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Effective Post Card Mailings - Direct Mail
by Marc Gunn, Bard

We all know that off-line promotion is just as vital as on-line promotion. But what other means of "off-line" promotion can you do other than mailing out your Flyer or Newsletter? Alot.

We could go into Media, Radio, Television and others but that is another topic in itself. Postcards are the "new" wave of off-line promotion, or direct mailings. The costs incurred are far much less than those of traditional direct mailings. Postcards, leave out the extra extra's sorta speak, no envelopes, no envelope stuffing, and the postage is half the cost of first class postage on a standard letter, while still obtaining first class handling through the US Postal Service.

I myself, have had rather good results from my postcards mailings, and wanted to share some tips with you on how you can successfully promote your website, CD, or event effectively with Post Cards.

Don't do what many postcard mailers do: They put a terrific design and/or headline on the picture side of the card and nothing but the address on the address side, and many people never see the eye-catching design or headline. All they see is the address side - the side that's facing up when the mail carrier delivers it.

Because people always look at the address side of a postcard to see whether it's for them, they may decide to throw the card away without turning it over. That's why BOTH sides of a postcard should sell. The address side is where you want to put your headline or attention getting graphic.

The disadvantage of a postcard is that space is limited. You must be able to deliver a very concise message that elicits the desired response from the recipient: You need to gain attention, stimulate interest, provoke desire, and make the prospect take action. That's alot for a little postcard to accomplish. That's not to say it can't be done; its just more difficult.

Postcards are a good way to build awareness and stimulate interest. You've really got to hit the nail on the head. Watch your own mail. You probably get tons of postcards in the mail from magazine publishers, web host companies etc., urging you to subscribe or "try" our service. These postcards are among the best being used today, study them carefully, keep them. Even other Artists Post cards that you pick up here and there, Keep them, study them. Then sit down and ask yourself the following:

  • 1) what about this card do you like?
  • 2) Colors used?
  • 3) What's written on the address side?
  • 4) What stands out more than anything on the card a graphic, text, or color.

Once you have studied the cards you now have, you will have a better idea of what you want your cards to look like. Ask yourself, what am I trying to accomplish? Website traffic? Selling CDs, or announce a event? Take all these into consideration, prior to finding the printer or graphic designer to develop your post card. These are the exact questions they will ask you. Then once your ready, get them designed and printed.

Two great companies that I have found and have used are and Both of these companies run specials, so when you see the special snag it you will save money.

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