"The Accordion Effect" by Rita Davidson

Much has been written about in recent times of the positive affect of playing and learning an instrument. {Mozart Effect}

I would like to create a new term or catagory called "The Accordion Effect"!

All of us who are already enthusiasts, playing the accordion, going to accordion festivals such as the ATG and AAA Festivals, and participating in them with our accordions, already have an intuitive understanding of what "The Accordion Effect" means.

I have just returned from attending the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG) Festival in Chicago and the American Accordionists Association (AAA) Festival in Philadelphia. At these festivals you can find people of all ages coming together to share a love of the accordion. The young students find a receptive audience and experienced talented accordionists who are more than happy to share information about their instruments and skills.

The Festival Orchestra is always a highlight of any accordion event. It is amazing how accordionists of all levels and ages unite together to create a unique,exciting and quite proficient orchestral sound when under the capable direction of conductors such as Joan Sommers, Linda Soley Reed, or Gary Daverne.

Having played in the festival orchestras of all of these people and also having spoken to many of the accordionists who have been in the festival orchestras, my conclusion is that it is the finest example of people of all ages who come together with a common bond and love of music to create an unforgettable atmosphere and sound!! Intergenerational cooperation at its best!! Yes, "The Accordion Effect" is the way to the Fountain of Youth!!!

At the workshops, you can discover the versatility of the accordion, the many types of music that sound fantastic from Cajun all the way to Classical and Original concert music. I have noticed that no matter how accomplished an accordionist is, they are all modest about their talents and very appreciative of the audiences.

There are so many accordionists who are active today even when they are just a little past their teens!!People like Tony Dannon, Joe Cerrito, Danny Desidierio, Carmen Carrozza, Frank Morocco, Tony Lovello.etc. What I have noticed about them and others is a willingness to share ideas and a true modesty about their talents. Their music is timeless, youthful and full of life!

There must be something about the accordion that is healthy because playing the accordion involves weight lifting, aerobic excercise, and brain calisthenics.How many times have you as an accordionist been asked "How do you know what each button is? How can you play the keys, buttons, and pull the bellow in and out at the same time? It is amazing how you don't have to look at the buttons! I used to play the accordion. Now I wish I had continued.etc....."

My next project that I am going to work on is to contact the AARP {American Association for Retired People} and see if they will feature the accordion "The Accordion Effect" in one of their special reports. If people want to discover the Fountain of Youth, let them discover the Accordion!!!!!

Rita Davidson is an accomplished accordionist and music teacher. She teaches PreK to Grades 5 vocal music in the West Orange,NJ public schools where she uses her accordion in all classes every day!! She is an honors graduate of the University of Connecticut. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Accordion Teachers Association of New Jersey and is on the Governing Board of the American Accordionists Association. Rita has been attending many AAA Festivals in the past few years where she judges and also gives workshops and concerts. Presently she is giving a series of lecture/Concerts on the Life and Music of Eugene Ettore with whom she studied for many years. She will soon release a CD of the Music of Eugene Ettore. You many contact her at Ritabelll@aol.com for further information. She also has a Klezmer band and is busy entertaining in the metropolitan area. She will be performing at the AAA Workshops in NYC run by Dr.William Schimmel at the end of August. She will also be performing at the FAA{Florida Smash} in November.

She appreciates any comments or opinions anyone would like to offer. Please feel to contact Rita by e-mail: Ritabelll@aol.com or
home phone: 973/731-3563.