Myron Floren to Conduct 2002 ATG Orchestra!
New President of CIA
Faithe Deffner receives International Merit Award
Rita Davidson in Concert
UMKC Accordion Orchestra receives CIA Award
AAA Festival in Minneapolis/Duluth
Matt Nozzolio "Over There!"
Gary Dahl announces new Latin Publication
International Music Council Statement
Joeseph Petric Performance
Floating Box
Paddy O'Brien in WI
Florida Smash Reminder


Myron Floren to conduct ATG International Orchestra

Accordion legend and long time ATG member Myron Floren will conduct the ATG International Festival Orchestra in concert at the 200 Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International Festival to be held from June 27-30, in Orlando, Florida.

Myron has conducted this orchestra several times in the past, the last being when the orchestra was featured in concert at the Lawrence Welk Champagne Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

Back to a busy schedule of doing what he does best... performing, Myron's presence will be a great addition to the 2002 ATG Festival.

In addition, the ATG will feature the French sensation Frederic Baldo - World Entertainment Accordion Champion who dazzled ATG attendees at their 60th Anniversary Celebrations in Chicago.

Back by popular demand, Frederic makes his home just outside of Paris where he performs and teaches. Combining phenomenal technique, rich musicality, a humorous and contemporary style and a fluorescent green accordion which glows in the dark, this dynamic personality captures the audience by storm! Appearing for only the second time in the United States, this is a rare opportunity to hear him in concert.

To add to the international flavor, the ATG is also pleased to present the Laurie Accordion Orchestra from Paisley, Scotland. Touring for the first time in the USA, this 20 plus member ensemble will certainly add further international flavor to the event. They have toured internationally, including a recent performance at the Kimberly Old Time Accordion Festival in Canada.

In addition to all these exciting activities, the ATG will feature two International competitions which will include "The Anthony Galla-Rini International Competition for Classical Accordion" and the "Myron Floren International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music." Both competitions will offer prize money as follows:

Anthony Galla-Rini Competition:
First Prize: $1500.00
Second Prize: $500.00
Third Prize: $250.00

Myron Floren Competition
First Prize: $1000.00
Second Prize: $500.00
Third Prize: $250.00

For details on performing in the ATG Festival Orchestra under the direction of Myron Floren, or to compete in one of the competitions, please contact ATG President Joan Sommers at:

New President for the CIA

New York based accordionist Kevin Friedrich was elected to the office of President of the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA). Kevin is pictured left, with Walter Maurer from Austria who serves as the General Secretary and the retiring President of 20 years, Ove Hahn from Stockholm, Sweden.

A CIA Vice President for 8 years, this election marks the very first time that a non-European has been elected to this post. Kevin is a New Zealand citizen who resides in New York City in the United States.

The immediate past President Ove Hahn from Sweden, decided to step down after 20 years to allow the next generation to begin taking over the administrative role of the organization.

The Confederation Internationale Des Accordeonistes was founded in 1935, and from the outset, it was always recognized that one of the primary aims of the Confederation should be to elevate the status of the accordion.

Made up of member nations from around the world, the CIA hosts International Competitions throughout the year which have grown to include:

Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships
Junior Mondiale World Accordion Championships
Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Piano Accordion Competition
Chamber Music Competition
Diatonic Accordion Competition

The United States has two member organizations of the CIA which include the American Accordionists Association and the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International.

The CIA is a member of the International Music Council which is the largest non-governmental body of UNESCO. Interestingly enough, the CIA is currently the only IMC member specific to an instrument.

NB: When the CIA was accepted into the IMC in 1975, there was a some skepticism about the accordion being accepted into the International Music Council from one of the member nations (ironically it was the accordion popular Germany), however the President of the IMC at the time put everything into perspective by asking the General Assembly if they agreed that the accordion was an instrument, and that the instrument was capable of making music, and if the IMC should be an umbrella over all musicians. When this was agreed on, the President then gained tremendous support for the CIA to become an IMC member, and it was overwhelmingly accepted as a new member. That IMC president was famous violinist - the late Yehudi Menuhin!

Today the CIA has tremdous respect from the IMC, with many of the members using the accordion or accordion music in their various activities and projects.

Faithe Deffner Receives CIA Merit Award
The CIA presented Faithe Deffner with the CIA Merit Award, which recognizes her outstanding contribution to the International Accordion Movement.

Voted on by the General Assembly, candidates are nominated from the various member associations, and passed by the Congress.

Faithe Deffner became a dynamic force in the accordion world soon after she joined her late husband in his musical instrument firm in New York City where her background of public relations, marketing and journalism proved a great asset to the company.

The Deffners owned Pancordion, Inc., an important US accordion manufacturing firm with factory facilities in Long Island City. Pancordion's list of craftsmen read like a Who's Who of the accordion world, dominated by names like Roberto and Archimedes Pancotti of the Excelsior family, Charles Magnante's brothers John and Angelo, Pietro Frosini's brother Natale and others.

Here, Faithe Deffner was exposed to the intricacies of accordion construction and took this opportunity to initiate and influence developments in design to expand musical range and playing ease. In the mid-1960's, the Deffners purchased the Titano Accordion Company from Dorothy and Edward Traficante of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The firm moved to New York City and Faithe Deffner worked with Bill Palmer and Bill Hughes in the development of their extraordinary concert instruments.

Through this collaboration with the authors of the famous Palmer - Hughes Accordion Course, she recognized the need to attract young people to the accordion and together with Palmer, she designed and introduced the Tiger Combo'Cordions. This was a line of compact and colorful accordions featuring quint treble tuning for "piercing lead or swinging chords in audio colors to flip the crowd," according to Hullabaloo magazine's description. The Combo'Cordions were styled with a new, slanted grille to show off flying fingers. They were designed to bring accordion into the rock era long before keyboards were firmly entrenched. Unfortunately, they did not achieve their goal simply because many accordion teachers and dealers did not take rock seriously and preferred the status quo.

As some of the old-time accordion publishing houses ceased to issue new material or reprint slow selling works, Faithe Deffner recognized the need for ongoing augmentation of accordion literature, and she directed the resources of Ernest Deffner into publishing music for the accordion. Today, Ernest Deffner Publications is known and respected worldwide. It publishes works by many famous composers, including Jindrich Feld, John Franceschina, Carmelo Pino, Ernst Krenek, William Schimmel, Palmer-Hughes, Otto Leuning, Douglas Mews, Gary Daverne, Karen Fremar, Anders Groethe, Anthony Galla-Rini, Addie Cere, Andrezej Krzanowski and Alan Leichtling. Eventually, her firm absorbed the remaining vestiges of the two most venerated music publishing firms of the US, O. Pagani and Bro. and Pietro Deiro Accordion Headquarters.

Faithe Deffner has recently finished a long run as President of the American Accoridonists Association. During this time, the AAA has undertaken several special projects, including the Search for the Hottest Accordionist which was held in Branson, Missouri.

Because of her far-reaching interests, Faithe Deffner has been able to work closely with the world's top accordion artists, most outstanding accordion educators at both private and college levels, on the design and constructional matters which concern the factories, with composers of accordion music and as a music publisher. This multitudinous frame of reference makes her uniquely able to bring a wide range of forces together to benefit all segments of the multi-faceted accordion world.
Rita Davidson in Concert

On December 8, 2001 - 3.00 PM at the William Rohrer Memorial Library, 15 MacArthur Blvd. Westmont, NJ, Rita Davidson will be the featured guest concerto soloist with the Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra under the direction of guest conductor, Vitaly Perog. She will perform the entire "Manhattan Concerto" by Eugene Ettore.

Rita is a member of the Board of Directors of the ATA of NJ and was also recently elected to the Governing Board of the American Accordionists Association. Rita is a full time music teacher in the West Orange, NJ Public Schools where she is known for using her accordion in the classroom on a daily basis.

She has also traveled throughout the USA giving concerts and workshops. Many of her workshops have been about the music of Eugene Ettore. She has recorded many of his virtuoso solos. It is available upon request.

You may contact Rita at: For information on the December 8th concert, call 856-854-6628. For directions please call: 856-854 2752.

UMKC Accordion Orchestra receives CIA Award

The CIA congress unanimously voted to award the Merit Award to the UMKC Accordion Orchestra under the direction of Joan Cochran Sommers during the recent General Assembly held in London.

Joan Sommers has directed the world famous University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Accordion Orchestra since it formed 40 years ago, when she established the accordion program at UMKC in 1961.

During its long history, the UMKC Accordion Orchestra has won many national titles in the USA, and toured to such places as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Italy.

The orchestra presents regular concerts at the University and has made guest appearances at national festivals and other important engagements throughout the United States. Highlights include appearances with the Kansas City Symphony, the Kansas City Civic Symphony Orchestra, and at the American Accordionists Association, the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International, and the Accordion Federation of North America Annual Festivals.

Concert repertoire includes original accordion orchestra music, orchestral transcriptions, Broadway Music, Jazz and popular favorites. The UMKC Accordion Orchestra members consist of UMKC students, graduates, alumni and special guests who accompany the orchestra when on tour.

The UMKC Accordion Orchestra recently released a series of six CD's highlighting 40 years of concerts at the University.

For information on purchasing the recently released set of CD's, please contact:

AAA Festival to visit Minneapolis/Duluth Minnesota
The American Accoridonists' Association. Festival will be held from July 10 to 14, 2002 at the Holiday Inn, Minneapolis West (1-800 HOLIDAY), and will feature a day trip via bus on Friday, July 12 to Duluth where participants will visit A World of Accordions Museum for the ribbon-cutting ceremony in celebration of the gala opening of the Museum's "Charles Magnante Exhibit."

Magnante was one of the founding members of the American Accordionists' Association, the nation's oldest, most prestigious accordion fraternity, which originated in 1938. He was world renowned as an outstanding accordionist, composer and arranger. The museum, which is affiliated with the American Accordionists' Association since 1999 as part of a movement to preserve and elaborate upon the history and development of accordion-family instruments, displays more than 1,000 unique instruments.

AAA President Dr. Carmelo Pino has appointed Vice-president Frank Busso and former President Faithe Deffner to co-chair the 2002 festival activities. Many accordion events have been planned to include concerts, workshops and competitions, plus a Magnante Championship. Full details will be announced in the near future. Dee Langley will serve a regional liaison for Minneapolis activities and Dr. Helmi Harrington, curator of A World of Accordions Museum, will coordinate the day in Duluth celebration.
"Over There" with Matt Nozzolio

The Center for the Arts at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, will present the world premiere of "Over There," a play by Ron Jenkins, chair and artistic director of Wesleyan's Theater Department, November 2-4 at the University.

The piece is about the migration of residents of Melilli, Sicily to Middletown. Excerpts from oral histories collected from Middletown residents will form the central part of the text. Matt Nozzolio, a Connecticut accordionist, will play during the character transitions and accompany several songs sung by the cast.

"Over There" is being performed as the culminating event in Middletown's 350th anniversary celebration and in conjunction with the University's Homecoming Weekend.

For more information, please contact:

Gary Dahl announces new publication

Gary Dahl has announced the release of a new book from Santorella Publications called: Latin Favorites for Accordion.

Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Level, the Latin Book is Exciting and Beautiful Music and the arrangements qualify for professional performances.

Contents include: Adios Muchachos, Amapola, Amour, Besame Mucho, Brazil, Cuando Calienta El Sol, El Cumbanchero, Maria Elena, Perfidia, Quizas, Solamente Una Vez, Tango Della Rosa, Tico Tico.

The price is $12.95
plus shipping, and for further information and ordering please visit:

International Music Council Statement

The following statement is a released from the International Music Council.

"The terrorists who attacked the United States on September 11th were targeting one nation; but it is the whole planet they have wounded." Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General.

The International Music Council (IMC) wishes to reiterate its condolences to its members and the musical community in the USA and also wishes to express its profound sympathy to the whole nation that was subjected to this barbaric act. This wish for compassion also extends to the more than 60 other countries whose citizens perished in the horrendous attack.

In such sad circumstances, it is our hope that the healing power of music will play its soothing role. It is furthermore our duty to make sure the appeasing quality of music will assist in counteracting blind fanaticism which leads to terrorism. Our current study on the effects of globalization upon the world of music is showing the immense discrepancy between the have-nots and the more prosperous parts of the world. This is a situation which we should collectively try to eradicate, thus contributing to a better sharing of the wealth and a better understanding among people and cultures.

Let us work together at reinforcing the capacity of music to build a better and more harmonious world where thoughts of vengeance will be superseded by the attempt to create a new place to live, a planet where solidarity and understanding will replace ignorance and violence.

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Joseph Petric in Weekend Accordion Series
Canadian accordionist Joseph Petric will take part in a "Weekend Accordion Series" hosted by the Music Gallery in Toronto from November 2nd to 4th that also features Guy Klucevsek (USA).

The accordionists will present works for electronic and acoustic accordion including the world premieres of "Sonata" (Rose Bolton) and "Big Dipper" (Alcides Lanza), plus pieces by Randall Smith, Micheline Roi, Christos Hatzis, Serge Arcuri, and Larry Lake. Guy Klucevsek will also perform some of his own compositions, "Return of the Microids" and "Altered Landscapes.

For further details e-mail:
The Floating Box
Accordionist Dr William Schimmel will perform in "The Floating Box", a story set in Chinatown by Jason Kao Hwang with Libretto by Catherine Filloux. It was commissioned by the Asia Society, Museum of Chinese in the Americas, and Music From China .

The Floating Box: A Story in Chinatown, inspired by oral histories of Chinese-Americans living in Chinatown, charts the journey of one immigrant family over continents, languages, and generations. This fully staged chamber opera incorporates both Chinese and Western instruments and brings together musical influences as diverse as jazz, blues, rock, samba, Gregorian chants, and Chinese music.

The show began on October 25th and will run until November 7th at the Asia Society in New York. For details e-mail:
Paddy O'Brien and Chulrua in Concert in WI.
On November 16, 2001 Chulrua (Paddy O'Brien - accordion, Tim Britton - uilleann pipes, Pat Egan - guitar/song) will be featured in concert at Oakwood Village Auditorium in WI. at 8:00 PM.

Chulrua (pronounced cool-ROO-ah), translates from the Irish as "red back," and was the name and distinguishing feature of the favorite wolfhound belonging to ancient Irish hero Fionn MacCumhaill. It is also the name of an internationally acclaimed trio of some of the most respected and unique exponents of Irish traditional music.

Button accordion icon Paddy O'Brien has accumulated a veritable hoard of rare versions of tunes and stories gleaned from more than forty years of patiently seeking out and spending time with older musicians throughout Ireland.

A native of County Offaly in the Midlands of Ireland, he is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant to record and annotate 500 dance tunes (a small fraction of his repertoire), and is revered by aficionados worldwide.

For information on the WI concert, please contact Paddy O'Brien 3441 23rd Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55407 USA Phone / Fax 612-721-7452
Don't Forget the Florida Smash!!
Just a reminder that the Florida Accordion Association is gearing up for their first "Smash!"

The members of the Florida Accordion Association invite you to attend their 1st "Smash" on Saturday, December 1st, 2001 from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM. Events will be held at:
The Knight's of Columbus, #2112
5727 Cornelia Ave,
Orlando, FL 32807
Phone (407) 678 2112.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to enjoy a day of Food, Fun and Friends. Fore more information please contact
Karen Adam, Florida Accordion Association,
2244 Musket Drive,
Navarre, FL 32566
Phone: (850) 93608722