It's the future! The Internet has become the core of communication and society!

A number of Internet experts were asked to provide some views on the Internet, which we would like to share with you.

We would like to pose the same question! Why do YOU love the Internet?

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The Question: What do you love about the Internet?

  • It's always there to greet me when I come home at night.
  • I love the thing that makes it work, which is the complete lack of any rules. The hand wringers fretted that business would destroy this freewheeling spirit - they were wrong. When you're bored of the Internet, you really are bored of life
  • I love the ability of Internet technology to integrate with and assimilate just about every technology.
  • The Internet is growing all the time as a rich source of innovative services, but most importantly it levels the playing field in business and education. It's great because it's changing the way we do everything.
  • That it's borderless, nontoxic, you don't have to cut down trees to write on it. It also crosses all the boundaries of age, sex, religion and geography.
  • It's an amazing creative outlet for personal expression and individual empowerment.
  • I love the way it breaks down barriers between people and countries, creating a true global village. The ease of access to information, opportunities and help which would previously have taken a huge amount of time and trouble to track down. The way it puts real choice into the hands of ordinary folk. The commercial opportunities it opens up to a whole new breed of entrepreneurs with ideas - sure, some of them make mistakes, but who, especially in the early stages of any of the world's great leaps forward, hasn't made mistakes?
  • It's like a global strip mall with fascinating shops every step of the way
  • The rules still have not been set in stone. No one has all the answers and there are still a lot of people involved in the industry who are interested in cooperating and helping each other out.
  • How often do you get to be present at the birthplace of a parallel universe.
  • The bringing together of interest groups and like-minded people who would never have met otherwise.
  • I love the opportunities it gives people for individual expression in terms of design - it's a far more flexible medium than TV, radio or print journalism.
  • It's a way of connecting the most special commodity - the wisdom of human beings