faculty members for the 2019 session include:
Joey Miskulin, accordion, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, is a hall of fame accordionist and producer. In a music career spanning more than four decades, Joey Miskulin has collaborated with a range of artists including Paul McCartney, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Ricky Skaggs, Roy Rogers, Andy Williams, Ricky Van Shelton, Emmylou Harris, Frankie Yankovic,U2 and many others. He is a performer, studio musician, producer and pedagogue.

Joey, the child prodigy discovered by Chicago’s Roman Possedi, toured the United States with Yankovic - "America's Polka King” - as his featured accordionist at age thirteen, writing and arranging songs between performances. Broadening his experience, Joey toured the Far East with the Hawaii International Revue, and, in the 1970’s became a studio musician and producer, performing on bass, piano, banjo, guitar, organ, accordion, and as a vocalist with the likes of Andy Williams, Doc Severinsen, and Charlie Daniels. Among his astounding list of credits are countless appearances on national television and radio, in the movies, and on video; hundreds of recording sessions; four Grammy-winning and several gold and platinum albums among scores of international hit recordings.

Joey has always represented Cleveland-Style Polkas with the utmost of class and dignity, befriending most everyone with his congenial and personable demeanor.

Mary Tokarski (Connecticut, USA) is an outstanding artist and dynamic educator who is dedicated to the accordion. Long time member of the "K" Trio, Mary is the former President of the American Accordionists' Association (AAA). For over 20 years Mary served as Director of Music Education at Tokarski Music Center, where she taught piano and accordion, conducted the choral & ensemble programs, supervised the pre-school programs, and served as a Music Educator in the North Haven Department of Education's Early Childhood Development Program at Green Acres Elementary School.

For further information:

Titano Accordion Company

GREAT IDEAS Grows Their Unique Website

by Joe Natoli and Michael Soloway
Mike Soloway and Joe NatoliWWW.GR8IDEAS.ORG: IDEAS is now over a year old and continues to grow at an exciting pace! The futuristic nature of the digital accordion is reflected in every aspect of IDEAS, spanning the globe, and created as a paradigm shift in Accordion Societies by Joe Natoli and Michael Soloway — IDEAS co-founders.

When asked, their only complaint is that they cannot keep up with the increasing number of possibilities and programs that keep making themselves known! Joe and Michael will be performing Joe’s original composition on “Friendship” as a duet at the AAA meeting this month.

Worth mentioning again this month, the latest is the creation and refining of their own website. Check it out! True to their evolving traditions, a Members Only sec on hosts technical expertise, educational material, performances and videos. This is true to the principle that IDEAS players and members have committed a portion of their artistic experience, necessarily, to the technical aspects of their instruments.

Devoted to this and integral to these educational principles, SYMPOSIUM 2.0 is being held NOV. 6 - 9, 2019 in Warren Ohio - four very full days devoted to multiple extended track programs created from the input and feedback of the international membership— continuous sharing, support— five concerts and non stop playing. The fabulous Avalon Inn Resort is completely taken over by this GR8 event. Registration is available easily, now, on the website but early bird discounts end on July 6! Many have already taken advantage and the event promises to increase last year’s successes as many more sign up for the journey to live the dream.

Jeff Lisenby CD A Spy In Tortuga

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Video: Cory Pesaturo (USA) at the South Pacific Accordion Championships - New Zealand

by Harley Jones
South Pacific Accordion Championships
Video 1:

Video 2:
Videos from the recent South Pacific Accordion Festival in New Zealand:
Video 1: Guest artist Cory Pesaturo (USA) performing Techno Improvisation on B- & G- choices of Audience
Video 2: Cory Pesaturo performing La Campenella

The 2019 NZAA South Pacific Accordion Championships & Festival were held on June 1st and 2nd at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre in Auckland, and celebrated the “10th Anniversary of the 2009 Coupe Mondiale” which the NZAA hosted in Takapuna, New Zealand.

Daily Reports including results, photos and video are online at: 2019SouthPac

The International Trio, CD Available online, secure server

Hudson Valley New Music Concert Series includes New Works for Accordion

by Rita Barnea
Hudson ValleyThe Hudson Valley New Music Concert Series Concert #1 with 5 new premieres by Christopher Cook, Michael Dilthey, Dale Marie Hoagland and Peter Jarvis takes place on Saturday,, July 6, 2019 1:PM at the Morton Memorial Library Auditorium, 82 Kelly Street, Rhinecliff, NY. Since 2017, Morton Auditorium has been an active venue for contemporary classical music, and has attracted performers from New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont.

The program includes:
Dale Marie Hoagland - "Deer" (2019)  for clarinet and accordion (world premiere) 
Dale Marie Hoagland - "Rainbows" (2018) for clarinet and accordion
Peter Jarvis - "Bellows and Wind" (2019) for clarinet and accordion (world premiere)
Peter Jarvis - "Music for Accordion and Drums - Perhaps Electric" (2019)* (world premiere) *electronic percussion version
Dale Marie Hoagland - "Triptych" (2018) for accordion and voice
1. fallow lago  2. national ruin 3. melilot
Christopher Cook - "Spectrum II" (2018)for accordion and electronics               
 1. Violet 2. Blue 3. Green 4. Yellow 5. Orange 6. Red
Michael Dilthey - "Sonata (2018)" for solo accordion (world premiere)
Christopher Cook - "Spin Cycle" (2019) for clarinet, accordion and electronic (world premiere)                                      

Musicians include: Emily Herder, Clarinet - Rocco Anthony Jerry, Accordion - Chelsea Snider-Katt, Vocals

Christopher Cook received his Doctor of Music degree from Indiana University where he served as assistant director of the Center for Electronic and Computer Music. He is a recent recipient of a Fromm Music Foundation commission from Harvard University and has received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, the Music Teachers National Association, and the National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies. He has served as Composer-in-Residence at James Madison University, Amherst College, the University of Evansville, the Monroe County Community Schools Corporation (Indiana), and for the city of Somerset, Pennsylvania. His compositions are widely performed in many university and festival settings including: June in Buffalo, Music of Our Time, the Indiana State University Contemporary Music Festival, The Society of Composers Inc., the Annual American Music Week (Sofia, Bulgaria), and the Utrecht Music Festival (The Netherlands). His electro-acoustic works have been presented at numerous conferences and festivals including: the International Computer Music Conference and more. He is Assistant Professor of Music at Chowan University.

Michael Dilthey received his Doctorate in Composition at Northwestern University. He also holds Master of Music degrees in composition and conducting. He has composed two operas, three musicals, orchestral and choral music as well as theatrical incidental music. Recently his musical Greetings from Fitzwalkerstan had a successful run in Madison, WI. Another musical, My Way of Life, workshopped in New York City and he had a composition for string orchestra premiere at Carnegie Hall and in Sweden. His areas of teaching are music theory, history and composition.

Emily Herder received her bachelor of music education from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, where she studied clarinet with Professor Howard Klug. She attended graduate school in Boston, where she played clarinet with the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band (Second Line). Since moving to Upstate New York, she joins Second Line for HONK! festivals and plays both clarinet and sousaphone for musical events including the Hudson Valley Brassroots Festival.

Dale Marie Hoagland is a composer and multimedia artist based in New York City. She is a graduate of Bennington College, and her music has been performed at Time & Space Limited and at the 2018 Hudson Valley New Music Festival.

Peter Jarvis is a percussionist, drummer, conductor, composer, music copyist, print music editor and college professor. He is Director of New Music at William Paterson University. He teaches percussion and chamber music at William Paterson University, Connecticut College and Bergen Community College in New Jersey. He is an Associate Director of he Composers Concordance and has over 100 compositions.

Over the decades, he has performed popular and unpopular music with equal enthusiasm. He has performed as a soloist, chamber player, Broadway musician and as conductor/player with numerous chamber music ensembles, orchestras and choruses.  The proliferation of percussion literature is extremely important to Jarvis, and nearly 100 solo pieces have been composed for him, which he has performed on multi percussion, timpani, vibraphone, marimba, solo snare drum and drum set composed for him. He has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy award for “Best Score” as part of the composing team for major Hollywood films.
Read more about Peter in this publication.

Rocco Anthony Jerry has premiered works by Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, Christopher Cook, Michael Dilthey, Daniel Goode, Dale Marie Hoagland, Conrad Kehn, Peter Machajdik, Arthur B. Rubinstein, Max Simoncic, Bjorn Bolstad Skjelbred and Christian Wolff. He has collaborated with Norwegian composer Bjorn Bolstad Skjelbred since 2010, and has produced three US tours with him with generous funding from Norwegian organizations and the American-Scandinavian Foundation. He is a founding member of Access Ensemble, and curator of the Hudson Valley New Music Festival.  

Chelsea (Snider) Katt studied jazz piano and composition for 17 years and has also worked in movie production and video performance art. She has a diverse background in African drum and dance, Javanese and Balinese Gamelan, and Middle Eastern and Balkan ensemble improvisation. Currently on the staff at Time and Space Limited, Chelsea has a Moving Image Arts degree from The College of Santa Fe.

The Morton Memorial Library is located on 82 Kelly Street Rhinecliff, New York.
(845) 876-2903

Admission is free.

Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

“Michigan Accordion Society…..Hosts another successful Student Night”

by Joseph Recchia, Michigan Accordion Society President
MAS Scholarship winners
The Michigan Accordion Society (MAS) 501c3 organization mission has been to generate significant financial donations and delivering these donations to Students within the accordion community.  Since 2016 during their 20th year celebration, MAS has issued over $16,000.00 in financial scholarships to help youth Accordionists programs not only at their home base in Michigan but also Nationwide. 

Organizations who have benefited from MAS scholarship program have been….The National Accordion Association, The America Accordion Association and The Accordion Teachers Guild, which has benefited numerous youth Accordion programs.These scholarships are made possible through the “Tony Dannon Music Student Scholarship Fund” which MAS developed and manages.

June 18, 2019 MAS issued another $1,000.00 in scholarship awards to four very talented Michigan Accordion students; Matthew Chen, Jessica Fligger, Lukas Stacharski & Ellie Johnson. Each student received a $250.00 scholarship fund to be used for future Accordion Lessons. Their instructors included Mr. Yakov Todoromovich from Troy, MI,  Mr. Mike Zawojsky from Sterling Heights, MI and Mr. Don Rienholm from ­­­­­Oakland, MI.
Joe Recchia, MAS president who hosted the event stated, “It’s one of our most memorable events of the year and would not be possible without the support of our Members, student’s parents, teachers and enduring admiration these kids have for the accordion. We need to remember these children are the future of the accordion and we need to continue to help support them.” 

The students performed beautifully to a very welcoming and large supportive audience. Recchia added “We are so grateful to Mr. Umberto Piccirilli propitiator of “Piccirilli Ritorante” in Shelby Township, MI who welcomes our organization.  He and his wonderful staff are always available to support our organization and help make our guests comfortable.  I would also like to send a very special thank you to our MAS Officers; Bob Berta – Vice President, Antonella Recchia – Secretary & Treasurer as well as our Board members; Angela Beaumont, Tony Latona, John Gabalis & Dave Passalaqua who not only help to support this great annual event but continue to help insure we raise the needed funding so we can continue our scholarship program for years to come”. 

For more information about the Michigan Accordion Society,  please visit their Facebook page or website at
Attached Photo: Joe Recchia MAS President center, presenting Scholarship awards…from left to right:  Matthew Chen, Jessica Fligger, Ellie Johnsons & Lukas Stacharski. Photo taken by Bob Berta

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Natoli Arranged "Over the Rainbow" Featured - New Zesaland

by Harley Jones
South Pacific Accordion Championships
Video 1: The Joseph Natoli arrangement "Over the Rainbow" was featured at the South Pacific Accordion Championships by guest artist Grayson Masefield

Daily Reports including results, photos and video are online at: 2019SouthPac

Gary Dahl eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server system

Elementary School Accordion Band Performs in Queens Spring Concert

by Rita Barnea
Queens PS 203
Public School 203 (Oakland Gardens School) in Queens, NY is celebrating another year of fabulous performances by their accordion club, “The Squeeze Box 9.” The nine fourth and fifth grade students put on accordion shows for holiday community events, senior centers, nursing homes, and of course, their own elementary school.

This year the students loved collaborating with the school’s show choir on a fun rendition of Katzenjammer’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Another highlight for them was when they got to accompany the school’s 70 voice chorus on Panic at the Disco’s recent hit, “High Hopes”. Among other favorite songs this year were “Around the World” (with a Latin flair) and a rousing version of “The Can-Can”.

“I am so proud of this year’s accordion club”, commented their director, Linda Holcomb. “Seven of these students were playing the accordion for the first time this year. They worked so hard and are now playing beautifully!”

Many of the students were inspired to play the accordion when the school had a visit last year from world renowned accordionist, Cory Pesaturo. Pesaturo wowed the students with an exciting and unique accordion concert. Pesaturo had read about P.S. 203’s accordion club in an article in AccordionUSA. He wasn’t aware of any other public elementary school in the country that had an accordion group, so he wanted to meet and encourage these young accordionists. Pesaturo told the students that one of his goals is to make the accordion cool again. After hearing Pesaturo play, these students agreed that there is definitely no cooler instrument than the accordion!

“That was a day our students will never forget!” remarked Linda Holcomb. “To have one of the best accordion players in the world spend time with our students, sharing best practices and an unbelievable concert was truly a gift. We are forever grateful and are HUGE fans of Cory Pesaturo!” And thanks to Cory, the “Squeeze Box 9” is doing its part to make the accordion cool again, one song at a time!

Assisting the group weekly for the past two years is volunteer “Papa Joe” DeClemente, who is a local professional Accordionist/Entertainer from Bellerose, NY. Papa Joe volunteers his time to join the students for rehearsals and he inspires them to be better accordionists. Among the many things he does for them, he also fixes their accordions! (Sometimes nine and ten year olds don’t exactly treat their accordion like it deserves to be treated!)

Excerpts from LIAA publication: Public-school 203Q, in Bayside, Queens may be one of the only elementary schools in the five boroughs of New York City that has a student accordion band. It is made up of ten 4th and 5th graders and is conducted by the school’s music teacher, Mrs. Linda Holcomb.

The school started their accordion band fifteen years ago. They meet once a week, at the beginning of the school day to practice various songs that they will perform throughout the year. “We enjoy performing for concerts and events in our school, and we love taking our show on the road, into our community,” says Holcomb. During December, the group braved the frigid weather and played holiday songs outdoors for the Bayside Hills community holiday lighting celebration. They also entertained at the Clearview Senior Center located in that same area.

Holcomb adds, “Performing for nursing homes and Senior Centers brings such joy to the people there. They love to see the children play their accordions. Our students always come home from those trips so excited, having experienced how their music can really be a blessing to others.”

Last year, I had the opportunity to hear the group perform at the school. The students were very proud of their accomplishments on the accordion. One could see that they were respected and admired by all the students. Cory Pesaturo presented a wonderful program on that day for over 300 elementary students. It was amazing to witness how inspired, interested, and enthusiastic they all were. The students and the teachers were dancing in the aisles! Papa Joe joined them in a few selections.

Students (from left to right) are: Louis Gui, Vyckie Chih, Lily Korniewicz, Nathan Zhang, Andrew Wang, Benjamin Chung, Kathy Zhang, Austin Luo & Lucas Chen.

For further information:

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

Gia Ciccone Demonstrates the Beauty of the Accordion

by Rita Barnea
Gia Ciccone class
Video 1:

Video 2:
Gia CicconeVideo 1: Gia Ciccone Accordionist plays the "Tarantella" for her 6th grade classmates as they dance.

Video 2: Gia Ciccone Accordionist performs "Hungarian Dance #4" on June 13, 2019 for the Hudson Valley Accordion Ensemble event.

Gia Ciccone stands on her own as a talented and promising young accordionist. In the above videos you will hear her perform for her 6th grade class on June 21, 2019. The children truly enjoyed dancing and listening to her play the “Tarantella”. In the second video, she plays for the Hudson Valley Accordion Event on June 13, 2019. She was also a featured soloist at the Accordion Pops Orchestra Concert on Sunday, May 19, 2019 at the East Brunswick Community Center where she received “The DeBellis School of Performing Arts Music Scholarship”. She is enthusiastically received wherever she plays and she demonstrates interpretation and poise beyond her years.

Gia Ciccone, 11 years old, has just completed 6th grade at Somers Middle school in Somers, NY and is a student of Mario Tacca. Gia carries on the family tradition of playing the accordion. She follows in the footsteps (or should we say "fingertips") of her famous Uncle Carmen Carrozza and enjoys the constant support of her father AAA President, Dr. Joseph Ciccone, her mother, Ethel, and her sister, Regan, who also plays piano and accordion.

Gia has consistently entered and won many prizes at the AAA’s Annual Festival held each July. She has participated in the AAA’s Youth Orchestra, as well as the AAA’s “Youth Outreach Program.” We wish her continuing successes with her accordion.

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Lawrence Streifel to Teach at the United Conservatory of Music in Canada

by Rita Barnea
Lawrence StreifelAccordionist Lawrence Streifel, from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, a professional teacher for the Catholic board of education from 1968 to 2003 previously taught accordion at the United Conservatory of Music. He is back to being the ambassador for the accordion, the instrument that he has been passionate about his entire life.

Lawrence attends accordion festivals and workshops regularly all over Canada and the US. He has been a professional entertainer most of his life. In addition to being the father of two of the U.C.O.M ’s tenured teachers, Lawrence performs as a member of the Alpen Schatz band, a group of Medicine Hat musicians who are always in high demand in southern Alberta during Octoberfest.

Lawrence said, “I am proud to announce that I will be teaching the accordion the instrument that I feel passionate about, at the United Conservatory of Music in September. I will be accepting beginning youth and adults of all ages. If you are an adult who used to play and put the instrument in the closet or you want to know how to read music and become a better player, then please consider what this exciting instrument has to offer. If you already play an instrument but would like to learn another "cool" instrument I can teach you. Please feel free to contact UCOM at 403-527-1214 for registration details. There is new upsurge taking place in the accordion world!! And you can be part of it!!”

The United Conservatory of Music was established in 1972 as a small music school with roughly 25 students. Now years later, UCOM has grown to become the largest music school in Medicine Hat with over 800 students. They are not only the biggest teaching studio in Medicine Hat but we are also home to Evangelos Music Ltd., the largest musical instrument retailer, offering special pricing for our students.

For further information: UCOM@TELUSPLANET.NET
For further information about Lawrence:

Accordion Get-Together July 8-11 in BC

by Rita Barnea
Accordion Get Together in BC
Bring your accordions, lawn chairs or blankets for 4 days of accordion music! July 8-11,2019 at the Riverside RV Park and Campground, Enderby, BC. Reservations recommended if you want to camp.

For more information and/or to request the song book, please contact:
Nyla or John at 250-546-3192 or

Louisana Folk Root Kids Camp 2019

by Rita Barnea
Kids camp
17 accordion players signed up for this year's Folk Roots Kids Camp, which is an all-time record. Some of the students spent their down time at camp all playing accordion at the same time, raising such a ruckus that they were nicknamed “The Accordion Mafia!” See photo of instructor Corey Ledet and students.

The Louisiana Folk Roots Kids Camp took place June 10-14, 2019 at Vermilionville in Lafayette, LA.There were 5 days of accordion, fiddle, and guitar classes plus tons of other fun activities for ages 8-14.! For more information and to register for next year visit

The mission of the Louisiana Folk Root Kids camp is to nurture, share and perpetuate Louisiana’s traditional cultural expressions with an emphasis on our Cajun and Creole Heritage through performances and related educational activities. They are committed to the idea that our cultural expressions are born from and flourish because of their diverse influences. Their many programs and projects promote inclusion and experiential learning for novice and accomplished participants alike. The organization was founded by volunteers in 2000 and is sustained through the support of current Friends of Louisiana Folk Roots and Lifetime Members along with numerous public and private funders. The group is based in Lafayette, the heart of Cajun and Creole Louisiana,

The Kids Camp is open to experienced and novice players alike. All you need to do is bring a guitar, a tuned-down fiddle or a 10-button diatonic accordion in the key of C, and we’ll fill the days with music classes, band labs, singing, dancing, cuisine and other great educational activities. Monday-Friday day camp culminated with performances by camper bands and a graduation ceremony complete with a camper-parent dance.

A great activity for your kids next year!

Future events

Joey Miskulin AAA Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation

by Harley Jones
Joey Miskulin Poster
Joey Miskulin photoThe 2019 Carrozza Dinner on Sunday, September 8, will feature the Presentation to Joey Miskulin of the AAA Lifetime Achievement Award. The evening at Famee Furland of NA Club includes Cocktail Hour, Dinner and Dancing, wine with all proceeds going to the Camen Carrozza Scholarship Fund for the advancement of promising young accordionists.

Download the reservation and booking flier: 2019CarrozzaDinner.pdf

This honour is in recognition of the exceptionally prolific contribution Joey Miskulin has made to the recording industry, having played on hundreds of albums with many of country and popular music’s best known names over many years.

Since the 1970s, Joey Miskulin has recorded with the likes of Paul McCartney, U2, John Denver, Ricky Skaggs, Andy Williams, Ricky Van Shelton, Emmylou Harris, Frankie Yankovic, Garth Brooks, to name but some.

Also a singer, arranger, and producer, Joey Miskulin is well known for performing country music as ‘Joey the Cowpolka King’ with the band Riders in the Sky and polkas with Frankie Yankovic, but his versatility extends into jazz, evidenced by his album, ‘The Other Side of the Fence’.

Also in 1990 for his ground breaking ‘Accordion Styles and Techniques’ video/DVD, which was the first video of its kind. Miskulin’s production credits include ‘Toy Story’ for Disney/Pixar, and recently in Shanghai, China, where he spent two weeks working with the Walt Disney Company.

Voci Armoniche

29th Annual Cotati Festival August 17 and 18 in California

by Rita Barnea
Cotati Festival
Cory PesaturoPietro AdragnaDon’t miss this year's accordion extravaganza featuring 40+ international & national acts on 7 stages. Come listen to the unforgettable Cory Pestauro, Ginny Mac, Pietro Adragna, and so many more!

With 5 different stages, there truly is something for everyone! And this year, there will be Zydeco music from noon to dusk for dancing. Become a vendor! Early application ensures best selection. It is not too late to advertise either online or in the program! Don't forget to buy your tickets!! 

The 29th Annual Cotati Festival takes place August 17 and 18, 2019 at La Plaza Park, Cotati, CA 94931. The Cotati Accordion Festival is a two-day, multi-cultural, multi-generational accordion extravaganza held in La Plaza Park in downtown Cotati. Festivities begin on Friday before the festival. See 40+ bands on seven stages including the Jam Tent, Polka/Zydeco, two main stages, Accordion's Apocalypse Stage, Student Stage, and Friar Tuck's Pub.

Performers include:
Accordion Apocalypse Stage, Anaïs Bessières, Andre Thierry, Amber Lee Baker, Art Peterson & Laurie Miller, The Bellow Shakes, Big Lou’s Dance Party
Big Lou the Accordion Princess, Corky Bennett, Cory Pesaturo, Crème Brülée, Creosote, Dona Francisca, Duckmandu,En Canto, Future Accordion Stars, Gary Blair, Geoff Berner, Ginny Mac, Golden State Accordion Club, Grand Finale, The Great Morgani, Intuitive Compass, Jim Gilman, Junk Parlor, La Agency, the Mad Maggies, Mark St. Mary, Miss Moonshine, MotorDude Zydeco, Nathan Rivera Jessie Anders, Penny Opry, Pietro Adragna, Rene Sevieri, Skyler Fell, Sourdough Slim, Steve Balich, The Wild Catahoulas, ZLA VILA

CAF Charter states:
“The CAF is a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing funds for Performing Arts Programs in our local schools. With all the budget cuts constantly eliminating school programs, our organization recognizes the need for outside sources to keep these programs alive. We believe that discontinuing the Performing Arts (music, drama & art) is detrimental to the education of future generations.

The event started in 1991, through the selfless dedication of many volunteers who donated time and money. There has been a tremendous support of individuals and businesses working together to create this three-day multi-cultural, multi-generational, musical extravaganza for both residents and visitors.These last 28 events have been wonderful community building affairs. We’re now in our 29th year, generating positive public relations and giving credibility for our community, Cotati, and the accordion. By producing these problem-free events that have benefited our local schools, we have donated over $470,000 to our community.”

Tickets are:
$19.00 for one day, when purchased at the gate. $29.00 for two days, when purchased at the gate
$17.00 for one day, purchased in advance – online or at an outlet. $27.00 for two days, when purchased in advance – online or at an outlet.
$15.00 for a one-day senior ticket when purchased in advance.
Kids 15 and under FREE when accompanied by a paying adult.

For further information;
phone: 707 664 0444
fax: 707 664 0444

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Accordion at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival

by Christine Johnstone
FairbanksThe Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival will be held on 10 stages at the UAF campus and various venues around Fairbanks, AK 99709, USA from July 14th to 28th.

Nearly 10,000 people come together at the Festival every July to study, perform and engage their spirit in an empowering way.

Accordionist Jamie Maschler (picture below) will teach three workshops at the University Community Presbyterian Church in College Road, Fairbanks.

These are: “Accordion for Kids”, “Accordion Workshop” and “Playing through tunes”. The workshops will include Learning about the accordion mechanics, theory that allows you to open up opportunities on the accordion, different bass accompaniment outside of our typical 3/4 and 4/4 patterns that will include chord combining techniques and some bellows tips. Jamie will also take a look at a few familiar accordion classics like Tico-Tico No Fuba and La Cumparsita and talk about how to play them as a solo or with other people.

Beginners are welcome.
Jamie Maschler

Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

Dominic Karcic and the Continental Sound in Future Performances

by Rita Barnea
Dominic Karcic
Accordionist and AAA Board member, Dominic Karcic and his Continental Sound Orchestra entertain at the special events listed in the article all open to the public. Originally from Astoria, NY Dominic Karcic, accordionist, pianist, and band leader, has lived in Commack, Long Island for the last forty-eight years, has played accordion and piano professionally in the New York metropolitan area and continues to do so today.

Some of the venues / patrons for whom he and his musicians, “the Continental Sound,” have performed include the Columbus Citizens Foundation (NYC), the Valtarese Foundation (Parma, Italy), Fubinese Society (Piemonte, Italy), Italian Charities of Queens, NY, Society for Italian Culture of Long Island, Italian Heritage Association of Long Island and also Magnanini Winery in Wallkill, NY, La Villini Restaurant, East Northport, NY.

Dominic’s love for the Valtaro Musette music was instilled in him through his years of study with noted accordionist Peter Spagnoli. In recent years he has been involved in the preservation and documentation of this musical style. He collaborated in writing a biographical article on the life and career of accordionist John “Scudlein” Brugnoli (founder of the Valtaro Musette Orchestra) which was published in the Gazzetta di Parma (Parma, Italy) on September 10, 2002. This article was the basis in 2008 for an extended work (Tutti Mi Chiamano Bionda) on accordionists from the Emilia-Romagna by columnist Claudio Bacilleri (Bologna, Italy) who writes for ER Magazine (Emilia-Romagna Magazine). Several of Dominic’s articles about Valtaro Musette music were also published on the Borgo Val di Taro web-site in August and September of 2005.

In June of 2003 Dominic joined the Governing Board of the American Accordionists’ Association (AAA) and contributes articles for the AAA Newsletter. He and fellow accordionist Ray Oreggia have given workshop presentations on the Valtaro Musette style for the American Accordionists’ Association (AAA), Connecticut Accordion Association (CAA), Maryland Accordion Club, the Washington Metropolitan Accordion Society (WMAS) and the Istria Women’s Club (Astoria, NY).

In June of 2005 he was one of four participants in Mario Tacca’s CD titled “Nostalgia / Mario Tacca and Friends.”  In February ’08 he released his first CD titled “Let’s Dance.” The CD features musette music – tangos, waltzes, mazurkas and merengues. The CD has been featured on the Joe Farda’s radio show (93.5 FM), Floyd Vivino’s radio show (93.5 FM) and Louise Potenza’s Ciao Italy radio show (WALK 1370 AM).

His love for the accordion has only grown over the years. His greatest interest lies in Valtaro Musette music and he hopes that he can contribute to the enrichment and preservation of this very festive and unique musical style.

In August of 2010 he founded the Long Island Accordion Alliance (LIAA) which will be celebrating its ninth anniversary this coming August. The wide spread success of LIAA events has endeared it to accordionists and accordion music lovers from all over the New York Metro area and has made it (LIAA) and its events the “Voice of the Accordion on Long Island.” He also created and performs with various singers in a program titled "From Broadway to the Met” which features the music of the American Song Book and Opera.

Upcoming Performances:
La Baraka Restaurant - Sunday, July 14th & Monday July 15th, 2019 – 6:30 PM 
“Bastille Two Days of Celebration”
( Both events are all sold out - waiting list only. )
255-09 Northern Blvd.
Little Neck, NY 11362
contact: Lucette   718.428.1461

Magnanini Winery - Sunday, July 28, 2019 - 12 noon
Sunday, August 18, 2019 - 12 noon
172 Strawridge Road
Wallkill, NY 12589
contact: Ricky or Rachel Magnanini at 845.895.2767

"Long Island Accordion Jam" - Sunday, August 11, 2019 - 1:PM
( Manny Corallo, Dominic Karcic, Long Island Accordion Alliance, Smorgasbandet, Frank Toscano )                            
American Legion Hall
1 Mill Dam Road
Huntington, NY 11743-2032
contact: Ms. Jeanne Widman Andersen                    
text / call (718) 415-0602

Carmen Carrozza Scholarship Fund Raiser -  Sunday, September 8, 2019 – 12 noon
( Dance music by accordionists Dominic Karcic, Long Island Accordion Alliance, 
Mario Tacca, Frank Toscano and vocalist Mary Mancini. )
Featured artist and honoree Joey Miskulin.
Famee Furlane of NA Club
20 10 127th St,
College Point, NY 11356
contact:  Dr. Joseph Ciccone 914.224.1241

Italian Charities Dinner Dance -  Sunday, October 20, 2019 – 1:PM
Roma View Caterers
160-05 Crossbay Blvd.
Howard Beach, NY
contact: Mr. Dominick Giampino   (718) 478 3100


August 16 Cotati Concert Supports Scholarships

by Pamela Tom
Cotati Student Stage
Planning an early arrival to attend this year’s Cotati Accordion Festival, August 17-18, 2019? Don’t miss the 6th annual Benefit Concert for Student Accordionists in downtown Cotati, CA at the Redwood Café (8240 Old Redwood City Highway), August 16. The concert starts 4:30 PM with an impressive line-up of popular western US accordionists. A $5.00 donation per person is requested to hear these outstanding entertainers:

Paul Betken; Reno Di Bono; Lou Jacklich and Colette Ogata; Frank Lima (AKA the Great Morgani); and, Sheri Mignano Crawford of Due Zhigi Baci (Two Gypsy Kisses with Michael Van Why, tenor).

The Student Stage competition takes place 9:30 AM on Saturday morning, August 17 in the Social Hall of the Church of the Oaks (175 Page St.), a few hundred yards from the South entrance of the Cotati Accordion Festival. The Social Hall is conveniently located at the intersection of W. Sierra Ave. and Page Street (just down from the Polka Tent).

Admission is free. Come and encourage young talented accordionists as they play their hearts out that morning. Student Stage Scholarship recipients will be announced during the Festival between 1:20 – 1:35 PM that same day.

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Christmas Market Europe Tour December 2-11

by Rita Barnea
December tour
See future publications for information on the Christmas Market Europe Tour with Chris and Edita Rybak/

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

New and Updated Sites

Titano Accordion Company

New and Updated Sites: CPez Academy by Cory Pesaturo

by Harley Jones
Cpez Academy logoThe CPez Academy is a Private Subscription based Class which provides 2 Masterclasses (90 minutes or so) a month with Cory Pesaturo on the interactive video conference app "Zoom", which can be used with computer, tablet, or phone.

The Masterclasses will cover aspects of improvisation for both non-improvisors & more pro-improvisors, music theory for all levels, chord changes, how to jam and learn what you hear instantly, and Many other musical aspects. In addition to the Masterclasses, documents & homework-like assignments will be provided to help out with your learning.

Through Zoom, these Masterclasses are fully interactive, and will be archived on private YouTube links, so if you can't be there for the live Masterclass, you can watch it whenever is good for you.

Voci Armoniche

New Music Composed by Stas Venglevski

by Harley Jones
K's MusetteTwo new compositions by Stas Venglevski are released.

Catalog: vstas060 K's Musette, for solo accordion
Catalog: vstas061 Shaking Waltz for solo accordion

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