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U.S. National Accordion News - 01-Sep-2019
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Titano Accordion Company


Editor's Note
Breaking News: Passing of Count Guido Robert Deiro (1938 - 2019) - Las Vegas
Joan Sommers & Chen Weiliang Conduct the World Accordion Orchestra XI - China
Carrozza Scholarship Dinner, September 8, Joey Miskulin to receive AAA Lifetime Achievement Award 
Nathan Chapeton, USA Representative at 2019 Coupe Mondiale, Shenzhen, China
The AAA Seminars - A Total Success - 25th Anniversary Year
Free Trip to New Zealand for Teacher of Winner and Student - New Zealand
Las Vegas International Accordion Convention 20th Anniversary Celebration
Michael Bridge and Kornel Wolak on USA Touring Debut
2019 IDEAS Symposium Schedule is Now Available
Jamie Maschler to Play Accordion in “Indecent” at the Seattle Repertory Theatre
Stas Venglevski in Concert on September 8
United States Air Force Strings Concert Series, Washington, DC
Digital Accordions to Shake Up Massachusetts Fairs (Performing for Thousands)
Carrefour Mondial de L'Accordeon Festival, Montmagny
Accordion Pops Orchestra Concert on September 22

Voci Armoniche

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International, 79th Annual Festival a Big Success
Dan Fedoryka, Accordionist for Scythian at Appaloosa Festival
NAMM Museum of Making Music Closes Successful Accordion Exhibition
Cory Pesaturo’s Summer Activities
Richard Noel Returns as Presenter at IDEAS Symposium 2.0 Nov. 6-9
The CAA/AAA Present Whitebeard's Bretheren Hoard
Bill Schimmel Performs with The Yorkvillians on September 7th in NYC
NESI 2019 20-22 September
Zev Zions and Ken Maltz Perform for LIAA
Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini in Fall Concerts
Polka Hall of Fame 2019 Nominees Announced
Classical Accordion and Strings Oct. 27 in Louisville, Kentucky
Accordion Student Thomas Jonathan Shamla Wins $10,000 Aviation Scholarship
Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Future events

Henry Doktorski to Perform for Atlanta Opera’s Production of “Frida” in October
Castelfidardo Accordion Factory Trip April 21-25, 2020
Rose City Accordion Camp June 7-12, 2020
Not Just Oompah! Accordion Workshops & Concert June 26-28, 2020 in Austin

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Editor's Note

by Rita Barnea
The September USA news features Coupe Mondiale reports, Octoberfest celebrations, premieres, festivals, and much more. As always, we include many videos and cover accordion events all over the North American continent. It is not too late to register and attend many of them.

Read the September USA news to discover your next accordion adventure!

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Breaking News: Passing of Count Guido Robert Deiro (1938 - 2019) - Las Vegas

by Rita Barnea
Guido Deiro and Guido Jnr.
Video and musical tribute by Cory Pesaturo, Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
Cory is playing the historic last Vaudeville accordion of Guido Snr. which he played from 1936 to about 1940. The only accordion he ever played that had his name on it, Guido Jr. claimed.

Count Guido Robert DeiroOn September 12th, 2019 Count Guido Robert Deiro passed away in a Las Vegas hospital. Born Feb. 18, 1938, he was 81 years of age and is survived by his wife Joan, his children and grandchildren. There will be no wake funeral or celebration of life.

Eulogy by Cory Pesaturo

- A Military Test Pilot (one of the most dangerous jobs in the world)
- Awarded for his Meteorite findings
- One of the first auctioneers of hotels in the country and First in Nevada
- An Official Count, & Grand Chancellor of the ancient chivalry Order of St. John
- One of the first Plane Racers
- Massively involved in world charity donations
- Was Knighted
- An FOC rated Fencing Referee and is credentialed by the Academie d’Armes Internationale and US Fencing Coaches Association and former Chaiman of the Nevada Division of the US Fencing Association
- Created a fake airline with the CIA during the Cold War to help with efforts in Africa and flew many secret missions there and was involved in gun fights
- Auctioneer of collectable coins
- Was friends with the early Jewish Mafia of Las Vegas
- Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award
- On the board of the Nevada Museum of Art for his work to help artists
- A racecar driver and owner of many high performance race cars
- A boat captain
- Brought Pavorotti to Las Vegas for the first time
- A member of the Quiet Birdman
- One of the pioneers of Earth Art
- Operated one of the first gyms in Las Vegas
- An author
- Was a Boss on the Casino Floor for card games
- An actor in various movies and was on the Board of Directors of the International Film Festival CineVegas, and was a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild
- Howard Hughes’ personal pilot
and last of all,
- Spent 10 years organizing and cataloguing his fathers music, pictures, items, and data, along with writing the book “Mae West and the Count” which came out only a few months ago.

This was the life of 1 single man who became one of my dearest friends in my entire life, and my favorite fan; Count Guido Robert Deiro. We so sadly lost him this week.

And trust me; there is more. There are also many more “First in Las Vegas” and “First in Nevada” records I’m missing. It is simply too much to remember.

All of it sounds impossible and simply not-believable. But the son of the "Father of the Piano Accordion" had everything documented to go along with a gargantuan amount of evidence for everything he said, from a Cuban Sargent’s medal given to him by one of his Nigerian Soldier’s during his secret trips to Africa, to his Ferrari Club of Nevada badge, to the actual meteorite he found, to his mountain of certificates from every field of the world, to pictures with Howard Hughes and parties he was invited to which included the likes of William Randolph Hearst, to videos of him in his prototype race car.

As someone that spent so many hours with him on the phone, and was at his house 4 times for 10 days scoring through piles of objects, I can tell you; It was all there. It was all true.

His incredible memory of pilot friends who died in the 50’s to who ran what organization that he dealt with in the 70’s or what secretary of a politician he had to smooth over to get a deal done in the 90’s was savant-like. He was, and may still be in 2019, the "Most Interesting Man in the World".

This week, we have lost one of the great Renascence Men of the 20th century, and our closest connection to Piano Accordion History in North America. The man who started it all.


Cory Pesaturo
Mae West and the Count

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Joan Sommers & Chen Weiliang Conduct the World Accordion Orchestra XI - China

by Rita Barnea
World Accordion Orchestra XI poster
Video 1: Carefree! The Yi People based upon folk songs

Video 2: Triumphal March from Aida by G. Verdi

Video 3: Long live the Motherland!, composed by Liu Chi and Qin Yongcheng
World Accordion Orchestra posterThe Accordion Association of Chinese Musicians' Association (CAA) welcomed the World Accordion Orchestra XI to the Final Concert of the 72nd Coupe Mondiale Festival in Shenzhen, China, 12-17 August 2019.

The World Accordion Orchestra XI of approximately 120 players were led by famous Chinese conductor Chen Weiliang and the amazing Joan Sommers, founder and also Musical Director of the World Accordion Orchestra XI.

Video 1: Carefree! The Yi People based upon folk songs,
Video 2: Triumphal March from Aida by G. Verdi
Video 3: Long live the Motherland!, composed by Liu Chi and Qin Yongcheng and adapted by the Beijing Children’s Palace Accordion Orchestra.

Full picture report at:
World Accordion Orchestra XI

Titano Accordion Company

Carrozza Scholarship Dinner, September 8, Joey Miskulin to receive AAA Lifetime Achievement Award 

by Rita Barnea
Carrozza posterThe American Accordionists' Association (AAA) annual Carrozza Scholarship Fund Dinner Dance will honor country artist hall of fame celebrity, Joey Miskulin on Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 12 noon until 5:PM. at the Famme Furlane of NA Club in College Point, NY 11356.

“Joey”, the accordionist in the group Riders in the Sky, who gained fame performing at age 13 with Polka King, Frankie Yankovic, will receive the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the American Accordionists’ Association (AAA) on September 8th. Joey will honor us by performing several of his well known selections.

The Carmen Carrozza Scholarship Fund was founded in 2002 with a $2,000 donation by long-time AAA sponsor, the late Steve Stolaruk. The purpose of the fund is to grant a music scholarship to deserving young accordionists who participate in the Carmen Carrozza Scholarship Solo competition at the AAA Festival. The winners of the 2019 Carmen Carrozza Memorial Competition are Nathan Chapeton (Open Division) and Gia Ciccone (Junior Division) pictured below.

Join us for an afternoon of great food, music and dancing with members of the Long Island Accordion Alliance, Domnic Karcic, Frank Toscano, Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini and our guest of honor, Joey Miskulin.

2019 Carrozza Scholarship Dinner flyer & registration form: 2019CarrozzaDinner.pdf
Joey Miskulin, Nathan Chapeton, Gia Ciccone

Voci Armoniche

Nathan Chapeton, USA Representative at 2019 Coupe Mondiale, Shenzhen, China

by Rita Barnea
Coupe Mondiale header
Nathan Chapeton, AAA USA Representative, 2019 Coupe Mondiale Masters category.
Nathan ChapetonThe 2019 Coupe Mondiale was held in Shenzhen City, China from 12 to 17 August. Representing the USA AAA was Nathan Chapeton, competing in the Coupe Mondiale Masters category which had an enormous 49 contestants playing over three full days of competition.

The Masters category with its 20 minute program, was widely considered one of the most difficult categories to win, with so many contestants and such a high level of performance.

Radu Ratoi, 2018 Coupe Mondiale Champion entered the 2019 Coupe Mondiale Masters category and with a really strong performance (23.67 marks), was over half a mark more than the 2nd place, and won the Masters Category. 2nd was Nikita Ukrainskiy (Russia) with 23.10 marks and an even closer 3rd and 4th was Veljko Milojkovic (Serbia) with 23.03 marks and Jinghan Lin (China) with 23.02 marks.

Nathan Chapeton performed excellently (enjoy video above) and was placed very creditably in the top third of the players. Nathan Chapeton performed:
J.S. Bach, Prelude And Fugue In G Major
Viatcheslav Semionov, Prophetic Dream
Franck Angelis, Suite, Mov. III Asia Flashes
A. Kusyakov, Sonata No. 6

Nathan Chapeton is a very gracious and modest person. He shares his thoughts with us:
"Over the summer I had the privilege to compete in Shenzhen, China. I placed 16th out of 49 contestants. I myself am very satisfied with my results and with the work I’ve done with my teacher Mary Tokarski. The first stop of my 5-week trip was actually Valley Forge, PA for the American Accordion Festival. I finally got to meet concert accordionist Michael Bridge and we discussed a plethora of all-things accordion.

I got to experience the paradise-like and breathtaking town of Sauris, Italy as well, my second and last time stop before China. I had the opportunity to study with Peter Soave and Professor Viatcheslav Semionov, as well as other excellent and well respected accordion teachers. I gave several concerts and had such a blast with them and so many others!

There is so much more that happened and forgive me if I do not mention those who I shared these experiences with.I would like to thank the AAA and the members who are a part of the board who have supported me all these years. I would also like to thank those who come to the festival just to listen to the music.This experience was truly once in a lifetime."
Nathan Chapeton, Mary Tokarski

Accordion Jazz Chords

The AAA Seminars - A Total Success - 25th Anniversary Year

by William Schimmel
AAA Logo, William Schimmel
Bill, Micki, Pamela,Dr. William Schimmel moderated and curated the 25th Anniversary of the American Accordionists’ Association Master Class and Concert Series - THAT MEANS WHAT! It was wonderfully attended and the level was at its highest point. Five participants received AAA merit Awards for their participation spanning 25 years: Dr. Robert Young Mc Mahan, Micki Goodman Schimmel, Paul Stein, Godfrey Nelson, Lorraine Nelson Wolf and Lee Mc Clure.

The Seminars were brought to the AAA by Dr. William Schimmel with the idea of presenting all facets of the accordion to The New York Artistic Community, with the notion of finding ways to find new angles of expression, composition, video art, performance, dance, design, trapeze, as well as new takes on old ideas and bringing the Accordion Ancestry into fresh new light.The response has been overwhelming in the establishment of an accordion culture in New York City and its influence has gone global.

Participant Elliot Sharp Roads shared, “This is the 25th edition of Bill's annual accordion seminar! I was honored to be invited to take part again - my third year in a row. Besides being an incredible virtuoso with a musical history of unmatched breadth and depth, Bill is an amazingly nice guy and genial host. Audience and performers both are made to feel welcome and the programming is eclectic to the max. I brought the Telecaster Thinline that I had outfitted with a Charlie Christian-style neck pickup and plugged into a MaxiMouse portable amp for a gritty but well-defined sound. Bill suggested "Interpolations" as the theme for our 12-minute improvisation and that's what we ran with, exploring the implications of the definition with shards of noise and fragmented hints of bebop, Indian music, blues, and free jazz in a breathless rush.

Highlights of the evening's festivities included Le Chat Noir, the opening duet of Bill's with his wife, Micki Goodman-Schimmel, an electrifying dance performer; Will Holshouser's intricate and spellbinding solo pieces performed by himself on accordion; Benjamín Ickíes' rendition of Kurt Weill's Nana's Lied; David Soldier's De Witt Etudes 2 & 3; and Robert Mcmahan's Meditation for Accordion and Flute performed by him and flutist Denise Koncelik.”

Photo left: Bill Schimmel, Micki Goodman-Schimmel, Pamela Grayson
Photo left: Paul Stein
Photo below: Bill Schimmel and Peter Jarvis
Photo below: Micki Goodman-Schimmel and Bill Schimmel

Dr. Schimmel will soon unveil the plans for the 26th year.

For further information:
Dr. William Schimmel
William Schimmel, Miki Goodman-Schimmel


Free Trip to New Zealand for Teacher of Winner and Student - New Zealand

by Rita Barnea
New Zealand
Gary DaverneThe New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) announces the 2020 International Video Competition & Promotion of Accordion Music by famous New Zealand composer Gary Daverne (picture right).

This is a great opportunity for the teacher and one winner accordionist to visit New Zealand.

This is a free online "Video Competition for Accordionists of all ages and nationalities" with a 1st prize of two round trip air tickets to New Zealand to the 2020 South Pacific Accordion Championships, 30-31 May 2020, Auckland, New Zealand. Accommodation for 3 nights included plus some additional other concert/holiday possibilities.

Contestants must send a .mp4 video recording of one (or more) work/s composed by Gary Daverne who has a wide repertoire of compositions for accordion including:
- solo;
- accordion duet or accordion with another instrument;
- accordion trio/ensemble or accordion with string ensemble;
- accordion orchestra;
- accordion soloist with accordion orchestra or accordion soloist with string orchestra or accordion soloist with symphony orchestra.

The accordion music is available for any contestant free of charge upon request.

The international jury will be: Gary Daverne, Kevin Friedrich, Grayson Masefield, Stephanie Poole.

Entries online close 5th January 2020.

Full information at:

Gary Dahl eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server system

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention 20th Anniversary Celebration

by Rita Barnea
Las Vegas Accordion Event
Las Vegas EventLVIAC Coordinator Paul Pasquale shares: “ From October 14 – 17, 2019 we will celebrate our 20th year in Las Vegas with an Accordion Event (Party) of a lifetime! There are a few great reasons to attend – but perhaps the biggest reason is this year’s lineup of Accordion Stars including Prof. Friedrich Lips!

Yes you read that correct Prof. Lips – a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear and be in workshops with the most famous accordionist and accordion Professor in all of Europe and Russia.

Books by Prof. Lips include:
Catalog kslips00 The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically
Catalog kslips01 Die Kunst des Bajanspiels ist ein Buch für Akkordeonisten
Catalog kslips02 Die Kunst der Bearbeitung klassischer Musik für Akkordeon
Catalog kslips03 The Art of Arranging Classical Music for Accordion

Of course we will be featuring the BEST of the BEST – with talent like Cory Pesaturo, Grayson Masefield, Stas Venglevski and MORE, plus Prof. Joan Sommers conducting the Las Vegas International Accordion Orchestra!

Come join the FUN – and be a part of our ROARING TWENTIES Celebration. The Las Vegas International Accordion Convention – where everyone is a STAR!

Those who have attended come back year after year because they know what fun and what a great value! If you have not attended then come find out why nothing else compares to the Accordion Celebration in Las Vegas!"

When – October 15-18, 2019 – Rooms only $47 per night on our block with a special $12 per night resort fee savings!

Plus we will take $50 off your registration when you book on the convention block – in addition to the Early Bird savings by registering before March 15!

There are 4 options to choose from!

Single Attendee Package – $680.00
All events
All 7 concerts
7 Meals
Single Attendee & Evening Partner – $1025.00
Same as Single Attendee Package
Adds One guest admission to each of the four evening concerts/meals
Double Attendee Package – $1175.00
Same as Single Attendee Package
Adds all events, all 7 concerts and 7 meals for an additional person
Evenings Only Package – $440.00
4 Concerts with dinner

Key Benefits of Attending the Convention

Join the fun and make new friends from all over the World.
See the latest in new accordions with factory exhibits.
Hotel accommodations are very inexpensive.
Be inspired by some of the finest.
Learn from the masters.

For registration details view the website:
The Las Vegas International Accordion Convention
or contact event organizer Paul Pasquali at

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Michael Bridge and Kornel Wolak on USA Touring Debut

by Rita Barnea
Michael Bridge and Kornel Wolak

Michael Bridge and Kornel WolakVideo 1: Bach - "Violin Partita in E Major"
Video 2: "Petite Fleur"

From October 22 - November 17, 2019, accordionist Michael Bridge and clarinetist Kornel Wolak will be making their USA touring debut with 19 concerts throughout the USA Midwest. If they’re not coming to your area this time, keep watching for their March 2020 USA tour.

Michael Bridge (accordions) and Kornel Wolak (clarinet) are an internationally acclaimed duo, pushing the limits of their instruments and musical styles into the 21st Century. They perform a uniquely orchestrated repertoire of classical, world and jazz fusion. With deft virtuosity, and endless wit, Bridge & Wolak have been called the “Victor Borges of the 21st Century.”

Fun-loving gentlemen (with seven degrees in music performance), they offer a complete suite of educational programming. In demand on three continents, they were nominated for the BC Touring Artist of the Year award in 2019. “Watch and be amazed!” —CBC

They will also perform at Taste of The Kingsway Sunday, Sept 8, 2019 at 11:AM on the Audi Queensway Mainstage, Toronto, Ontario.

Schedule below. For further information email:
Michael Bridge and Kornel Wolak

James O'Brien eSheet music, emailed to you, secure bank server

2019 IDEAS Symposium Schedule is Now Available

by Rita Barnea
Joe Natoli shares this in relation to the 2019 IDEAS Symposium 2.0 newly posted for this year’s schedule: 2019IdeasSchedule.pdf

“TA-DA!!! The 2019 Symposium Schedule has arrived. Applause! (especially for Michael Soloway). Last year it kept evolving up to the last week, and some final tweaks may yet still occur until the last week this year too. here it is in very complete form ready for all attendees to use and absorb. This is going to be an amazing year. if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Michael Soloway or myself (Joseph Natoli) at "”.

Those of you who have received questionnaires from Michael, now that you have the schedule in your hands, please try to return those questionnaires as soon as you can. If you haven’t received them yet, please expect them in the next 7-10 days.”

2019 IDEAS Symposium Schedule: 

Michael Soloway commenting on this year’s International Digital Electronic Accordion Symposium (IDEAS):
“Man, what a schedule this year! We learned so much last year and made many changes based upon our experience and all the experience that was shared with us. Looking it over, we can safely say with confidence that there is nothing like this anywhere else in the world for digital accordionists."

Richard Noel will be back with a 4-part track of his own for those who love his sounds and programs and want to get up close and personal with the man who created them. Richard will also be participating with Alex Chudolij and I in creating and delivering the ultimate experience in the Technology Tracks.

We also now have a Technology department with three levels of training courses - Tech I, Tech II and Tech III - entirely divided up by instrument as well this year. The Technology department will now have full and complete "spin-offs" into Tracks of their own so that the Tech Level Tracks can be dedicated and purer this year. 

One spin-off is Michael’s "Using the Set Editor and Creating Your Perfect Accordion" with two Track sessions all of its own. Another one is "MIDI For The Roland" with Greg Volovic and yet another very serious spin-off track is three sessions on the BK-7M module with none other than Markus Baggio himself along with Greg Volovic! It will be followed by an extra session not part of the Track about Advanced Peripheral Use.

Digital Recording this year will go all the way into green screen video recording and production. There are two very complete and exciting tracks on Forscore and MobileSheets headed by Markus Baggio and Kenn Baert designed so that a newbie can go home fully versed and functional in one of their choices and users can use it to move up to their next level of experience.

In the Technology department we are working very hard to have a very intense and intimate student/teacher ratio so each session will have clinicians available for on-the-spot assistance and participation. Imagine names like Joe Natoli and Kenn Baert being 8x clinicians and at your service for help in Tech Level I and II this year! Bob Donovan will be running Tech Level I with the personal presence of all of these clinicians as well for the 8x and Alex Chudolij and Michael Soloway for the 4x with help from Lennie Feldmann, with Bob will be involved across the Technology spectrum.

Open sessions of 2-3 hours led by Matthias Matzke on music and programming and playing as only he can.

And a very large track of three deep sessions called the Musical World of Eddie Monteiro with none other than the man himself. Also Lenny Feldmann will be speaking about Frank Marocco in the Digital World with Sam Falcetti repeating his successful programs on bass technique and song playing. Chris Theis, 2 time Grammy winner, producer and sound engineer, is developing his 3 session Track even further this year on Accordion Sound Engineering.

And those are just the daytime activities! Three morning concerts, two even concert spectaulars, participative duets with student/faculty and much much more. You can choose from this densely pack schedule according to your needs and goals. Also, don’t forget that the amazing Cory Pesaturo is giving one on one master classes throughout the Symposium! To quote the great Tony Lovello: "Here it comes! Don't miss it!"

For further information:

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

Jamie Maschler to Play Accordion in “Indecent” at the Seattle Repertory Theatre

by Rita Barnea
Jamie Maschler
Accordionist Jamie Maschler will play the accordion for the play, “Indecent” at the Seattle Rep from September 20-October 26, 2019. Jamie said, “I feel like I’ve been prepping for this show my whole life. Perk #1:I finally get to play with Kate Olson Perk #2: Alexander Sovronsky is an amazing music director Perk #3: the whole cast is amazing. Indecent is a powerful drama from Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogel. “Indecent” charts the true story of a controversial 1906 play, Sholem Asch's God of Vengeance.”

Following its recent success on Broadway, this critically acclaimed Tony Award-winning play with music comes to Seattle Rep featuring an ensemble of actors and musicians who bring to life one of the most engrossing scandals in theater history. The production is approximately one hour and forty five minutes.

About Jamie Maschler: Carving her name in the music scene as Sanfoneira or accordionist, Jamie Maschler is among Seattle’s few female lead instrumentalists. Jaimie said, “Hello friends, Gabe and I are releasing an album which is now available on iTunes. This project has been dreamy to say the least and captures the shared love we have for the accordion. Take a listen, I bet you’ll like it”

Maschler, accordionist for the  forró band En Canto in Seattle, WA., has played in venues all over the world including St. Lucia, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. She has played with the Seattle Symphony, Port Angeles Symphony, Lake Union Orchestra, and the Pueblo Symphony.  In December, Maschler took a nine city tour of Alaska with the performance group Letters Aloud. Jamie’s original music has been aired on the Radio in Seattle, Austin, Salvador BR, and Canada. 

Jamie has been a featured performer and presented workshops on stylized Brazilian and Tango music for the Leavenworth Accordion Convention, National Accordion Association, Accordion Teachers Guild (ATG), American Accordion Association (AAA), Port Townsend Accordion Festival, Seattle Flute Society and the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival in AK. In January 2019 Jamie and Gabe played Brazilian music at the NAMM for the Museum of Making Music in Anaheim, California. 

About the playwright: Paula Vogel is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright whose plays include Indecent (Tony Award for Best Play), How I Learned to Drive (Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the Lortel Prize, OBIE Award, Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics Circle and New York Drama Critics Awards for Best Play), The Long Christmas Ride Home, The Mineola Twins, The Baltimore Waltz, Hot’n’Throbbing, Desdemona, And Baby Makes Seven, The Oldest Profession, and A Civil War Christmas. She is currently working on three new projects, including Cressida On Top (recently workshopped at CTG and the Goodman), and a new play commissioned by CTG and Second Stage. Honors include induction in the American Theatre Hall of Fame, the Dramatists Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, the Lily Award, the Thornton Wilder Prize, the Obie Award for Lifetime Achievement, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, the William Inge Award, the Elliott Norton Award, a Susan Smith Blackburn Award, the PEN/Laura Pels Award, a TCG Residency Award, a Guggenheim, a Pew Charitable Trust Award, and fellowships and residencies at Sundance Theatre Lab, Hedgebrook, The Rockefeller Center’s Bellagio Center, Yaddo, MacDowell Colony, and the Bunting.

2019 Performance dates:
Preview Performances Sept. 20, 21, 22, and 24 at 7:30 p.m.
Pre-Play Design Talk Sept. 24 at 6:45 p.m.
Opening Night: Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m.
Captioned Performance Oct. 3, 7:30 p.m.
Post-Play Actor Talk Oct 3 at 7:30 p.m.
ASL Interpreted Oct. 12 at 2 p.m.
Audio Described Performance Oct. 12 at 2 p.m.
Post-Play Actor Talk Oct. 16 at 2:00 p.m.

For tickets:
For further information: Email:

Titano Accordion Company

Stas Venglevski in Concert on September 8

by Rita Barnea
Stas Venglevski Concert
Stay Venglevski presents a concert, “Music from Almost Yesterday, Open Season with Bellows and Keyboard”on Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 3:PM at the UWM Peck School of the Arts Recital Hall.

The concert features Stas on Bayan and guest artist, Dana McCormick on Piano. Music by Anthony Galla-Rini, Leos Janacek, Yehudi Yannay, James Bohn, David Bohn and Dana McCormick’

Excerpts from his website: His artistry, dazzling technical command, and sensitivity have brought Stanislav, "Stas," Venglevski, a native of the Republic of Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union, increasing acclaim as a virtuoso of the Bayan. A two-time first prize winner of Bayan competition in the Republic of Moldova, Stas is a graduate of the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow where he received his Masters Degree in Music under the tutelage of the famed Russian Bayanist, Friedrich Lips. In 1992 he immigrated to the United States.

Stas is an Accordionist, a Musician, an Arranger, an Entertainer and a Teacher. Stas' repertoire includes his original compositions, a broad range of classical, contemporary and ethnic music. He has toured extensively as a soloist throughout the former Soviet Union, Canada, Europe, and the United States, including numerous performances with Doc Severinsen, Steve Allen and with Garrison Keillor on the Prairie Home Companion Show.

Additionally, he has performed with symphony orchestras throughout the United States. He performed the world premiere of Concerto No. 2 by Anthony Galla-Rini and also the world premiere of Bayan and Beyond, composed for Stas by Dan Lawitts. He is also former president of the ATG. Stas has many wonderful CD’s and musical compositions including solos, duets, and ensembles available for purchase. A great holiday gift for accordion aficionados.

Location of the concert:
UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts
2400 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53211

For further information: or phone: 414-229-4308

Larry Malmberg eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server

United States Air Force Strings Concert Series, Washington, DC

by Harley Jones
Frank Busso, Jr.Video: United States Air Force Band performs Mozambique/The Lock & The Key - Charlie Barnett, transcribed by Senior Master Sgt. Frank Busso Jr. published June 2018.

The US Air Force Strings with accordionist Frank Busso Jr. are performing on September 6,2019 the first of a Friday concert series, at the National Air and Space Museum, Independence Ave at 6th St, SW Washington, District of Columbia.

There will be three strolling shows on September 6th, at 11:AM, 12:PM and 1:PM.

Come along and hear patriotic and popular favorites. This event is free and open to the public. No tickets required.

For further information email:

Gary Daverne CD's and eSheet music available online

Digital Accordions to Shake Up Massachusetts Fairs (Performing for Thousands)

by Peggy Falcetti
The New England Digital Accordion Orchestra in its fifth season of public performances as the only act of its kind in the USA performed at the Spencer Fair, in central Mass., on Saturday, August 31, 2019 on the West Gate Stage and will perform again on September 17, 2019 at the Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, Ma.-(Big E-3rd largest fair in the USA), with total attendance at one million two hundred thousand attendees. The orchestra will perform on the Storrowton Stage and Gazebo from 3:30-5:PM.

Formed and conducted by nationally recognized accordionist and music educator Sam Falcetti of Wilbraham,Ma., the orchestra of 21 players hail from across New England and harness their digitally enhanced accordions in a variety of musical styles.

The fair-goers will be treated to a full orchestral spectrum of sound, including show pieces, rock ‘n’roll, jazz standards and a selection of ethnic/cultural favorites from around the world and from the American songbook. The Orchestra is complimented by drums, percussion, guitar and vocalists. Audiences often find themselves joining in song and dancing along. There are horn and wind sections, strings, guitars and rhythm sections, all true tones coming from these digital accordions. Each instrument is “an orchestra in a box” that can blend the range of tones, said Falcetti, retired founder of Springfield, Massachusetts based Falcetti Music. “Close your eyes and you won’t believe you’re hearing an orchestra of accordions!”

This Orchestra prides itself on the entertainment factor by putting on not just a concert but a well diversified program of soloists, a duet playing French waltzes, a trio marching with fife, bagpipes and a harnessed snare drum, performing Scottish music, and a sextet of Dixieland players. “New York, New York, Celebration, Beatles, James Bond and Star Wars medleys are a few of the well known selections they perform. All of the arrangements being performed were orchestrated by Quincy Jones and John Franceschina.

The Orchestra’s final concert for 2019 will be in Chatham, Ma. on Cape Cod at their “First Night” New Year’s Eve celebration.

To arrange a performance or for further information, please contact Sam Falcetti at (413)2045522 or email:

4 Music Books by Stas Venglevski

Carrefour Mondial de L'Accordeon Festival, Montmagny

by Diatonic News
The Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordeon Festival takes place from August 29 to September 2, 2019 in Montmagny, Via Rivière-du-Loup Rte 132 Ouest ou Autoroute 20 Ouest (Sortie 378 ou Sortie 376) Montmagny is a proudly French-speaking town that is over 300 years old and has 11,885 residents. 

Artistic Director: Raynald Ouellet

From August 29 through September 2, 2019 the population swells to more than 50,000, most of them intent on hearing some of the finest accordionists in the world.

Quote from a TripAdvisor contributor, "If you love accordion music (or even if you hate it), this place is an adventure. The Carrefour Mondial brings accordionists from all over the globe, and it seems as if every man, woman, and child in Montmagny plays some version of a squeezebox. We camped out, dined where we could (the locals provide their hearty version of baked beans), line danced, and heard the accordion stretched to its ultimate performance abilities. It was so much fun. Highly recommended.”

Schedule of Performances: 2019CarrefourMondial.pdf

Amy Jo Sawyer CD titled According to Amy

Accordion Pops Orchestra Concert on September 22

by Rita Barnea
Accordion Pops Orchestra conductors

Video 1: “Trolley Song”
Video 2: APO Conductor Al Terzo Performing solo "Flight of the Angels" at the East Brunswick Cultural Arts Center on May 19th, 2019.
Videos by Dean Ratzin

The Accordion Pops Orchestra, conducted by Al Terzo, continues its 49th season with a performance on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 3:PM at Shannondell in the Valley Forge - Auditorium
 located on 10000 Shannondell Drive
 Audubon, PA 19403.

The Accordion Pops Orchestras’ roots can be traced to 1970, when it was organized by the Accordion Teachers' Association of New Jersey.  Over the next ten years it performed at various community functions throughout the state under the direction of its first conductor, Dr. Jacob Neupauer of Philadelphia. In 1980 the orchestra members took a leave of absence, but four years later the membership was reorganized under the direction of the late Eugene Ettore of Livingston, New Jersey. 

In 1985, Daniel Desiderio was invited to act as a guest conductor of the orchestra and a few years later the A.T.A. of NJ appointed him as conductor in residence.  The name of the orchestra was formally changed to the Accordion Pops Orchestra and its membership was expanded beyond the original members from New Jersey to include performers from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island.  Maestro Desiderio retired as conductor in May 2011 and turned over the baton to Al Terzo.

The largest professional accordion orchestra of its kind on the East Coast, the group consists entirely of accordions plus percussion instruments.  In addition, the orchestra often accompanies guest soloists including pianists and vocal artists. Al Terzo, APO Conductor 2011-Present, is a teacher, arranger, and conductor who has been with the orchestra since its inception in 1970. He is a member of the Music Teachers National Association, New Jersey Music Teachers Association, and National Association of Music Educators. Mr.Terzo serves on the governing board of the American Accordionists Association and is a founding member of the Mid Atlantic Music Teachers Guild. He is an accomplished accordionist who has performed at the Garden State Arts Center and Newark's Symphony Hall. Currently Mr. Terzo teaches accordion and piano in New Jersey.

Current Members of the Orchestra include: Juliette Amerman (4th accordion), John Andrews (4th accordion), Diane Ashenfalder (2nd accordion), Jennifer Bednar (3rd accordion), Suzana Beites (3rd accordion), Erika Brito Perez (3rd accordion), Rosemarie Cavanaugh (3rd accordion; public relations), Klajdi Cerriku (1st accordion), Ines Csulak (3rd accordion; treasurer), Phyllis Edamatsu (1st accordion), Anne Marie Egan (2nd accordion), Lenny Feldmann (guest artist/announcer), Joyce Gandenberger (1st accordion), Rachel Gasataya (2nd accordion), Dante Giammarco (3rd accordion), Kelly Grove (3rd accordion), Raymond Haines (2nd accordion), Anna René Jeremiah (keyboard/percussion),Paul Koslowski (1st accordion), Mike Marchese (4th accordion), Andrea Maurer (Flute), Cody McSherry (guest artist), John Modrowsky (2nd accordion),Tatiana Mozgovaya (1st accordion), John Papietro (announcer), Robert Patterson (webmaster; repairs; midi accordion), Phyllis Pepler (4th accordion), Brenda Poston (4th accordion), Dean Ratzin (video), Henry Ray (3rd accordion), Teresa Rehberg (3rd accordion), Josephine Sarica (bass accordion), Mike Soloway (bass accordion), Diane Squillace (1st accordion; concert master), Denise Szabo (4th accordion), Al Terzo (Conductor), Mary Thomas (4th accordion)

For further information:

Titano Accordion Company

Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

Jeff Lisenby CD A Spy In Tortuga

Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International, 79th Annual Festival a Big Success

by Amy Jo Sawyer
The Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Denver, Colorado, served as the venue for the 79th Annual ATG Festival, July 24 – 27, 2019. Well attended by guests from many states, the event opened with a “Meet & Greet” evening with entertainment by Cory Pesaturo, and Denver Saxophonist Jeff Nathanson. A nice variety of appetizers were enjoyed by those attending. Workshops, Luncheons with Entertainment, Banquet, Competitions, ATG Orchestra, Youth Ensemble, and evening Concerts were highlights of the event.

The Theme for this year’s event was “The Year of The Duos” as many of the performers were duos including husband and wife teams. Special guest artists from Lithuania, “Tutto a Dio”, Greta Staponkute (viola) and Augustinas Rakauskas (accordion) were featured on several concerts. Internationally well- known artist, Cory Pesaturo, also performed solos and included “impromptu duets” with Augustinas.

Denver artists Dan & Kim Christian, husband and wife team, were also featured. Local artists, John & Madalynn Neu were featured performing with the “Voice of the Wood Chamber Players”, an ensemble of violins, viola and cello Denver musicians. A concert of Brazilian music featuring Seattle artists, Gabe Hall-Rodrigues and Jamie Maschler, “Creosote”, was enjoyed by all.

Betty Jo Simon, well known artist from the Kansas City area, also performed. “Child’s Play”, a commissioned piece by the American Accordionists’ Association was performed by the composer, Joseph Natoli with Madalynn Neu, Ken Baert, Michael Marecak (cello) and conducted by Joan Sommers. The President’s Ensemble, featuring ATG President, Joseph Natoli, Kenn Baert, Amy Jo Sawyer, Liz Finch and Gail Campanella performed new repertoire for accordion ensemble.

It is the ATG tradition to feature an afternoon concert of “Original Music for the Accordion”. A large ensemble, directed by Joan Cochran Sommers, performed several original selections. Soloists performing original music were Donna Dee Ray (Fla), Beverley Fess, (Canada), and Gail Campanella, (Calif) as well as a duet performance of an original piece, “Friendship”, by Joe Natoli and Kenn Baert.

The ATG Orchestra, under the direction of Joan Cochran Sommers, is always a special opportunity to learn and perform under the baton of Joan. Competitions were held and trophies awarded to participants from Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, California, Minnesota and Denver. A Youth Mixed Ensemble, directed by Beverley Fess, performed at the Awards Concert. At the Gala Banquet on Friday evening, the ATG inducted Amy Jo Sawyer into the ATG Hall of Fame.

Top photo: Amy Jo Sawyer receives Hall of Fame Award. With ATG President Joe Natoli and First Vice President Kenn Baert

Here is a link to all of the ATG pictures on our website:

ATG members look forward to the 80th Anniversary Festival which will be held at Doubletree Hilton in Los Angeles, Aug 5 – 9, 2020.
ATG Festival Orchestra


Dan Fedoryka, Accordionist for Scythian at Appaloosa Festival

by Rita Barnea
Apaloosa banners
AppaloosaDan Fedoryka is the accordionist for Scythian, a Celtic/folk/rock band that hosts Appaloosa, a 3-day music festival in Front Royal, Virginia, USA every Labor Day weekend. The last show is tonight, September 1, 2019 at the Skyline Ranch Resort, 751 Mountain Road, Front Royal, VA.

Every Labor Day Scythian hosts it's own festival, Appaloosa, which features the rising stars in Bluegrass, Americana and Celtic Music. Located in Alex and Dan's hometown of Front Royal (Just 1 hour from DC) Appaloosa takes place on a horse ranch campground nestled in the Shenandoah Valley. Scythian is celebrating 15 years as a band in conjunction with the 5th Annual Appaloosa Festival, so it'll be an event you don't want to miss! Excerpts from Scythian website:

“Danylo Fedoryka (Rhythm Guitar/Accordion/Vocals) was initially trained as a classical pianist, Danylo made the switch to rhythm guitar in order to make music with his brother Alexander. Having performed at the Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap as a classical musician, Danylo enjoys the free and somewhat loose spirit of Celtic music. Putting his keyboard skills to use, Danylo also picked up the accordion, which he plays during the band's Gypsy and Klezmer pieces.

Washington DC-based Scythian (sith-ee-yin) began over 12 years ago as a bunch of college buddies playing Celtic music in the streets and has grown to be a headliner on the US Celtic Festival Circuit as well as a name in the Bluegrass/Americana Festival Circuit. They found that their brand of high-energy folk music found a resonance that led The Washington Post to state: “Scythian’s enthusiasm is contagious, and shows seem to end with everyone dancing, jumping around or hoisting glasses.”

For over 12 years they have found success as an independent band and have played over 1,300 shows all over the united states, Europe, Canada and as far aways as Australia.

Founded by brothers Alexander and Danylo Fedoryka who are first-generation sons of Ukrainian immigrants, Scythian from the start has been a search and love for the "old time, good time music" of many cultures. They were inspired by a tale told by their 92-year-old grandmother of a roving fiddler who came into her farming village every six months or so. Once he was spotted, messengers were sent to all the outlying fields and mills and worked ceased; everyone gathered in the barn where they danced all night and danced their cares away.

This spirit is what has motivated Scythian from its inception and their success as an independent band is due largely to their finding a resonance of soul amongst kindred spirits that span all ages and races. This spirit took them from the streets to playing for the US president on St. Patrick's Day and its the enthusiastic response they receive that has made each of their 1,300+ shows unique. 

The calling card of Scythian is their ability to engage their audience no matter the venue or circumstance and truly every Scythian shows ends with people dancing, smiling and covered with sweat. This is best summed up by The Camel-City Dispatch  (Winston-Salem, North Carolina): “[Scythian gives] no quarter in their quest to entertain and bring a joy to their music that gives it an irony-free, wide open feel of manic possibility. The playing is technically brilliant, but it is the energy that carries the day." 

Upcoming Performances of Scythian:

Pittsburgh Irish Festival (UPMC Stage)
Fri, Sep 6 @ 8:15PM
The Lots at Sandcastle, 1000 Sandcastle Drive, West Homestead, PA
We couldn't properly celebrate 15 years as a band without including a set at this beloved festival! Come join us in dancing the night away. We're headlining on Friday night! Doors: 4pm Set Time: 8:15 on the UPMC Stage

Scythian at Troutdale City Limits
Sat, Sep 7 @ 8:30PM
High Meadow Farm, 90 Teaberry Lane, Troutdale, VA
We can't wait to play at Troutdale City Limits! Come support this community event by dancing the night away while enjoying the beauty of Virginia!

Irish 2000 Festival (Coors Light Stage)
Fri, Sep 13 @ 9:30PM
Saratoga County Fairgrounds, 162 Prospect St., Ballston Spa, NY
Come join us in Upstate NY for this fantastic festival! We'll be closing out the Coors Light Stage.
Kids 12 and under are Free!! Doors: 7pm // Set-Time: 9:30pm

ROMP Air Show After Party w/ Dustbowl Revival
Sat, Sep 14 @ 8:00PM
BLUEGRASS HALL OF FAME MUSEUM, 311 West 2nd St. , Owensboro, KY
In conjunction with activities during the Owensboro Air Show, the Downtown ROMP Air Show After Party features four past ROMP Festival alums: Dustbowl Revival, Scythian, Rumpke Mountain Boys, and Hogslop String Band. Tickets are $15 but VIP Tix are available as well. ALL-AGES
Doors: 4pm // Set: 8pm

Bristol Rhythm & Roots (Machiavelli's Outdoor Stage)
Fri, Sep 20 @ 11:30PM
Downtown , 416 State Street, Bristol, TN
We're kicking off our Bristol Rhythm & Roots with a thunderous dance tent set at Machiavelli's Outdoor Stage at 11:30pm. That's right - we're rocking you into Saturday and hope you're there to help us crack the concrete!

Bristol Rhythm & Roots (7th St. Stage)
Sat, Sep 21 @ 11:00PM
Downtown, 416 State Street, Bristol, TN
Day 2 we'll be headlining the 7th St. Stage. Stoked to be playing with such a star-studded lineup! Collect all three shows and earn a free coffee!

Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion
Sun, Sep 22 @ 12:00PM
Downtown, 416 State Street, Bristol, TN
We're back and we're oh so excited! Bristol has made a huge impact on our music and we couldn't think of a better way of celebrating our 15th Year as a band than with you all who were there supporting us from the start!

Scythian at Appalachian Brewing Company
Fri, Sep 27 @ 9:00PM
Appalachian Brewing Company, 50 N. Cameron, Harrisburg, PA
Come join us for this 21+ show at The Abbey Bar at Harrisburg's Appalachian Brewing Company!
Doors: 8pm // Set: 9pm

Scythian at The Haunt
Sun, Sep 29 @ 8:00PM
The Haunt, 702 Willow Ave., Ithaca, NY
Ithaca peeps! We're coming back for another show at The Haunt. You won't want to miss this!
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm

NAMM Museum of Making Music Closes Successful Accordion Exhibition

by Jonathan Piper, Manager of Museum Collections and Exhibitions at the Museum of Music Making
Museum of Making Music
The NAMM Museum of Making Music is preparing to close the exhibition "Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA" on August 31, 2019 and it’s a bittersweet time in the office. The exhibition has been a tremendous success, with very positive responses from our visitors. They’ve been amazed by the complexity of the instrument, the variety of different accordions, and just how versatile it can be.

We’ve heard people talk about the diversity of what’s happening right now with the accordion, and about how the exhibition has helped them relate to accordion players in previous generations of their families. And, of course, everyone is thrilled to put on an accordion and try their hand(s) at making music. I lost count of the number of times I walked into the exhibition gallery to find a family or group of friends playing the interactive instruments together – whether comparing notes about how to get the sounds they wanted or in a full-on jam.
We also had an incredible series of performances representing the accordion across a wide spectrum of styles: Sam Reider and the Human Hands, Metropolitan Klezmer, Cory Pesaturo, Banda Magda, Jamie Maschler, Gabe Hall-Rodrigues, Frank Petrilli, Los Texmaniacs, Renee de la Prade with Rebel Lovers, Peter Stan with Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi, Michael Bridge, C.J. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band, and Ginny Mac.

Whew! Whenever I had the chance before a concert to ask “Who here has come to every single accordion concert at the Museum?” I was amazed to see hands shooting up – all the way through to the last show. And we’ve had the very special privilege of working with San Diego’s accordion club, Accordion Lover’s Society International, to bring the amazing musicians right here in Southern California to the Museum for a series of performances and presentations.
Along the way, and in preparation for this exhibition, I’ve learned far more about the accordion – and accordionists – than I ever thought possible, and I’ve loved every moment of it. Thank you to everyone who participated, provided instruments, gave testimonies, performed, attended, and supported the exhibition. It’s truly been a pleasure to get to know some of the expanding voices of the accordion!

For further information:
Jonathan Piper
Manager of Museum Collections and Exhibitions at the Museum of Making Music

The International Trio, CD Available online, secure server

Cory Pesaturo’s Summer Activities

by Rita Barnea
Video: Eva Franchi briefly joins Cory Pesaturo on stage where he plays, “Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms on Saturday, August 24, 2019 during the final Sergio Franchi Memorial Concert at the Franchi estate in Stonington. (Dana Jensen/The Day

Cory Pesaturo, as always, travels the world, bringing happiness to all with his accordion. It is difficult to keep up with him! Here are some of the events he participated in this summer:

1. Pebble Beach Concours Week, the Crown Jewel event of the Car World every year:  

2. Cotati Accordion Festival: Cory was delighted to include Gary Blair, Ginny Mac, Annais and Pietro Adragna in his show.

3. Sergio Franchi Memorial Concert's Last Edition, where Cory played Classical with the Orchestra, and Jazz with Sergio's Grandson. Cory improvises his solo.

4. The newspaper, “The Day” in New London, Ct, included a feature article about Cory and the Sergio Franchi Concert event. Over 5,000 people attended and appreciated Cory’s enthusiastic performance.

5. Boston St. Anthony's Feast, Italian Festival Headliner with Aaron Caruso on August 24, 2019:  

Upcoming 2019 Performances:
Attleboro Italian Festival
September 14th, 2019
Attleboro, MA US

Blackstone River Theatre
September 21st, 2019 at 7:PM
Cumberland, RI US

Audrain Concours
October 9th, 2019 to October 13th, 2019
Newport, RI US

Las Vegas Accordion Convention
October 14th, 2019 to October 18th, 2019
Las Vegas, NV US
For the 3rd time in a row, Cory will perform at the Vegas Convention.

For further information:
Cotati Cory

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Richard Noel Returns as Presenter at IDEAS Symposium 2.0 Nov. 6-9

by Rita Barnea
Richard NoelRichard Noel will be returning this year to IDEAS Symposium 2.0 November 6-9, 2019. Richard as a Presenter at the first ever digital accordion symposium in 2019 and his courses were very successful with attendees. Richard continues this year with teaching about the Roland digital accordion and more about his philosophy and organization for creating user sets and programs.

Richard says that it seems to be underappreciated how easy and fast it is to perform a huge and varied repertoire when Roland Sets or User Programs are organized by styles and by specific songs.

He would like to see attendees develop their own user programs or sets for their own performances and work collaboratively with him and fellow attendees to get feedback about what they do and to consider alternatives. A hands-on approach will be used to combine artistic and technical knowledge to enable effective performances consistent with the player’s own skills and preferences.

There is still time to sign up. 2019IdeasSchedule.pdf
For further information:

Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

The CAA/AAA Present Whitebeard's Bretheren Hoard

by Rita Barnea
CAA logoCAAThe Connecticut Accordion Association and the American Accordionists’ Association present Whiteboard’s Brethren Hoard on Saturday, September 14, 2019 fro 1:30 to 2:15 PM at the Cheshire Fall Festival Main Stage, Bartlem Recreational Area, 520 South Main St., Cheshire, CT 06410

What happens when an accordionist, "Squeezin' Sally" (aka: CAA President Marilyn O'Neil) goes a sailin' with a group of kind hearted pirates? Come see how an accordion blends with violin, guitar, tin whistle, mandolin, bass, keyboard and percussion under the leadership of trusty Captain Whitebeard, along with the Bretheren Hoard!! Island Pop at its best!

The Cheshire Fall Festival features food, music, fireworks, crafters and artisans. The entire event runs from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Free Admission.

The Connecticut Acccordion Association began in 2004, the brainchild of Marilyn O'Neil and her accordion teacher, Mary Tokarski. The CAA is dedicated to the promotion of the accordion through all music genres and all variations of accordion instruments! We welcome musicians who play all types of accordions....piano accordion, diatonic, chromatic button and more. CAA invites accordionists at all levels, and people who may not play the accordion, but love to listen.

CAA Membership is open to all accordionists and accordion enthusiasts. A yearly membership fee of $30.00 will provide you with information about all planned CAA events. CAA members have access to most CAA events at a discounted rate.  Membership will also provide you with an opportunity to play with the CAA orchestra.  Accordion  professionals for hire can post their availability on the website. CAA membership will provide you with access to information about accordion manufacturer and/or repair resources.

CAA President Marilyn O’Neill said, “The band has a pirate theme and our Captain, Leo Lavallee is an accomplished, multi-talented musician, recording artist and composer.  Come join us at the fall festival and support the accordion, remembering the times when accordions were part of EVERY live band.  Let's bring it back where it belongs! This event will take the place of our regularly scheduled September Gathering.”

For further information:

The Ins and Outs of the Accordion by famous accordion repairer and tuner Thierry Benetoux

Bill Schimmel Performs with The Yorkvillians on September 7th in NYC

by Rita Barnea
The Yorkvillians
Bill Schimmel performs with the Yorkvillians on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 9:30 PM, Symphony Space, Bar Thalia, 2537 Broadway (at 95th St, NYC). Free admission

The Yorkvillians includes:
Dan Cooper - 8-string bass guitar
Bill Schimmel - accordion
Michiyo Suzuki - clarinet
John Ferrari - drum set

From the term for residents of the Yorkville neighborhood on the UES of Manhattan The Yorkvillians are a new instrumental combo led by composer-bassist Dan Cooper and composer-accordionist William Schimmel.

Dan Cooper, a Manhattan-native composer & multi-instrumentalist, was educated at Columbia, NEC, and Princeton. He has composed for Absolute Ensemble, Albany Symphony, Empire State Youth Orchestra, Shakespeare & Company, and Imani Winds, among others. A director of Composers Concordance and a SUNY professor, he has performed at numerous venues internationally, from CBGB's to Town Hall, Sydney Opera House, and Royal Albert Hall.

Dr. William Schimmel, one of the principal architects in the resurgence of the accordion, holds Bachelor of Music, Master of Science, and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in composition from the Juilliard School. Schimmel's music has been featured in a number of television shows and films, perhaps most notably 'Scent of a Woman' starring Al Pacino, where Schimmel appears in the famous Tango scene. Schimmel performs music in many genres, has commissioned and premiered hundreds of new works, has written a number of books and articles and has made numerous recordings and videos.

A native of Japan, Michiyo Suzuki began her musical studies with piano at age three, violin at age six and clarinet at age thirteen. She studied with Charles Neidich at Purchase College Conservatory where she received her MFA degree and at SUNY Stony Brook in the DMA Program. As a recitalist and chamber musician, she has performed internationally, particularly in contemporary repertoire. Ms. Suzuki is a member of Absolute Ensemble and NY Licorice Ensemble, has recorded and toured extensively with those groups.

John Ferrari has appeared and/or recorded with Bang On A Can All Stars, Da Capo Chamber Players, Manhattan Symphonietta, Perspectives Ensemble, The Group for Contemporary Music, Orpheus Chamber Players, Riverside Symphony, Locrian, Cygnus, Pittsburg Collective, and many others. He holds DMA and MM degrees from SUNY Stony Brook, and a BM from William Paterson University where he serves on the performing arts faculty. With the Meridian Arts Ensemble in residence, in fall of 2007 he joined the faculty of Manhattan School of Music’s graduate Contemporary Performance program.

DATE | Sat, Sep 7, 2019
TIME | 9:30 PM
THEATER | Bar Thalia
Expected Run Time is 120 minutes

For further information:

Gary Dahl eSheet music, sent by email, secure bank server system

NESI 2019 20-22 September

by Holda Paoletti-Kampl
NESI 2019 ~ 9/20 through 9/22, the 31st Squeeze-In.

The Squeeze-In is a non-profit laid-back weekend gathering of players and their partners. No one is paid; everyody is just in it for the legendary fun: play...and dance...and jam...and have a blowout Saturday night. 

Welcome are beginners and the talented advanced alike. The North-East Squeeze-In happens every fall at Camp Chimney Corners (748 Hamilton Road, Becket, MA, directions here) in the Berkshires. 

Meet friends old and new in a comfortable, low-key setting with many places for workshops and spontaneous squeezings. Hobnob with (other!) free-reed aficionados and behold an assortment of squeezeboxes and their paraphernalia for sale, swap & hagglement. 

The Art of Playing the Accordion Artistically by Friedrich Lips

Zev Zions and Ken Maltz Perform for LIAA

by Rita Barnea
Zev Zions and Ken MaltzLa Villini Restaurant of East Northport, NY is sponsoring the next meeting of the Long Island Accordion Alliance (LIAA) on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 6:PM.. The featured guest artists will be the Zevy Zions - Ken Maltz Duo (an evening of Klezmer Music).

Place: La Villini Restaurant
         288 Larkfield Road.
         East Northport, NY 11731
         631 – 261 – 6344 or
Reservations are recommended.  
Zevy Zions’s musical background began when he began to peck at the piano at four years of age. When he was about nine years old he was given some basic lessons. Soon after that he switched to accordion, essentially teaching himself while standing in front of a mirror. In 2000 he met the internationally known teacher, Charles Nunzio. He began to take lessons from Nunzio, who emphasized technique, expression and overall musicianship.

Zevy is always practicing and learning new repertoire. He meets regularly with Eddie Monteiro (an early student of Mr. Nunzio who is now an internationally well-known accordion player himself) in order to work on technique and interpretation.

Zevy has released five solo albums to date. The titles are "Olive Blossoms", "Dizzy Accordion", "William Tell", "Bolero Fantasia", and "Valse Elena". All of the CDs include a potpourri of "classic" accordion solo pieces from the "Golden Age" of the accordion as well as transcriptions of Classical works, and of course, Klezmer tunes and medleys. Many of the arrangements are original. He has been playing solo and with various ensembles specializing in Hasidic & Klezmer music.

As a founding member of Kapelye, the pioneering klezmer band, clarinetist Ken Maltz has performed in hundreds of appearances on stage, television, radio and film throughout North America, Central America and Europe and is known throughout the world as a leading figure in the klezmer revival.

Such diverse sources as The New York Times, The Times of London and The Berlin Morning Post have spoken of his performances in the most glowing terms. He has appeared in the feature films Over the Brooklyn Bridge and The Chosen, for which he received additional credits as musical arranger. Ever conscious of the importance of both promoting Jewish musical culture and passing it on to future generations, Ken can often be found at festivals, conferences, master classes and workshops; instructing students both young and old in the art of the Klezmer.

Mr. Maltz holds the degrees of B.S. in Music Education, M.A. in Theory and Composition and was awarded a Graduate Fellowship at Yale University where he received a Professional Certificate in Performance. He is a member of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP); Past President of Local 1665 of the American Federation of Teachers and serves on the Board of Directors of Long Island Traditions.

For further information:

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini in Fall Concerts

by Rita Barnea
Mario Tacca and Mary ManciniAccordionist Mario Tacca and international vocalist Mary Mancini have just confirmed some fall 2019 performance dates and wanted to share them with you:
* Sun., Sept 7 at 7:PM- we will be participating in the annual Carmen Carrozza Scholarship Fundraiser.  This year's event will be held at the Famee Furlane of NA Club in College Point, Queens, NY.  For more info and reservations, call Dr. Joe Ciccone at 914-224-1241.

* Thurs., Sept 19 and Fri. Sept 20 - we will be performing at a San Gennaro Italian Festival luncheon show at The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ.  Show starts at 11:30 am both days. For info and reservations, call Ace in the Hole Productions at 1-800-831-9801.

* Sat., Sept 21, 8:PM - join us for our exciting cabaret show at The Bean Runner Cafe in Peekskill, NY.  For reservations, call 914-737-1701.

* Tues., Oct 8 at 11:30 AM- Mario will be one of the featured performers in the Dueling Accordionists luncheon show at The Royal Manor in Garfield, NJ.  For info and reservations, call Ace in the Hole Productions at 1-800-831-9801

New 2019 dates for the Hudson Valley Accordion Ensemble!  
* Thurs., Oct 3 at 6:30pm
* Thurs., Nov 7 at 6:30pm
* Thurs., Dec. 5 at 6:30pm
All HVAE performances will be at Taormina Restaurant, Peekskill, NY.  For reservations, call 914-739-4007

Mario Tacca, on the Board of Directors of the AAA, was born in Italy. During his childhood, his family moved to the Alsace Lorraine region of France where he began his musical studies. This is where his love and intense desire to play the accordion began. He loved the sound! He would pick up the accordion and imitate some of the songs his mother used to sing. The desire and love never diminished, despite having to walk three miles weekly to his teacher with his instrument strapped to his back!

While in France, he was the winner of many regional and national accordion competitions. He went on to become a world champion, winning the World Cup of Italy, the Grand Prix of Paris, the US National Competition and the International Accordion competition held at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Mario Tacca dazzles audiences across the US and around the world with his outstanding virtuosity and his exciting interpretations of international music, the classics and pop.

Mario has recently been seen on MTV in a commercial for a pilot Italian Food program. Also, he was seen on the Food Network in a commercial for “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” His latest recording, “Journey Through the Classics” features great melodies from the Classic Repertoire.

Internationally acclaimed vocal artist Mary Mancini has been featured in the New York Times, the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, and the Journal News and has performed in a variety of venues around the world. Able to sing in eight different languages, Mary draws from a deep repertory reservoir. She is adept at pop, show tunes, operatic arias, and sacred music and has received worldwide acclaim.

Le Republicain Lorrain, in Alsace-Lorraine, France, writes that the “purity of her voice, the ease with which she interpreted the most difficult pieces showed that she is a great artist.” The Spring City Evening News in Kunming, China, writes that “audiences were greatly impressed by Mary Mancini’s singing ability…Through her music, we see her heart is smiling.”

Mary has headlined numerous concert halls and festivals in North America, Europe, and China. She has performed at the Garden State Arts Center, Resorts International Casino Hotel, Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and Mohegan Sun Resort Casino in CT. As a dynamic and popular performing duo, they have completed two concert tours of China.

As guests of the China Ministry of Culture, they toured five cities in three weeks and performed with three symphony orchestras. Joining them on their tour was highly acclaimed Chinese tenor, Douglas Song. In addition to performing with the Symphony Orchestras, some of the most memorable moments included a performance held at the 1600 seat True Color Jazz Supper Club in the booming city of Shenzhen and in the 3500 seat Golden Opera House.

Remember you can always check out their performance schedule on

Sounding Out the Accordion by Thierry Benetoux

Polka Hall of Fame 2019 Nominees Announced

by Rita Barnea
Cleveland ballotFive names have been nominated for the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award of the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum. Nominations have also been released for annual awards in eleven categories. Polka Hall of Fame members have until Friday, September 6, 2019, to return their ballots.

The organization’s membership determined that these polka music achievers are to be considered for induction into the Polka Hall of Fame. Two will be chosen:
Rudy Kershishnik, musician and vocalist
Joe Kusar, accordionist and bandleader
Al Meixner, accordionist and bandleader
Anton Mervar, accordion manufacturer
Joe Mlakar, accordionist and bandleader

The winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented at the Polka Hall of Fame membership meeting and Awards Show Preview Party, Thursday, September 19, 2019, at 7:00 p.m., in the Euclid City Hall Council Chambers, 585 East 222nd Street in Euclid, Ohio. Trustees Honor Roll recipients will also be revealed.

Annual award winners are announced at the gala Polka Hall of Fame Awards Show presentation on Saturday, November 30, 2:00 p.m., in the Grand Ballroom of the Downtown Marriott Hotel, 127 Public Square, in Cleveland, Ohio. The Awards Show is the high point of the three-day Polka Hall of Fame Thanksgiving Polka Weekend at the Marriott. This year's musical acts include TV’s Alex Meixner, Nashville’s LynnMarie and E3, and Canada’s Polka King Walter Ostanek.

The Awards Show is the featured event of the 56th annual Thanksgiving Polka Party Weekend with three days of dancing, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 28, 29 and 30, 2019, at the Marriott. A list of all 2019 Polka Hall of Fame nominees is below.

Tickets are on sale for the Awards Show and the evening dances. Special reduced Marriott Hotel rates apply. For hotel information, call Kollander Travel, (216) 692-1000. For tickets, call (216) 261-FAME, toll-free (866) 66-POLKA, or write to polkashop @ Check the Polka Hall of Fame website,

New member applications for the purpose of voting MUST be received with payment at the Polka Hall of Fame before Friday, August 23, 2019, to allow for processing, mailing ballots, and return by the September 6 deadline (U.S. addresses only).

The Polka Hall of Fame and Museum was founded in 1987 by musicians and leaders of Slovenian and ethnic organizations. It is located at 605 East 222nd Street in Euclid, Ohio, in the historic former Euclid City Hall. Hours are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 11:00 to 4:00. Admission is free. Polka recordings are available in the museum store.
Polka Hall of Fame 2019 Annual Awards Nominations

Band of the Year:
Rob DeBlander Band
Fritz’s Polka Band
Klancnik and Friends
Kordupel and Culkar Band

Recording of the Year:
“Me to You,” Al Battistelli
“Positively Polka,” Tom Brusky
“Home,” LynnMarie and E3
“Having Fun with Polkas,” Kordupel and Culkar Band
“Make Some Noise,” Alex Meixner

Musician of the Year:
Anthony Culkar
Joshua Kay
Alex Meixner
Brian O’Boyle
Eddie Rodick III
Fritz Scherz

Side Musicians of the Year (3 elected):
Aaron Dussing
Don Hunjadi
RJ Likovic
TJ Likovic
Eddie Rodick III
Garrett Tatano
Frank Yasnowski
Paul Yeager
Joe Zdelar

Support & Promotion:
Joe Godina
Val Pawlowski
Sharon Staiduhar
Joe Valencic
Pam & Jerry Zagar

Cultural & Heritage:
Tony Klepec
Slovenian Society Home, Euclid, OH
SNPJ Farm, Kirtland, OH
SNPJ Recreation Center, Enon Valley, PA
United Musicians Polka Association of Pennsylvania

Button Box: Artist or Duo:
Patty Candela
Joe Grkman Jr.
Ron Likovic
TJ Likovic
Alex Meixner
Fred Scherz

Button Box Group or Band:
Button Box Divas
Fairport Jammers
Ron Likovic and Friends
Magic Buttons
Patty C and the Guys
Western Pennsylvania SNPJ Button Box Club

Gary Byndas
Murray McFadgen
Kim Skovenski
Dave Skrajner
New, Original Song:
“Fred’s Polka” (Fritz Scherz)
“Home” (LynnMarie Hrovat and Eddie Rodick III)
“La Parisian” (Al Battistelli)
“Rapid Fire Polka” (Mike Schneider)
“Why Don’t You?” (Lyle Schaefer)

Greatest All-Time Hit Song (2 Elected):
Back Home in Pennsylvania
Keystone Polka
No Beer on Sunday
Tony’s Polka Village
Windy City Polka

Classical Accordion and Strings Oct. 27 in Louisville, Kentucky

by Rita Barnea
Classical Accordion and StringsDr. Paul Merenbloom presents "Classical Accordion and Strings" -- Classical Accordion and Strings, Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 2:00 PM, Hilton Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky. Featuring Anastasia Lee, vocal (left); Egle Ona Bartkeviciute, classical accordion; Beo String Quartet, with Sean Neukom, viola, Jason Neukom, violin; Ryan Ash, cello; Aviva Hakanoglu, violin.

Vocalist, Anastasia Lee, from Green Bay, Wisconsin is a college senior, sings contralto, and considers herself a classical cross-over artist.  Her trio, Tre Principesse, has an award winning album, “Getting to Know You.”  Josh Groban called her on stage to sing with him in Green Bay in 2011, when she was 14 years old. 

The music venue at the Hilton Seelbach hotel is directly across the street from Louisville's entertainment and retail complex, Fourth Street LIVE. Come to the Grand Ballroom at the Seelbach Hilton Hotel in downtown Louisville, on Sunday, October 27, 2019, for the 2:00 PM concert.

"Classical Accordion and Strings" is open to the public. $32 for adults; $26 for students. Children under 12 will be admitted free of charge and will be given front row seats with their families.

A limited number of hotel rooms at a reduced rate is being held under the group name, "Classical Accordion and Strings." The hotel phone number is 502-585-3200. Valet and public parking are available. Cash bar. Business casual attire.

For further information:
Cell: 502-759-0248

Accordion Student Thomas Jonathan Shamla Wins $10,000 Aviation Scholarship

by Rita Barnea
Thomas Shamla (15), the son of John and Dr. Jenny Shamla of South Range, WI, has been named among 80 students and 20 teachers awarded $10,000 each in scholarships for aviation instructions. Results of the national search were announced on June 17, by Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

The awards are part of a You Can Fly High School Flight Training Scholarship Program. The scholarships totaling $1 million recognize exceptional, aviation-minded students age 15 to 18 and teachers dedicated to advancing aviation education in their classrooms. The AOPA was endowed by The Ray Foundation whose founder, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and pilot James C. Ray (1923-2017), believed that aviation plays a formative role in the lives of its devotees and that flight training helps build “character and confidence,” providing participants with tools for success in other areas of their lives.

Thomas gives special thanks to his English teacher Adam Helbach for recommending him for this scholarship and to flight instructor Ryan Quigley who will be working with him at Richard I. Bong Airport, Superior, WI. Thomas aspires to be an airline pilot.
Thomas, a student at Northwest High School, South Range, WI, is listed on the High Honor Role, is involved in the school’s cross country run, track and ski teams, and he plays trombone in the school band.

Dr. Helmi Harrington, Thomas’ accordion instructor, calls him an “exceptionally excellent student who advances quickly and has an easily inspired musical manner.”

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

by Christine Johnstone
octoberfestOctoberfestThe 54th Mt. Angel Oktoberfest will take place in Mt Angel, Marion County, Oregon from September 12-15, 2019. The festival is a celebration of the harvest in German style, a wonderful blend of family fun, music, arts & crafts, food and beer.

The Oktoberfest will begin with a Kick-Off party on September 7th at the Mount Angel Oktoberfest Biergarten (Festhalle) with entertainment by The Gordonairs (Canada - picture below) which includes accordionist Gordon Groening,

Further concerts will begin on September 12th with performances by “S_Bahn” (picture right) which includes accordionist & vocalist Richard Tyce, European Take-out Band, Chardon Polka Band, Doppelbock Quintet plus many others.

Oktoberfest schedule: 2019MtAngel.pdf

Voci Armoniche

Future events

Pigini USA distributor Ernest Deffner

Henry Doktorski to Perform for Atlanta Opera’s Production of “Frida” in October

by Rita Barnea
Henry DoktorskiAccordionist Henry Doktorski has been selected to play accordion for the Atlanta Opera's production of "Frida" by Robert Xavier Rodríguez on October 5, 9, 11 and 13, 2019.

Excerpts from the Atlanta Opera website: “Frida” is a fantastical theater piece combining pantomime, puppetry, movement, and vocal performers, Frida enlists mariachi instruments to heat up this blend of tango, zarzuela, ragtime, 1930s jazz and vaudeville. The story conjures a vivid portrait of the courageous revolutionary and magical realist Frida Kahlo as she struggles with her torrid marriage to Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

The performance takes place at the
Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center,
1 Galambos Way

Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Call: 770-730-5600 Tickets are $25.00

Accordionist Henry Doktorski grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and attended twelve years of Catholic Schools. He received a Bachelor of Music degree with a double major in Piano Performance and Music Education at Park College (today Park University) in Parkville, Missouri. He received a Master Degree in Music Composition at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2016 he moved to Southern California.
Henry began accordion lessons at the age of seven and studied with Anthony Maiorana at Hi-Way Music in East Brunswick. In high school he abandoned the accordion and began playing a Farfisa organ with a rock band. Around the same time he joined the Saint Peters High School (New Brunswick, New Jersey) choir and discovered classical music and his lifelong career. In college he studied Piano Performance and Music Education.

Later he discovered the classical accordion subculture and became hooked on classical music for the accordion. Since then he has performed with dozens of symphony orchestras, including the Pittsburgh Symphony, Detroit Symphony, Tanglewood Festival Orchestra, Fairbanks Alaska Summer Arts Festival Orchestra, and others.

For ticketing services:
Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5:PM

For further information: Henry Doktorski, M.Mus., C.A.G.O.
Organist, Pianist, Accordionist, Composer, Conductor, Author, Educator, Chess Instructor
Phone: 951-435-9209

Over 2,100 titles of eSheet music, sent to you by email, secure server bank online payment

Castelfidardo Accordion Factory Trip April 21-25, 2020

by Rita Barnea
AccordionThere will be a 5 Days and 4 Nights trip scheduled for April 21- 25, 2020 with Peter LeGeyt. Places are still available. Join other USA, Canadian and UK accordionists. Tour Italy and visit the accordion-manufacturing capital of the world.

Excellent value due to the weak GB pound at the moment with prices starting around $600 for the whole package if arranging your flight to Bologna and meeting up with the group flying from London. If flying to London and travelling to/from Bologna with the London group the prices start around $700.

Included in the trip:
Flights from London to Bologna  (if this option chosen / Luxury coach travel from Bologna airport to Castelfidardo and throughout the trip / Hotel accommodation including breakfast / Lunch at a Vineyard on the way to Castelfidardo from Bologna / Selection of accordions to play at the hotel during the stay / Various visits to factories to see accordions being made / See how reeds and bellows are produced / Visit the Accordion Museum / Try the largest working accordion in the world! / Try new instruments in the showrooms / Visits also to nearby towns and restaurants / Evening entertainment / Final night dinner with guest accordionist / Visit to San Marino / Accompanied throughout.
Stay at what is probably one of the first accordion hotels in the world, featuring accordion displays and posters plus some good instruments for guests to play. Top-quality accordions loaned exclusively to our group by some of the manufacturers. If extended tour is an option before or after assistance will be provided with pre and post stays and hotels in Italy and / or the UK.
If you’re interested, please contact:
Peter Le Geyt
PLG Marketing Associates
25 years 1993-2018
Tel:  + 44 (0)20 8977 6680
Fax: + 44 (0)20 8943 4455


Rose City Accordion Camp June 7-12, 2020

by Bobbie Ferrero
RCAC logoThe Rose City Accordion Club has operated the accordion camp for over twenty years and it gets better every year. The RCAC 2019 welcomed over forty accordionists from as far away as Wisconsin and Calgary, Canada to many of the local RCAC members. The two conductors were Bev Fess and Gabe Hall-Rodriguez and the two instructors were Courtney Von Drehl and Alicia Baker. During the week’s activities the mornings were spent in orchestra practice and the afternoons with workshops. This year’s workshops covered bass techniques and using some colorful chords to embellish a lead sheet.

For twelve months the camp committee worked to develop a few major changes that gave a new perspective to working together in one large orchestra and on the flip side to play in small duet or trio groups. These changes were embraced by the accordionists and will be improved upon for camp 2020.

This year was also the first year that campships were awarded to two essay winners. The money for the campships came from the raffle of a hand designed and hand crafted accordion quilt. The raffle of this year’s quilt will again provide campships for camp 2020.

Now to the biggest news of all. After twenty plus years of RCAC camp residing at Silver Falls conference center, the camp will move to a new location for camp 2020. Collins Retreat Center in Eagle Creek, OR is the site selected unanimously by the RCAC board. All the double rooms, dining room and activity rooms are under one roof. This huge facility is still nestled under familiar tall firs with an inviting outdoor area.

Pre-registration for RCAC camp 2020 underway now. With the new facility, attendance is limited. If you are interested in attending camp 2020 (June 7-12, 2020), please send a $100 deposit to Fran Maddox: 3429 SE 162nd, Portland, OR 97236. Registration forms will be released in October.

The Rose City Accordion Club, located in Portland, Oregon, is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals who share enjoyment of and enthusiasm for the accordion. The Club embraces all styles of accordion music and welcomes all who have an interest in the accordion whether they play or not. Their intent is to promote the future of the accordion and the enjoyment it gives to all.

For further information:

Accordion Repairs Made Easy by John Reuther

Not Just Oompah! Accordion Workshops & Concert June 26-28, 2020 in Austin

by Rita Barnea
Alicia StrakaKevin SolickiShirley Johnson and Laura Niland are in the final planning stages for the 2020 Not Just Oompah! (NJO) Accordion Workshops and Concert for June 26-28, 2020 in Austin, Texas. The workshop presenters/ concert performers for 2020 will be the talented Alicia Baker and Grammy Award Nominee, Kevin Solecki.

NJO plans to break the rules by featuring Oompah (Solecki) and non-oompah (Baker with French Café music and more)!

Polka on, sing and play and learn in a fun atmosphere.
Workshops will be held on Sat-Sun and will include a free polka dance session (led by Solecki) open to the public on Sunday afternoon.

A free concert will feature Alicia Baker & Kevin Solecki on Friday evening at Central Market on North Lamar Blvd in Austin from 6:30-9:00 PM.

Check future USA news publications for more information.

For more information contact:
Shirley Johnson
Phone: 512-680-0422
Laura Jean Niland
Phone: 210-651-4359
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