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U.S. National Accordion News - 01-Mar-2021
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Editor's Note
ATG Memorial Tribute to Jeff Lisenby 02/21/21
Cancelled: NAA Convention in Dallas, Texas
Linda Soley Reed 2021 AAA Lifetime Achievement Award
AAA is going Virtual for Festival 2021 Competition Categories
NAA Presents 52 Challenges
2021 Coupe Mondiale Rules and Regulations Released
Welcome to the NAA Training Center
Stas Venglevski and Flutist Stephanie Jutt in Online Concert
Dan Newton in March 1 Online Concert

Voci Armoniche

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Passing of Chuck Berger
Dr. William Schimmel to Present Parts 5,6, 7 of New Virtual Work
Victor Prieto Trio at Terrazza in NYC
Brooklyn Accordion Club Celebrates 8 Years
Houston Accordion Orchestra Retreat
New Releases in the USA by Jacques Pellarin
Video: Alex Meixner New Composition - USA
Accordion Babes Calendar and “Accordion Revolution” Book Still Available

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Future events

Rescheduled to May 6-8, 2021 Dick Contino Tribute Concert at A World of Accordion Museum
American Accordionists’ Association Master Class and Concert Series July 30, 31, Aug.1
2021 Piazzolla Music Competition
Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration 2021

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Editor's Note

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Welcome to the March news. After one year of living with the pandemic, we thankfully find the musical and accordion world going strong. Accordionists made major adaptations of their concerts switching from live concerts to all types of online and streaming events. The audiences have shown appreciation by supporting their favorites through online donations, very important to working musicians and very much appreciated by them. Let’s all continue to generously support their livelihood and creative efforts to bring quality accordion music to the world.

Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Many of you have been fortunate to receive the vaccine. This month you will read about several live events taking place in the near future: concerts, competitions, festivals and more.

Wishing you all continuing good health and safety for you and your families.

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

ATG Memorial Tribute to Jeff Lisenby 02/21/21

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Jeff LisenbySee the Memorial page at: Jeff Lisenby

On February 21, 2021, the ATG presented a Memorial to Jeff Lisenby hosted by ATG President Mary Anne Covone. Over 100 people attended the live zoom event. It was a very emotional tribute to Jeff including photos of his career and family, videos by Jeff and friends.

Jeff Taylor, his prayer partner and musical friends for over 30 years offered a prayer for Jeff. He said, “ Our relationship was fraternal, never competitive, I paid for my first accordion with Jeff’s gigs that he gave me.” Jeff Taylor performed his emotional composition, “Elegy for Dr. Jeff”.

Jeff’s relatives, friends and musical colleagues offered moving tributes to him. I wish I had had the good fortune to meet him in person.

Joanne Cochran Sommers was his teacher. She said, “He was always prepared for his private lessons. He could read, had perfect pitch, and always listened to all kinds of music, and played all kinds of instruments. He helped everyone, and took all jobs, even while going to school. He was a music director, conductor, accordionist for many individuals. Jeff was a kind person his whole life, one great musician, a fine and gentle person. I respect and love him and will miss him.”

Among the many videos included are his accompaniment of his daughter singing at ATG 2003, 2014 Jazz Trio, trailer footage of “Ring of Fire” which Jeff conducted on Broadway, plus much more.

His daughter, Jaclyn Lisenby Brown, said, “Thank you to everyone who attended the Zoom memorial for Jeff Lisenby . Special thanks to ATG for organizing it, Mary Ann Covone Carden for hosting, and to Jeff Taylor, Joan C. Sommers, Jane Christison, Liz Finch, Mark Weston, Cindy Brown, and Tarryn Smith Wallin for speaking.

In case you missed it, highlights included:
- My 91-year-old grandmother telling other people they look old
- Jokes about Tupperware
- An orchestra of accordions playing “MacArthur Park”

We’re still planning to have an in-person jam session to celebrate Dad’s life sometime this spring. Watch for more info soon.”

Learn about the amazing life of Jeff Lisenby. See the above video. See the Memorial page on the USA News at: Jeff Lisenby

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Cancelled: NAA Convention in Dallas, Texas

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
NAA logo
CancelledIt is with great regret that NAA President Norman Seaton has had to announce that the March 2021 Convention due to be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas is cancelled due to Covid-19.

He said, “There just aren't enough people vaccinated right now. We don't want our convention attendees endanger, especially since many of our members and guests are in the higher Corona risk age group. I know many of us are disappointed, but it is important to us to be able to welcome you all again next year in good health! Stay Safe!”

The convention team will begin preparations for the 2022 event in November 2021.

For further information, watch the site: NAA

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Linda Soley Reed 2021 AAA Lifetime Achievement Award

by Joan Grauman, AAA Historian
Linda Soley ReedPlease mark your calendars and plan to join us as the American Accordionists' Association (AAA) honors our 2021 AAA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Linda Soley Reed, on May 23 at 3:PM EST.

Educator, performer, conductor, former AAA President, adjudicator and active AAA Board member for decades, Linda's extraordinary achievements will be celebrated in style!

This virtual presentation will feature a slideshow, videos, and performances by Frank Busso, Sr., Joe Cerrito, Don Gerundo, Guy Klucevsek, Dan Mastroiani, Eddie Monteiro, Alexander Poeluev, Mario Tacca, Mary Tokarski, Frank Toscano, and the world premiere of a piece composed for Linda by Dr. Robert Young McMahan.

There will be a tax deductible registration fee of $25 to attend the event. Please click on the link to purchase an "Event Ticket" at AAA-Store. You will receive a confirmation email and a link for Zoom prior to the May 23 event.

Hope to see you there!!

Voci Armoniche

AAA is going Virtual for Festival 2021 Competition Categories

by Harley Jones
AAA Logo
Mary TokarskiVirtual Contest Chairman, Mary Tokarski announces that the American Accordionists' Association (AAA) Festival 2021 Competition Categories will be virtual this year because of Covid-19.

The Rules, Regulations and Entry Forms will be included with the next AAA Newsletter and are online now at:

Categories will include all the Open and Standard Categories you have seen in the past with the addition of the new AAA Honors Categories. View the Honors Required Music list online and the ordering information.

Looking forward to seeing you virtually.

Accordion Jazz Chords

NAA Presents 52 Challenges

by Norman Seaton, NAA President
NAA logo
Norman SeatonWhat is the 52 Challenge all about, and why are we promoting it?

The best answer is that accordionists have suffered long enough this past year. We have had to forfeit our socially oriented in-person local accordion meetings, accordion festivals, workshops, lessons, conventions, and for some of us, playing engagements. For some, this has affected our income!

The National Accordion Association wanted to provide some ways to keep our members motivated. We want all of us to “Keep Moving Forward!” There are many things that we can still do despite the pandemic. So, we are sending out an activity by email every week that we hope will inspire accordionists to move forward with the accordion community.

Some activities are related to helping other players, such as our first week’s request to look over the NAA’s compilation of accordion teachers, vendors, and online meetings and workshops. We had asked to be informed of any that we were not aware of. We still want any additions to our existing list. One accordionist responded to the idea: ”This is great to keep the accordion spirit alive and make us feel connected.” This just about sums up why we are doing this!

Master Plan for the 52 Challenges Program:
1. Odd weeks are Help Others in the accordion community
2. Even weeks are self-motivated personal challenges

As an example of what we are doing, here is the activity for Week 2 (February 26):
Select and begin learning to play a new piece.
Any piece that appeals to you is fine. We suggest that you choose something not too difficult so you can have quicker gratification. Playing in public may just become possible sometime soon, so a new piece would be nice for you and your audience. And if you join in an online accordion meeting’s open mike, you will have a brand-new musical selection to perform!

Interested in Participating in the 52 Challenges Program?
For a number of years, the National Accordion Association has kept a master database of USA/Canadian accordionists’ contact information. The 52 Challenge mailings are being sent to those on this list. If you have not received any information about this program and wish to receive it in the future, please let us know so we can add you to the Master Accordionist database.

Contact Norman Seaton at


2021 Coupe Mondiale Rules and Regulations Released

by Kevin Friedrich, CIA Ambassador
74 coupe
74 CoupeThe 74th Coupe Mondiale will be held from 13-17 October 2021 in Munich, Germany, hosted by the CIA member, the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e.V. (DHV), Project Leader is First Vice-President: Georg Hettmann.

Our Coupe Mondiale in Germany also celebrates the milestone 90th Anniversary of the DHV, a founding member of the CIA.

The festival will feature competitions as follows:
• 73rd Coupe Mondiale
• Masters Coupe Mondiale
• Junior Coupe Mondiale
• International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
• Junior International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
• Chamber Music - Classical
• Chamber Music - World Music

2021 rules and regulations at: Coupe Mondiale
View hotel information and pictures of the concert venues at: Coupe Mondiale
Download printable event poster at: 2021CM-poster.pdf

The on-line entry system will open in Spring and the entry closing date is 25 August 2021.

You will find a complete Report of the 2019 Coupe Mondiale at:
In Chinese

Gary Dahl eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server system

Welcome to the NAA Training Center

by Sharon Seaton, Ed.D.
Sharon SeatonDr. Sharon Seaton, Coordinator says: "Welcome to the NAA Online Training Center. I have accepted the position of NAA Training Center Coordinator. While I am a professional accordionist with an earned doctorate in education (Ed.D.), I need a lot of help from the accordion world. Notice that we have three sections on this website for this reason. Review each of the three Moving Forward web pages and contribute your expertise. Remember, the newly reorganized NAA is now an official membership-driven, 501(3)( c) non-profit organization."

Here is the link for the NAA's COVID-19 survival kit:
National Accordion Association CIVID-19 Survival Kit

Welcome to Pandemic Year #2!
1. It was a great disappointment for both the Board of Directors and conventioneers to have to cancel both the 2020 and 2021 conventions. Conventioneers are probably thinking, “The convention is my motivation to play my accordion, to practice and become a better player, to have some new music to play for others at the convention.” One of our regular attendees recently wrote to us that, without places to play his accordion, it was hard to make himself continue to learn new music. Are you feeling that way, too?

2. Sharing music is not the only reason to come to the annual NAA Convention. Once upon a time, another conventioneer commented that the convention was not just a place to play the accordion; it was, let’s face it, a reunion of friends. How true! After years of attending, we realize that we have made friends who share our passion for the accordion, and yet we see these friends only once a year.

Along Comes Covid-19.
1. The whole world is shaken up beyond anything we could have imagined. Our routines are changed; the ways we do so many things have changed, perhaps forever in some areas.

2. And yes, the NAA Convention is one entity that has been rudely affected. We don’t anticipate the NAA Convention to be a thing of the past, just a temporary casualty. In the meantime, we want to offer something to our members to keep the momentum going. We thought about it and decided on a plan to propose for you to keep practicing the accordion and socializing with like-minded friends.

The Plan: 52 Challenge!
1. The NAA is offering to our members and guests what we have named the “52 Challenge.” Once a week for the next 52 weeks, we will create a project for you to initiate or complete that involves the accordion or some aspect of music. You will receive an email each Friday that reveals and explains the activity. Some activities will be quite easy to perform while others will consist of a more extended commitment of time and effort.
2. Our mission is to encourage our members to continue pursuing their love of the accordion! This is not a time for a break in accordion activity. It is true that most public accordion engagements have been on hold for the last year because of the need for players to remain distanced from each other and from audiences. We have missed playing and have missed each other!

Pandemic Survival Kit
1. The National Accordion Association, Inc. (NAA) under the direction of Dr. Sharon Seaton is launching a special service for the NAA membership and special friends. The Pandemic Survival Kit is starting on Friday, February 19, 2021, and will continue every Friday morning for fifty-two (52) weeks.

Weekly Procedure:
1. The challenge of the week will be delivered to accordionists starting on Friday of each week. In the event that the current challenge will result in information that is applicable to most accordionists, we want respondents to report to us so we can share. The challenge will then be due before the next weekend. Each challenge will have a link available so accordionists can automatically give the report to Norman and Sharon.

Report Results:
1. The summary of results will be displayed as useful information for all participants. As appropriate, changes will be made to the NAA website and/or NAA Facebook as appropriate.
Challenge 1: (The most elaborate, but useful, challenge of the year)
1. Challenge 1 is divided into four (4) related tasks that require a review the NAA website ( ), Google searches, etc., then completing the form required to help us improve our services.
1. Task 1: Review the NAA Home Page and forward names of others who should be remembered this year.
2. Task 2: Review the National Resources - National Teacher’s Webpage to help locate all active teachers.
3. Task 3. Review the National Resources -National Accordion Sales, Services, Supplies, and Organizations (Clubs) information
4. Task 4. Review the four (4) Training Center web pages to understand the new program.

Next week’s challenge will be totally different. It will be more personalized. In other words, next week’s challenge will be about you, not the NAA.

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Stas Venglevski and Flutist Stephanie Jutt in Online Concert

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Stas Venglevski and Stephanie Jutt
International prize-winning flutist Stephanie Jutt and Russian accordion (bayan) virtuoso Stas Venglevski combine to present Eastern European and Latin American music, among other classic gems. A pre-concert Zoom meeting with the artists begins at 3:15 ET on March 21, 2021. The concert will begin at 4:PM. The concert is sponsored by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Akron, Ohio.

Flutist Stephanie Jutt’s elegant artistry and passionate intellect have inspired musicians and audiences around the world. Her groundbreaking performances of new music, transcriptions, and traditional repertoire have made her a model for adventurous flutists everywhere. Stephanie Jutt’s recordings are available on Albany, Centaur, and GM Records. Her recent recordings, “Latin American and Spanish Masterpieces for flute and piano” and “Seducción” have recently been released on Albany Records, a result of extensive travels in South America.

Stephanie Jutt received first prize at the Concert Artist Guild and Pro Musicis International Soloist competitions, and was a finalist in the International Walter W. Naumburg Competition. She has performed in many recitals throughout the USA.

There will also be a Q & A with the Stasera Duo. Bring your questions for the artists, along with a favorite beverage, for this one-of-a-kind gathering via Zoom. Whet your appetite for the concert premiere. Attendees receive an entry in drawings to win a CD* by the artists or a $25.00 gift card to Olive Garden.

The Arts @ Holy Trinity is a ministry and outreach program sponsored by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Akron, Ohio.  Now in its 37th season, the annual concert series presents a wide range of musical styles and talents.  In addition to attracting nationally/internationally renowned, award-winning and award-nominated performance artists for the annual concert series, Arts @ Holy Trinity also provides outreach programs in the local community to foster growth of the performing arts.

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Dan Newton in March 1 Online Concert

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Daddy SqueezeDan NewtonDaddy Squeeze (Dan Newton) presents an online concert with a difference on March 1st, 2021 at 12:PM CT.

The concert is one of a regular series of lunchtime online concerts and will feature “Music from before the invention of the accordion”.

Excerpts from his website: Dan “Daddy Squeeze” Newton has been dazzling audiences with his creative accordion style for over 30 years. His fresh approach to the accordion and his mind-boggling repertoire of both original and traditional material will change the mind of the most hardened accordion skeptic.

Dan draws influences for songs and tunes from such sources as French Musette, Gypsy Swing, Cajun, Jug band, Tex-Mex and Cumbia. He calls this global gumbo “ethnoclectic” music. Daddy Squeeze entertains and also enlightens his audiences with stories and colorful anecdotes about the accordion and his experiences while making a living playing the instrument he loves. Dan has produced more than 25 albums for himself, his band, and other performers. He has appeared on recordings by other artists such as Garrison Keillor, Son Volt, The Proclaimers, Peter Ostroushko, Prudence Johnson and Pat Donohue.

His music was featured for one season on MTV's series The Real World: Paris. Dan has performed at the Lincoln Center, NY, Kennedy Center, Washington DC, Accordion Festivals in Vienna, Austria, San Antonio, TX and Cotati, CA, Bastille Days in Milwaukee, WI, Kaustinen Folk Festival in Finland and the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Dan was also a frequent guest on the Garrison Keillor’s radio show A Prairie Home Companion. Dan spends much of his time playing accordion with his group Café Accordion Orchestra, performing Vintage Swing, Latin, American, and French Café music. He leads a number of other bands including; Jumbo Ya Ya, The Rockin’ Pinecones, The Hula Peppers, and The Daddy Squeeze Band.

All of Dan's live streams dating back to March 17, 2020 are available to watch again any time by visiting his Facebook page. Dan will continue to stream every other Monday through the summer and resume weekly shows this fall. Dan shares, “Thanks for all your support. I can't wait to start playing for you in person again. Stay safe and healthy, spread love, touch people with your heart and keep singing and dancing!”

Requests are welcome on March 1, 2021.

For details email:

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Titano Accordion Company

Passing of Chuck Berger

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Chuck BergerVideo: Chuck Berger performs his Midi accordion version of "Solitaire" All sounds are being played live. Chuck does not use pre-recorder or sequence music. The Drums are from Ketron XD-3. Instrument voices used Emu Ultra Proteus; Emu Classic Keys and Ketron XD-3 controlled by Chuck Berger from his MIDI accordion.

AWW is saddened to learn of the passing of accordionist Chuck Berger in February 2021. Chuck Berger was a professional performer for over 40 years with a repertoire of the big band sounds of the 40’s … through music of the 70’s and 80’s!

Through the early years of his career, polka music was his mainstay while working with the big name polka bands in the Midwest. With the advent of the MIDI accordion, he precisely emulated all styles of music, whether it be big band, country, vocal groups, or polkas and waltzes (Swiss, German, Italian, Polish, to name a few). His sound from stage was equivalent to a 14-piece orchestra, without the aid of computer generated backing tracks.

Each instrument heard, including the acoustic accordion, was actually being played by Chuck. Thus, he became the true “One Man, Big Band”, and was referred to by many as the “Master of the MIDI accordion”.

Chuck continuously performed for such events as the prestigious USBDA Association, KIOTAC, polka dances and festivals, exclusive country clubs, private dance clubs, anniversaries, dinner shows, conventions, and cruise ships. Because of his love for the accordion, he went out of his way to perform for accordion clubs throughout the U.S. A repertoire of over 2000 songs made him a true crowd pleaser.

His unique style and personality will be missed by all.

Larry Malmberg eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server

Dr. William Schimmel to Present Parts 5,6, 7 of New Virtual Work

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
AAA Logo
Bill SchimmelCD“Tributaries” - a 7 Hour Work for Solo Accordion by William Schimmel is a set of pieces that explore the accordion in all facets, moods and styles. It is performed by Dr. William Schimmel. The works were presented on February 6, 13, 20, 27, 2021.

Parts 5,6, and 7 will be live streamed on YouTube on March 6, 13 and 20, 2021 from 3 to 4:PM EST - one hour concert per week $15 per concert or whatever is affordable - Specify which concert or concerts and a link will be sent prior.
1. Flow
2. Tributaries #1
3. Collide
4. Calm
5. Estuary
6. Current
7. Tributaries #2 -
Link to paypal:

Schimmel is the Artist in Residence of The American Accordionists' Association (AAA) where he also serves as Distinguished Lecturer in Residence and member of the Governing Board.

For further information email:

Gary Daverne CD's and eSheet music available online

Victor Prieto Trio at Terrazza in NYC

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Victor Prieto
VictorVideo: Víctor Prieto & The New York Voyagers.
Santiago Greco, Bass
Michael Olivera, drums

The Victor Prieto Trio will perform at Terraza 7 on April 1, 2021 at 7:PM in NYC. Victor said, “Please join me along with Ricky Rodriguez and Vince Cherico at Teraza 7 NY this coming April. Lets keep the music and art alive.”

Victor’s new project is “Victor Prieto & The New York Voyagers.” Travel through Victor’s world combining Galician-Celtic music, New York Jazz and Multi-Tonal singing. Victor's music unites the most beautiful of the cultures from separate corners of the world. Imagine the trance-like power of Tuvan singing, haunting beauty of Celtic music, the heat of Latin jazz and iconic brand of New York jazz, united by Victor’s accordion. A musician’s ever-present desire to learn and seek beauty in new things has lead him to learn Tuvan singing, the individual vibration control of the vocal chords and then incorporate them into his music.

As a New York-based accordionist and a native of Galicia, Spain he naturally combines sounds and ideas from different genre. His compositions are not only the culmination of this idea but it takes it to another level.

At the age of nine Victor was encouraged by his mother to study the accordion-an instrument deeply ingrained in Galician folklore. While studying classical accordion at the Orense Conservatory Victor understood the immense musical potential of his instrument and branched out from the classical education by concurrently taking harmony, arrangement and improvisation classes at Estudio Escola de Musica (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).

In 1998 Victor received a scholarship from Berklee College of Music where he majored in performance under the direction of Joanne Brackeen. Victor Prieto holds a Degree in Jazz Accordion Performance from Berklee College of Music (Boston), where he studied with a full schoolarship and a Diploma in Classical Accordion from Ouresnse - Spain Conservatory. 

Today Victor Prieto is using the accordion in uniques ways by creating new sounds and techniques for this instrument. His music embraces Jazz, Tango, Classical and Celtic Roots enriched with new rhythms and colors. He is the creator of a new technique for the accordion which creates rich and elaborate harmonies. For the past 20 years, Victor has been developing and improving his curriculum for teaching modern harmony and jazz for the accordion.These classes will help you establish a strong foundation in the understanding of modern harmony or jazz harmony in the accordion.

Victor performs with Santiago Greco, electric bass and Michael Olivera, drums.Some of Victor’s awards and prizes are: The Creative Performer award from the Spanish Association of Artists and Performers, and the first prize CMZK’s Concourse of Composition. As a leader Victor has performed at many prestigious venues and events such as Berklee Performance Center, Dizzy?s Club Coca-Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Blue Note NY, New Jersey Performance Art Center, Three Rivers Musical Festival, Williamsburg Jazz Festival, Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center. Victor has performed and recorded with Yo-Yo Ma (Songs of Joy and Peace, Sony BMG Masterworks. “2010 Grammy Winning Album”), Arturo O’Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra, Billy Hart, Jeff Ballard, Paquito D?Rivera, Matt Wilson, Donny McCaslin, Lionel Louke among others and is involved in projects such as The Maria Schneider Orchestra and Emilio Solla?s Jazz Tango conspiracy.

For further details email:

4 Music Books by Stas Venglevski

Brooklyn Accordion Club Celebrates 8 Years

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
BACThe Brooklyn Accordion Club celebrated their 8th anniversary on Feb.10, 2021. They have provided entertainment and education about the accordion during these years. The Brooklyn Accordion Club aims to build a community of accordion players of all levels and admirers in the heart of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Accordion Club Q & A
Q: What is Brooklyn Accordion Club?
A: Brooklyn Accordion Club (BAC) was founded in 2013, and is a community of accordionists and accordion enthusiasts in Brooklyn. All are welcome! Volunteer organizers plan open-mic, concerts, and workshops throughout the year. You can learn more about BAC via articles on ArtFiles and Village Voice.

Q: So a bunch of accordionists get together and play polka at the meeting? Geez....
A: No! One of the BAC missions is to provide the opportunity to listen to diverse types of music played on the accordion, and to discover how musically sophisticated the accordion can be! With that said, we embrace Polka : )

Q: I'm a beginner? Can I still join?
A: Yes, one of the BAC's missions is to provide performing opportunities to beginners and non-professionals. Many aspiring accordionists debuted their performances at BAC, and some have gone to Broadway a few years later : )

Q: So it's not for me, professional or advanced accordion player then?
A: Yes, many virtuoso accordionists including world champions from local areas and all over the world have performed or shared their talents via workshops and concerts at BAC meetings in the past. To name a few.. Guy Klucevsek (US), Hanzhi Wang (China), Petar Maric (Serbia), Duo Imagique (Poland), Cordeone Loic Da Silva, Feten Feten (Spain)... Local NYC area performers in the past include Vitor Goncalves, Rob Curto, Sy Kushner and more.

If you are willing to perform for fun and donate your time/talent, we'd be happy to take your offer! But we also recognize that musicians need to be compensated for what they do! BAC offers a small honorarium for performers and workshop presenters. Our budget, if there is any..., is super small so all your supports are appreciated! If you have an idea for a workshop, please email us!

Q: Do I need to be a member?
A: No, if you believe you are a member, you are! There is no membership due or enrollment. For a 'normal' in-person meeting, a small admission fee ($5-$10) will be taken at each event to cover the space rental fee and professional performer's honorarium. However, for this 'new normal' everyone is in together, admission is free and the meeting is conducted on Zoom! Everyone from anywhere around the world is welcome to join us.

Q: How can I help?
A: You can support BAC by helping with organizing, booking space, suggesting performers or workshop topics, or volunteering to perform at Open Mic. If you are able to help out, please let us know! A special thanks to all the devoted volunteers who have made BAC possible! Cannot name you all, but you know we mean you!

BAC began their 2021 workshops on 2/28. They are looking for accordionists around the world to present at meetings. If interested, please email

Amy Jo Sawyer CD titled According to Amy

Houston Accordion Orchestra Retreat

by Stas Venglevski
Houston Accordion Retreat 2022
The 4 day event presented by Stas Venglevski and the Houston Accordion Orchestra was a Retreat with a Tango Fever theme was a very successful. Originally 40 individuals had signed up to participate, but because of the Covid crisis the final count was reduced to 14 orchestra members plus their spouses and guests. 

Stas found the level of musicianship was very strong with members fully prepared with their parts, and found it hard to believe that after only the first rehearsal the orchestra was prepared and nearly ready to refine their repertoire. 

The Houston Accordion Orchestra Retreat has many features to it. The Original Music Compositions Concert was a particularly tremendous success. This is where a member shares his or her original composition by performing it as a solo piece during the concert. Five members participated and it was good to see such interest.

What a surprise it was for everybody that one of the orchestra members, Megumi Hada, completed 18 compositions – each one a jewel – and she had never composed a piece previously!  She also provided a book, called Voyage, with an accompanying CD.

It is apparent the audience appreciation motivated the performers and are looking forward to this event next year which will be held January 13-16, 2022. Next year’s theme will be an exciting one.  It is being promoted as “A Collage of European Music” and will future the music of Russia, France, Italy, Moldova, Finland and Azerbaijan in addition to a world premiere of a new orchestral Overture by Stas. The hotel and location could not be improved upon for our type of event. Please consider attending!

Titano Accordion Company

New Releases in the USA by Jacques Pellarin

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3
Jacques PellarinJaques PellarinComposer/accordionist Jacques Pellarin said that he feels honored to have his accordion music included in the exciting new comedy film “French Exit”. The film was released on February 21, 2021 American Movie theaters, Cinemas.

It is a Sony Pictures Classics in the USA with, among others, the wonderful actress Michelle Pfeiffer. The film was directed by Azazel Jacobs, based on the novel of the same name by Patrick deWitt, who also wrote the screenplay. The world premiere took place at the New York Film Festival on October 11, 2020.

Video 1: The composition "Fleur de bossa":
Video 2: Movie Trailer:

Musicians are:
Composer accordionist Jacques Pellarin
Guitarist Jim Cohen
Drums David Bopdrummer
Upright bass Christopher Davis-Shannon

Jacques also announces the official presence of one of his compositions in the film "Separation" to be released in 2022 in the USA.
Video 3: "Orgue des Faubourgs"
from the Film trailor for "Separation"

"A young girl finds solace in her artist father and the ghost of her dead mother. "
Cast: Rupert Friend, Brian Cox, Madeline Brewer, Mamie Gummer
Directed by William Brent Bell.
Film editor Brian Berdan (Special thanks! )
Production Companies
Yale Productions
Post Film (in association with)
RainMaker Movies
The Machine Room

Jacques Pellarin is a composer, accordionist and a Music producer well known internationally for The French Chic & Eclectic Accordion collection from Jacques Pellarin music productions. He has created 15 albums including Jazz - French cinema - Latin Jazz - Crossover traditionnal to Classic music. He has toured in the USA, Europe & Japan with bands like Baikal duo, Jacques Pellarin trio & now the duet JAC & CO.

His music was played more than 100 times on Morning Edition (NPR) in recent years. Jacques has recorded two Masterings for NHK TV - Japan.The music has been added in a national documentary as "Song titles", June 16th 2018 and also available in the NHK Music catalogue. Three of Jacques's compositions were featured in this beautiful playlist Music Apple around the theme of Paris Cafe classic French Vibes including Edith Piaf, Michel Legrand, Charles Aznavour, Manu Dibango, Babik Reinhardt, Avishai Cohen, Jacques Pellarin ...

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Jeff Lisenby CD A Spy In Tortuga

Video: Alex Meixner New Composition - USA

by Harley Jones
Video: New composition by Alex Meixner titled "Give It A Go!"


Accordion Babes Calendar and “Accordion Revolution” Book Still Available

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Accordion RevolutionAccordion CalendarThe Accordion Babes are teaming up with Bruce Triggs of Accordion Noir Radio to provide the ultimate gift for accordion lovers. From now until March 1st, you can order a copy of the Accordion Babes 2021 Pin-Up Calendar (with CD) and a copy of “Accordion Revolution: A People’s History of the Accordion in North America from the Industrial Revolution to the Age of Rock ‘n Roll” by Bruce Triggs. $40 Accordion Lovers Calendar, CD, and Book Combo +$7 shipping.

Bruce Triggs is an accordion historian from Vancouver, Canada who spent ten years researching the development and cultural history of the accordion to create this book. It covers everything from the origins and workings of the instrument to bands who have popularized the accordion throughout the 20th century.

In order to promote the calendar, and to keep connecting with friends and fans, the Accordion Fridays live concert series is continuing. Every two weeks live-streamed concerts are offered via the Accordion Babes Facebook page.The first concerts of 2021 began on January 1st; and are repeated every two weeks.

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Future events

The International Trio, CD Available online, secure server

Rescheduled to May 6-8, 2021 Dick Contino Tribute Concert at A World of Accordion Museum

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
Dick ContinoDr. Mike MiddletonThe Dick Continuo Tribute Concert at A World of Accordion Museum will take place May 6-8, 2021 in celebration of World Accordion Day. Mike Middleton will perform.

Mike Middleton said, “I have the honor of paying tribute to the late great Dick Contino. Dick was one of the most successful and famous accordionists in US history. He was a hero of mine and many other accordionists. I'll be performing some selections including his signature song "Lady Of Spain" at the A World of Accordion Museum in Superior, Wisconsin (near Duluth, Minnesota) at which I serve on the Board of Directors....coming up in May for World Accordion Day.”

Dr. Mike Middleton is an accordionist and his main musical interests are Midi Enhanced Accordion music from all genres. He performs mainly for charity events and local festivals, including all styles of international accordion music. Mike also enjoys arranging compositions on the accordion, and has recently been performing at many churches and for senior groups throughout Central Texas. Mike’s latest performances include his renditions/arrangements of "Ghostriders in the Sky", "Variations on an Amazing Grace", "Beer Barrel Polka Variations", "Russian Minka Variations", and other favorites.

Dr. Middleton is currently employed as Director of Nuclear Medicine and Professor of Radiology, at the Scott & White Clinic/Texas A&M Health Science Center. He has served as President of the American College of Nuclear Physicians and the Southwest Chapter of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, Secretary/Treasurer of SNMMI, and other leadership positions. He has also been Secretary of the Scott & White Clinic Healthcare Board of Directors, 2008-present. Dr. Middleton has also been nominated for VP-Elect of the SNMMI.

Dr. Mike Middleton has been entertaining audiences in central Texas for over 3 decades. While in college, he was named Texas State Champion accordionist in 1981 & 1982, and had placed in several national competitions. To help pay for medical school, he was contracted as a repeat solo performer at the famed Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas as well as other venues. In 2001, after 2 decades of not competing, Dr. Middleton won the (one time only) Accordionist and Teachers Guild/Texas Accordion Association's International Texas Folk Accordionists Competition in San Antonio, Texas.

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

American Accordionists’ Association Master Class and Concert Series July 30, 31, Aug.1

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
AAA Logo
The American Accordionists’ Association presents the Seminars Master Class and Concert Series on July 30, 31 and August 1, 2021. The Seminars, entitled “The Twilight Time” (The magical place from light to darkness) will be curated by Dr. William Schimmel.

Dr. Schimmel shares, “Welcome to our 27th Year and like last year, the master classes and concerts will be virtual. On each day there will be a master class from 3 to 4:PM EST and a concert following from 4 to 5:PM EST. The topics will include:
A new AAA commissioned work
51 ways to go oom pah
Playing the Accordion for babies
The use of the Accordion for Special needs adults
Sea Shanties
The accordion in confined space
The Accordion and Alcohol - including Happy Hour
The Accordion and no Alcohol

New exciting videos:
The accordion and the “chi”
The resonance of the accordion when absent
Which/What - Which accordion for what purpose
Unusual accordions and accordion replacements and how to use them
Art Songs, Indie Songs and new takes on Rapture Hymns and Psychedelic

And, Twilight Time: The distinguished participants will be announced in the next month including the Seminar Team and new participants”

$110 for entire weekend - $40 per day - $20 per individual master class or concert

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Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

2021 Piazzolla Music Competition

by Christine Johnstone
Promo video of Piazzolla Music Competition.

Marking Astor Piazzolla’s 100th anniversary, the Fundacion Astor Piazzolla is launching the first edition of the Piazzolla Music Competition.

The competition, aimed at both soloists and ensembles, seeks to find musicians of any instrument or voice type, with an affinity for Piazzolla’s work, who will be able to add to the composer’s catalog.

Applicants can include pre-professional or professional soloists or ensembles of no more than six. They can be of any nationality, and must be at least 13 years of age to send in video submissions performing the music of Piazzolla.

The grand prize includes a cash reward, a recording and release deal with PARMA Recordings Navona Records, as well as a concert tour throughout China arranged and funded by PARMA.

Other prizes include a masterclass from Pablo Zeigler, and an invitation to perform with a leading overseas orchestra.

The competition jury, headed by Pablo Ziegler (former member of Piazzolla’s quintet), will include bandoneonists Hector del Curto (Argentina), Daniel Binelli (Argentina/Spain), Walther Castro (Argentina) and accordionist, bandoneonist & composer Cesare Chiacchiaretta (Italy).

Competition entries close on April 18th, 2021. The winners will be announced on 15th June 2021.

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration 2021

by Rita Davidson Barnea, Editor USA Accordion News
LIACThe LIAC, sponsored by the Northwest Accordion Society, will take place on:
June 17-20 2021 - outdoor event (due to Covid): Because of COVID, Festhalle activities will have to be cancelled this year. However, the good news is that there intend to have plenty of entertainment at the gazebo. There will also be a lovely garden space for jamming and workshops outdoors. There are also plans to have a virtual adjudication event for students. LIAC is excited to have a great, yet safe festival for accordionists and tourists.  

For those wishing to perform at the gazebo during LIAC 2021, contact Doris Osgood to reserve your performance time.  A sign- up schedule may be viewed at beginning April 1, 2021 The schedule is for viewing only as in years past.  

LIAC 2022: The program which was planned for 2020 and moved to 2021 is now being moved to June 16 – 19, 2022.  This includes the Festhalle program, workshops, and Grange activities. The LIAC website will be updated to show the “who, what, when” for 2022.

Contact Doris: or 503-357-0417

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